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I Need Something You Can’t Give: Cld doesn’t want to fight on Missing

After starting DJing in 6th grade from his previous life as a competitive dancer, Cld feels a piece of himself Missing and wonders deeply why two hearts can’t be together no matter how much it seems to make sense.

Cld aka Luke Potter is an 18-year-old indie hip-hop artist, DJ, drummer for Paracosm, Auburn University student and engineer who is from Allen, Texas.

Best known for his hyper pop/experimental rap tracks and taken from his upcoming 6-track EP called #HoldMyHeart, Cld has forged a thoughtfully mind-stimulating insight into dating in 2023. Worrying about the fights before they happen, we find out more about a romance that is flickering slowly with a dangerously close flame which might burn out forever.

Missing from Allen, Texas-based indie hip-hop artist Cld is a catchy single with so much to be intertwined with inside. This is a complicated story which sums up the modern day, with so many distractions confusing each decision. It’s rather real. Too real. It’s kinda scary too. It’s performed with heart and desire, laying the facts on the table like a set of cards. For us to take our own thoughts away and decide what’s best.

To go where and be with who? That is the question you see. Only we can answer it, if two souls can find a way to unite.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen