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I Can’t Help It: London RnB artist 8rii needs to know if her crush feels the same on ‘All You’

Produced by rising UK producer TMK, 8rii is madly in love and just can’t seem to stop thinking about this special person as she waits for them to reciprocate the energy with ‘All You‘.

18-year-old 8rii is a London, UK-based RnB solo singer-songwriter who returns with her 3rd single that backs up her promising previous releases called ‘Today‘ and ‘Blessings‘.

She had always known that music was something she wanted to peruse, but after completing her project with a distinction she knew that this was the path for her.” ~ 8rii

Innocently exhibiting the sweet nature that makes her carefully crafted music such a pleasurable listen, 8rii sings like a brave young woman who believes that she is doing what she loves and displays a wonderful tone that shudders beautifully into your awaiting romantic soul.

All You‘ from the youthful London, UK-based RnB artist 8rii, is a dynamic track that eloquently features her impressive vocals and a catchy beat that has you nodding your head in rhythmic anticipation. This is a charming story about feeling like you have been put into an unexplainable trance, by someone who seems to have real power over you. With the wait now on to see if they actually feel the same – your stomach aches as you wonder – if your desires are on the way or if disappointment is lurking around the corner.

Hear this terrific new single on Spotify and find out more about her life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen