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All I Want Is You

Here For You: Ohio singer Calakapepe knows what the heart desires on ‘All I Want Is You’

As the rampaging romantic feelings seep deep into the veins and warms the heart so tenderly, Calakapepe takes a chance on love, as he searches frantically for happiness on the new single called ‘All I Want Is You‘.

David James C. Michel aka Calakapepe, is an entertaining solo singer-songwriter/rapper, teacher, pianist and Northern Kentucky University Music Composition graduate, who is from Cincinnati, Ohio.

He is a creative artist who looks beyond normal conventions to show us music that simmers inside you for a moment, before exploding into your soul with reckless and loving abandon.

This is the message about trying for something that might not work out, but the journey to getting there is the fun part as you go where your heart takes you. The passion is there and the will for it to succeed, the next mission is to see if you both want it enough and for the stars to align just right.

All I Want Is You‘ from the emerging Ohio multi-talented musician/teacher Calakapepe, shows us the love that he has for someone close, who takes his breath away and makes him do things he wouldn’t normally say or do. This is the true moment when you know deep inside, that you are deeply in love.

Stream the lyric video on YouTube and see more of his music journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen