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You Said I Put You Through: Ali Hugo feels rather lonely on All Alone

Feeling left alone in the damp corner and rather desolate in this bone-chilling world, Ali Hugo wonders if his future is bright or if the darkness is slowly looming to grab his fleeting soul away forever on All Alone.

Ali Hugo is an Ontario, Canada-based rock singer-songwriter, blogger, dancer and video producer who is signed to Mirage Records.

Hugo started his music career at the early age of eight when he joined his family “Leo” band as the lead singer. During his teens, Hugo began the “Spin Around the Mall Tour,” gigging at various shopping malls.” ~ Ali Hugo

He is one of the true underground legends. Ali Hugo rocks out like better days and shows the kids what vigorous music sounds like. All Alone might be one of the most important songs heard yet in 2023. This is honesty at its pure core.

All Alone from Ontario, Canada-based rock multi-creative Ali Hugo is a solo-filled reminder that good quality music with verve and determination is still available. With a haunting story and so much to unwrap with fierce abandon, we feel a striking song explode right before our eyes. Made with passion and ear-splitting vocals to take many back into classic times, this is a good old-fashioned proper single to blast on full volume.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen