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Shashaa Tirupati turned off the gaslight anthem and played her own indietronica masterpiece, ‘All About You’

Shashaa Tirupati has unveiled an installation of hypnotic indietronica that instantaneously seduces you into its gravity.  In the same way a narcissist’s magnetism is irresistible, the world-renowned singer-songwriter pulls you into her artfully beguiling exposition of the sanity-smothering experience of dealing with narcissism after being lured in by a gaslighting lothario.

Shashaa Tirupati’s aura in All About You is intoxicating in the same vein as Warpaint, Still Corners, and Widowspeak. Every vocal harmony and instrumental melody finds a new facet of your soul to stir as the demure vocal performance fights fire with avant-garde glamour.

The artist’s journey, from a multilingual playback singer to an independent music maven, is reflected in the intricate layers of this track. Trained in various Hindustani classical styles and proficient in over a dozen languages, Shashaa’s musical prowess is evident in every note. After following her passion, she broke into the industry under the mentorship of the legendary A. R. Rahman. This collaboration marked the beginning of a series of successful projects, including the National Film Award-winning “Vaan” from ‘Kaatru Veliyidai’.

All About You is a reflection of Shashaa Tirupati’s artistic evolution and her commitment to exploring new musical territories. With her roots in classical music and wings in the indie scene, Shashaa stands out as a multifaceted artist, continually pushing the boundaries of her craft. This track is a clear indication that her journey in music is one of constant innovation and heartfelt expression. With 9 million monthly fans on Spotify backing her, she’s an unreckonable force in the music industry.

All About You was officially released on January 19; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

It is ‘All About You’ in Cristina Movileanu’s summer folk-pop serenade

If you noticed it got a little hotter on the 16th of June, that may have been due to the scorching hot summer folk-pop single, All About You, from the vibrantly vivacious singer-songwriter Cristina Movileanu.

Each year, artists compete against each other to orchestrate the hit that will become their audience’s upbeat soundtrack to the summer. Never one to make pedestrian or predictable moves, the Emerald Isle-haling originator created a gateway to a parallel world brimmed with positive energy and joyful moments.

The jangly upbeat indie folk guitar melodies will be your main mode of transport, while Movileanu’s soulful vocal timbre will take you the rest of the way. There really is no overstating how captivating All About You is. For your own sake, don’t hang around in delving into the carresive Elysian chemistry in All About You.

Check out the official music video for All About You on YouTube, or add the sun-bleached hit to your Spotify playlists.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Isla Croll showcases her tremendous vocal ability with the true-life Jazz-R&B single ‘All About You’

Isla Croll showcases her tremendous vocal ability with the true-life ‘All About You‘, a story about how some people can be so selfish and only think about themselves. This is a fine effort from The Voice UK Kids Semi-finalist 2020, who performs all over the UK and also is a regular on TV.

Isla Croll is a Jazzy/Soul/R&B singer who started taking music lessons at aged 9. The Hampshire-based musician is a name for now and the future due to her incredible voice and terrific songwriting skills.

You care about them so much but they keep on showing you some traits that you are really worried about. They only think about themselves and this is concerning to you as you are the opposite. Will this last or do will you find someone with your same morals?

With a soulfully genuine voice and humble attitude, you just know that this is a young, talented musician with the world at her feet. Isla Croll sings so effortlessly and this is a pleasure to the earlobes.

All About You‘ shows us how this gifted artist is growing each day and this is a debut to remember. You will be singing along all day and this is for all ages.

Here is the Spotify link to hear this gem.

Find out more about shows post-covid here on Facebook.

Follow the journey on her Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen