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Secret: Alick Mac takes time to get into the place he feels is best on Therapy

Feeling his way back into this world after a much-needed respite to reimagine everything, Alick Mac leads us into his whole new mindset while also looking to the future on the reborn soundtrack to a fresh new start with Therapy.

Alick Mac aka Lachlan Macpherson is a Kingston, Ontario-based indie hip hop artist and 4th year student at Queen’s University.

With that whole engaged attitude that keeps him alert to what is needed to succeed, Alick Mac shows us that Zen garden that is smartly away from all those distractions which have the power to break your core spirit.

The message behind the song is about me using music as a therapeutic release, as it helps me to sort through my problems and gain clarity.” ~ Lachlan Macpherson speaking about this fine single

Therapy from Kingston, Ontario-based indie hip hop artist Alick Mac, is a reminder that anything is possible if you’re in the right frame of mind. Looking for that way to defeat that weakness is the mission, as the path to dependance is absolutely worth the self-enlightened expedition.

Feeling renewed after time to reflect can be useful after all, if you make use of the time you have left.

Hear this deep track come to life on YouTube and follow the vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen