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Interview: In Search Of expands our minds on Alice and the Wonderland

In Search Of is the kind of LA-based music duo which will give many flashbacks to the past. They have that extra charm and imagination that the mainstream seems to hide away. We love their vibes. Alice and the Wonderland is their 13-track release which should open up eyes, ears are souls. They tell us more about it in their own words. Ready? Okay. Let’s find out more..

Llewelyn: Firstly, hello Michael and Michelle. Thank you for joining us at A&R Factory. We love that you’re a father-daughter duo as this seems so rare these days. When did you first start performing together and was there a specific moment when you both knew…we need to get on stage?

In Search Of: Hi, thank you! I (Michelle) started singing and performing at age 10, I was lucky enough that my parents supported me every step of the way. My dad (Michael) grew up playing music and eventually managed a successful prog rock band (Royal Hunt) that toured all over. He built a studio in our house and we started writing together when I was 12!

Over the years, I (Michelle) was able to sing vocals for my dad (Michael’s) band on their tours, specifically “Loud Park Festival” in Tokyo Japan, “Sweden Rock Festival” in Sweden, among others.

Llewelyn: Please tell our readers where you are today in the world and what is a normal day like. A day in the life would be absolutely wonderful to understand what it takes to be successful in this fickle game.

In Search Of: We are currently based out of Los Angeles, California. A day in the life is never the same but the consistency of writing / playing music remains! I (Michelle) work as an independent songwriter and session singer while I (Michael) manage bands. We both make sure that we practice our craft on the regular!

Llewelyn: We’ve noticed Alice doing rather well. How has the reaction been and what’s it like to be featured in so many incredible shows and platforms?

In Search Of: Thank you! Alice is one of our favorite songs off of the Album so it’s really exciting to see it getting added to playlists and having such a positive reaction!

It’s been so much fun being able to perform in musical theater productions, a dream of mine is to perform on Broadway one day!

Llewelyn: Ok, let’s get to your new 13-track release Alice and the Wonderland. Goodness me it’s so exciting. It brings a massive smile for all the right reasons. What was the creative process like and are you both happy with the end result?

In Search Of: We are so happy to hear that it brings you a massive smile, that’s the goal! My dad is truly the mastermind behind this project. We wrote / arranged and produced the whole album and used very talented guest musicians to complete the entire project.

The idea was to tell the famous story via music in a unique way and we believe that we have achieved this goal. I (Michelle) was living in Barbados for 8 months and recorded the vocals while there. We had zoom sessions to perfect / do any lyrical or music changes. All the guitars were recorded by guitar maestro, Luca Sellitto (Stamina, Luca Sellitto) in Italy. Mark Boal (Yngwei Malmsteen, Ring Of Fire) sang the Mad Hatter parts on the album. Drums recorded by the talented Andreas “Habo” Johansson (Royal Hunt, Narnia) in Sweden. Additional keys were recorded by Andre Andersen (Royal Hunt) in Denmark, violins were recorded by Allie Stamler and the bass, additional keys and FX were recorded by Michael at our very own Majestic Studios in Los Angeles, California. You can most definitely say this was an international effort!

Llewelyn: How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard music before? Also, who do you make music for?

In Search Of: Our sound would be considered rock opera/musical infused with elements of rock, progressive rock, hard rock and power pop. We make music for dreamers and book/music enthusiasts of all ages! As Willy Wonka so wisely put it, “we are the makers of music, and the dreamers of dreams!”

Llewelyn: What’s the best piece of advice that you’ve ever received that you don’t mind sharing?

In Search Of: In every aspect of life, including a musical career, never do anything to please anyone else but yourself.

Llewelyn: Lastly, what does the future hold and where do you see your creative energy headed? Touring all over the US and then the world?

In Search Of: A world tour sounds like a dream! We have about three other albums already written based on other famous novels, so just you wait! 🙂

Listen up to this memorable escapade on Spotify.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen