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PUNCHiE – Mon Cheri – Surprisingly Delicate Piano Melodies That Will Take You On A Pleasing Journey Through Sound.

When I first read the artist’s name, as I was about to click on his Soundcloud page to listen to his track, I must admit, I was expecting something completely different. The artist’s moniker led me to assume this was going to be some kind of electronic music or hip-hop with a…well, punchy tone!

However, I was really pleasantly surprised when I found out that Mon Cheri is far from what I was assuming I’d find! The track is a stunning piano composition, which makes me think of the work of artists such as Ludovico Einaudi or Alexandre Desplat, just to mention but a few. Punchie is arguably an accomplished pianist, and this track stands as a testament of the artist’s incredibly gifted musicianship and prowess with the instrument. The song has a sweet, soft and direct tone, which grows in intensity and swings seamlessly from featuring a few, quite note, to entrancing listeners with a waterfall of melodic, swirling notes that are almost dancing in the air!

Grammy Nominated Instrumentalist John Burke Releases “Rift”

John Burke is an artist and composer with a vibrant, kaleidoscopic twist and a unique approach to his sound. “Rift” is an exciting shape-shifting tracks that combines folk, classical music and other influences into a driven mix. Clocking in at over 8 minutes, “Rifts” echoes the work of celebrated composers such as Yann Tiersen or Alexandre DeSplat, just to mention but a few.

The beautiful string sections complement the round piano chords beautifully, almost as if the strings and the keys were chasing one another in a playful whirlwind, like autumn leaves before they touch the ground. The beat of the song is minimalistic and bare-bones compared to the intricate melodic arrangements, but it does a great job at keeping it all together.