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Falling Down: Ale Galata wonders if he should sleep forever on ‘Wake Up’ (feat. Marveni)

Smoothly conveying to us his 4th single that follows on from his previous single ‘Hands Up, Ale Galata continues to dream so vividly that it actually shocks him at times as what he sees appears so real on ‘Wake Up(feat. Marveni).

Ale Galata is a Regensburg, Germany-based indie-pop solo singer-songwriter and drummer who makes music that shows you his background from performing since he could barely walk.

My goal is to reach people with my music. I want them to laugh, cry, dance, think or just not think at all, but also let go.” ~ Ale Galata

With a substantial vocal entourage that gallops into your awaiting soul as soon as you press play, Ale Galata sings with such intensity and meaning that is such a fantastic listen and showcases his always-evolving abilities.

Wake Up(feat. Marveni) from the experienced Regensburg, Germany-based indie-pop solo singer-songwriter Ale Galata, is a track that reminds you of classic songs from the 90s. He sings with a flourishing technique – as he delves deeper into what he sees while his eyes are closed – so that somehow he may save his love from the carnage that is transpiring. This is a cinematic adventure that shall dive into your consciousness, as you wonder how accurate your dreams actually are.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen