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Alberta-based folk artist Tyson Ray Borsboom shows us his mindset that is ‘Scared to Love’

Scared to Love by Tyson Ray Borsboom

After the intrinsic empathy contained in the incredibly real single. ‘I Don’t Mind‘, from 2020 that made us stop in our tracks, Tyson Ray Borsboom returns with another emotional single to hold really close on his latest release, ‘Scared to Love‘.

Tyson Ray Borsboom is a Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada-based indie-folk singer-songwriter who makes the type of music that will get you feeling rather contemplative about your previous romantic memories.

With his uniquely honest vocal ability that is mellow in tune and mighty in emotion, Tyson Ray Borsboom shows us his understated brilliance with a single to force you to gaze outside and take time to reflect on your next kiss.

Scared to Love‘ from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada-based indie-folk singer-songwriter Tyson Ray Borsboom is one of those sad songs that might cause you to pretend you have something stuck in your eye. The tears will probably flow here as we are taken calmly into a story that so many will nod their head at, as we are placed into a moment that is rather real right now.

As we start to realize that so many lost souls are wondering where their next romance is hidden, this is a reminder that those scars do actually take time to heal.

Listen up to this new single on Bandcamp and see more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Calgary’s Her Motives Are Silent pleads for that deserved peace for humanity on ‘Pieces’

Pieces by Her Motives Are Silent

With his eagerly-anticipated debut album being currently created to perfection and on the way soon, Her Motives Are Silent sends the world a song that should be heard by the current world leaders who persist to cause devastating butchery without feelings on, ‘Pieces‘.

Founded by Michael Valenzuela, Her Motives Are Silent is an experimental solo project that has been warmly created in beautiful Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

His goal is solely to create art that resonates with others. Hoping to make timeless music that defies limitations. His music is a mix of genres ranging from pop, rock, piano ballads, noir, electronic, trip-hop, orchestral, psychedelic and ambient.” ~ Her Motives Are Silent

Gliding up above to lead the way for those who have lost hope and only see such haunting visions that have been thrown at them lately, Her Motives Are Silent shows such care and a leader’s mentality with a beat that will pull on all your feelings.

Pieces‘ from Calgary, Alberta-based experimental artist, composer, drummer and music producer Her Motives Are Silent, is an emotional call for common sense to prevail again in this wartorn world that needs a calm holding of hands to bring some sense of normality again. He sings with an air of love and understanding, which is such an inspiring listen. This is the type of release that will cause your heart to beat faster, as you take time to have a moment of silence for those who continue to lose their lives.

Love and peace must always conquer, not hate and war.

Hear this deep new single on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen