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Fill Em Up: STAR stacks up the Benjamin’s on ‘Boxes On Boxes’ (ft. Aktion and StreetPlug)

The young rapper with a shining flow and that money-make hunger named STAR, stacks them up to the brim on ‘Boxes On Boxes‘ (ft. Aktion and StreetPlug).

STAR is a fast-rising Honolulu, Hawaii hip-hop artist, who makes that new school flashy kind of rap that tells you how it is all the time, without any need for clues, as he shows you exactly what he intends to do with his quick-fire rap delivery skills.

This is the story of showing that you are ready for the next level. you crew is with you tight, as the deliveries are happening quick and on time, so the watches need to be synced to perfection for this to work out with no drama.

His style is to the point and with this team of more than capable co-artists on his side this round, this is a track you have be sharp to stay in tune with, as they show us how business needs to be done in order to be successful.

Boxes On Boxes‘ (ft. Aktion and StreetPlug) from Honolulu, Hawaii rapper STAR, is a statement of intent from an artist with lots on his mind, as he ships out the cargo that bring in he dough, his flow getting more and more ambitious after every flight, as he soars free on his own terms. Big label connections await.

See this paper stacked video on YouTube and follow more visuals via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen