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AKH’s ‘Jungle Fever’ Is Dangerous, A Song Worth Hearing!

Electronic music has opened up so many expansive planes of creativity. Hip hop has evolved with the advent of auto-tuning and incredible leaps and bounds in the world of production and synthesis. Jungle Fever pulls together some of the most spectacular instrumentals in the game and uses them as a platform for Akh to portray his rise to what can only be described as inevitable stardom. Featuring talents from Antonio and Gaza, this song brings together pop culture references and strong modern compositional skills.

Jungle Fever is about pride in the hard work that’s come before and celebration of earned status, even when that’s symbolized by another person. Akh is surrounded by a beat that’s both deep and tight. His melodies are both atmospheric and close enough to feel dangerous. His flow is organic despite the electronic vibe of auto-tune. This is an artist who knows how to carry a song and Jungle Fever is a song worth hearing. With the constant strum and the whir of filtering, the song feels like it’s encompassed in the transitionary parts of pop music that keep music interesting. In this way, the song never loses itself to repetition. Akh is definitely an artist to keep tabs on.

-Paul Weyer