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A sonic experience like no other: Adam Plant drops latest single ‘Ur Mom’

Taken off his latest twelve-track album called ‘Just Another Generic Album Title‘, Adam Plant returns with the entertaining single ‘Ur Mom‘.

Adam Plant is a Australian singer-songwriter, author, producer, multimedia artist, filmmaker and music composer who makes music with a twist and turn like no other before him. He is a constantly evolving creative who makes electrifying sounds the way he wants to and doesn’t follow any fads or trends to suit anyone else.

The electric guitar squeals and haunts your heart and you get grabbed deep by a truly unique artist that let’s his intentions be knows quite clearly on this quick-fire single.

This is an artist who’s music is intoxicating and so real, he puts his heart and soul into each second and is a performer that must be counting down the minutes to being live on stage again, shocking new fans and entertaining old ones, as they dance like there is no tomorrow.

Ur Mom‘ from Adam Plant is a song that you will either love or hate, there is no in-between to this Australian multi-talented professional. He has a sharp voice that is mysterious and brooding; just the way he likes it.

Hear this new single on his Spotify and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Myricim official video is the perfect introduction to the obscurely sleazy ingenuity of Multimedia artist Adam Plant

Any fans of the American Avant-Garde collective The Residents will undoubtedly appreciate Australian multimedia artist Adam Plant’s film for Hardy Slerg Wamon’s obscurely mesmeric single Myricim.

For the first time in what seems to be forever, I got to experience the consciousness consuming sensation of being transfixed by a music video. The lines between aural and visual ingenuity blurred as reality faded and artful escapism took hold.

It may have been a short and sweet experience, but it left me with the compulsion to delve into the rest of Adam Plant’s artful work. Thankfully, there’s a smorgasbord of sleazy art to be found on their official website.

You can check out the film Myricism for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast