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Kaycee Kersch – Hush: Soul-Shatteringly Stunning Acoustic Ambience

Desolate by Kaycee Kersch

Hush is just one of the acoustically ambient singles from the up and coming artist Kaycee Kersch’s latest album ‘Desolate’. After reading that the album was dedicated to the memory of a loved one, the palpable emotion only amplified. The pensive soul which spilled through the lyricism and haunting vocals were matched by the light, yet intricately beguiling progressions of the guitar along with the rounded arrangements of the accompanying acoustic instruments. Through the bridges each stabbing concordant note has an overwhelming way of piercing the melody and allowing the shards of harmony to hit you.

You may have your preconceptions about Indie Folk, but just for a moment, well 3:04-minutes to be exact, throw them out of the window and throw yourself into one of the most indulgently emotive tracks we’ve discovered this year.

You can download and stream Kaycee Kersch’s latest single Hush for yourselves by heading over to the artist’s Bandcamp page.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast