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Aberdeenshire’s most promising singer-songwriter, AJ Mclovely shared her luminous optimism in ‘Hold On’

AJ Mclovely proved how she came about her moniker in her intimately heartfelt alt-pop single, Hold On, which tackles the very real problem of our tendency to convince ourselves that misery is forever and happiness is fleeting.

Hold On soulfully narrates that our experience of reality is all just a matter of perspective as AJ Mclovely’s 90s pop-inspired vocals compassionately breeze over the folky pop guitars. The lockdown created single is just one of the reasons that the Aberdeenshire-based singer-songwriter and mental health advocate has developed a staunch fan base. So many pop artists have got into the habit of creating from the ego. Yet, with Hold On, there’s a real sense that it was created to resonate with souls that are lacking the light that is by the smorgasbord in this simple yet powerfully otherworldly single.

The official video to Hold On is available to stream on YouTube. And you can connect with AJ Mclovely via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast