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Jacksonville’s A.L. Kem shines so bright in the way that he wants on ‘Living My Life’ (prod. by D’Artizt)

Bridging The Gap by A.L. Kem

Showing us his fierce mentality that has seen all the lows and is now only headed upwards, A.L. Kem shares with us the story about just going for it no matter what anyone else says on ‘Living My Life(prod. by D’Artizt).

A.L. Kem is a Jacksonville, Florida-based indie Hip hop artist who uses his musical gifts to assist others who are dealing with self-doubt and lack of confidence to blaze through life’s challenges and win.

Dedicating his life to sports, he landed a football scholarship to Iowa Wesleyan University. Things didn’t work out like he planned with college, so he came back home and stumbled upon writing music.” ~ A.L. Kem

With a tight flow that has some introspective lyrics that are never too heavy to understand, A.L. Kem is a sharp cat who has clawed his way to the top of the rooftop and intends on finding success despite the indifference of so many who he thought would back him but faded into the distance instead.

Living My Life(prod. by D’Artizt) from Jacksonville, Florida-based indie Hip hop artist A.L. Kem is an assured single all about heading in the direction that he wishes to go down. He raps with experienced insight from a life that has thrown him so many ferocious curve balls – that threatened to sink his mood – as he fought back and is now headed to that grand slam that is taking him to the top. Looking around swiftly but ignoring that tempting noise that seeps into the ears of so many, this is a man who knows where he is headed. Even if others aren’t endorsing his moves, he shows inspirational resolve to do things his way.

Hear this bars-filled single on Bandcamp and check out his IG for more.

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