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Inzenze slides with the fantastic ‘Save Me’

After the success of his last release Don’t Stop, EDM artist and producer Inzenze is back with his brand new song called ‘Save Me‘.

There is a definite old school feel here with a 90’s vibe. I remember busting my ill-advised dance moves to songs like this back in the day and I like the beat here. The energy is translucent and you get lost in the song, with the peak being extra impressive. You just want to dance here and get that body moving. There is 90’s house, Disco and Dance all cut to perfecting like a fine dining chef’s main course.

Inzenze slides in with the dance-lit luscious sounds coming from his new ‘Save Me‘. This is an awesome song to pump loud on the weekends. With lots of hype and lots of love being showed all over the world, this is an extra gem to be added to the discography and playlists.

Stream here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Khadija Lisa gets the team together on self-worth message ‘Queen’

Hartford, Connecticut’s Khadija Lisa strolls in with her team and dances away our worries on the fantastic music video called ‘Queen’. This is the shout out to the ladies.

Inspired by the old school styles of disco, funk, 90’s house and indie-pop, Khadija Lisa is a singer, dancer and actor who moved to New York in order to follow her passion. To study acting. This fine young artist is slowly emerging in the music world due to the her great voice and smooth style.

Queen‘ is all about raising the standard and valuing yourself as a women, with your true friends. In a world that is full of followers and likes, this is a welcome message for young woman all over the globe. Valuing yourself is the way to being happy inside and you are the one that needs to look in the mirror each day.

Queen’ from US singer Khadija Lisa is an honest story about the world that we are in and the one that you want to see. This is a fine single that has a message of self-worth.

Stream here via YouTube.

Head to Spotify to hear this fab track.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

San Pedro Collective – Where Do I Begin: Entrancingly Atmospheric Acid House

San Pedro Collective

San Pedro Collective are due to drop their hotly anticipated Dance hit “Where Do I Begin” in February 2020 and blast the airwaves with an arrestive revival of those nostalgic 90s Acid House tones which would have sat the Hacienda alight.

The Hacienda may be long gone (well, it’s a block of flats now), but the Manchester-based collective’s sound is well and truly alive with vibrant sensuous mesmerism which hooks more than your mind into the seamlessly orchestrated and produced beats. Sarah Bouchier’s harmonically hypnotic vocals resonate like they were born to dominate a mix such as Where Do I Begin.

Starting off as a sensually mellifluous atmospheric soundscape, the progressive mix amasses momentum through the deft switch-ups until you reach the breakdown. A breakdown momentous enough to affirm that if any up and coming artist has what it takes to create a charting EDM floor-filler it’s San Pedro Collective.

You’ll have to wait until February 22nd to check out Where Do I Begin for yourselves. In the meantime, head over to Facebook and keep up to date with news of the release. And check out the standout track The Things You See from their Debut EP via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast