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Duncan R Foley put the soul in sleaze (rock) with ‘You Better Rock and Roll’

Duncan R Foley’s latest single, You Better Rock and Roll, is an acknowledgement that, sometimes, there’s no better sugar for the pill of reality than a soulfully sleazy dose of rock and roll. Foley delivered the antidote to ennui within the expressively expansive release, which allows the shimmering overdriven rock chords to douse you in sonic salvation. Devoid of rock cliches but with all of the key cornerstones, the single is a remedy for rock monotony. There was no room for pretension in the vocals, just pure soulful energy, which comes alive through Foley’s determination to leave the world a better place with his talent.

The Belfast-residing artist brings a fresh vibrancy to the genre, infused with the spirit of his diverse musical journey from Zimbabwe to Johannesburg to the Emerald Isle. This track is a testament to his resilience and adaptability, echoing his mantra of pushing forward and making the most of every moment.

Production-wise, the track is a polished gem. Foley’s collaboration with Jonathan Shaw of Ibilion Studio brings a level of professionalism and finesse that elevates the song. The hypnotic bass track and solid backbeat create a foundation that allows the guitars to soar, resulting in a sound that’s seductive in its soulful sleaze.

With this release, Foley not only cements his place in the rock pantheon but also promises a future rich with sonic explorations and heartfelt expressions.

You Better Rock and Roll will hit the airwaves on January 19. Stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The prodigal sons of hard rock n roll SuperZero delivered outlaw poetry in motion with their latest single, You & Me

SuperZero’s latest single, You & Me, is a gasoline-soaked tribute to the raw, unbridled spirit of rock and roll. This four-man ensemble, hailing from the heart of Southeast England, crafted a siren call to all those yearning for the golden days of hard rock rancour; hit play and erase the past four decades.

From the very first note, You & Me grabs you by the collar and thrusts you into its world where the basslines growl with primal energy and Neil Abnett’s incendiary guitar work sends jolts of white-hot electricity through the progressions as The Cheesman’s drumming becomes a relentless force that drives the track forward with electrifying momentum.

At the forefront, Brandon Keenen’s vocals are a perfect blend of grit and melody, embodying the spirit of rock legends while carving out his own unique identity. Bex’s bass is the undercurrent, a dark and brooding presence that adds depth and complexity to the track.

You & Me is more than just a nod to the pioneers of rock; it’s a statement of intent from SuperZero. They’re not just following in the footsteps of giants like AC/DC and Black Sabbath; they’re blazing their own trail, fuelled by a passion for the genre and a desire to push it into new territories.

Lyrically, the track is poetry in lawless motion, the fervid lyricism feeds into the escapism of the release, which delivers a reminder of why we fell in love with rock in the first place – its ability to make us feel alive, to transport us away from the mundane and into a world of pure, unadulterated energy.

You & Me dropped on December 25th; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


OCEANS OF TEARS mused on the ugliest facets of humanity to bring beauty back into the human condition with their latest socially and politically conscious single, All Our Children Are Dying: NO MORE WARS – GIVE PEACE A CHANCE.

The song, a brainchild of Steve W. Boily, echoes the ethos of U2 and Sting, while its sound takes a nostalgic turn towards 80s synth-rock, reminiscent of The Human League and Tears for Fears. The song’s arrangement and production are meticulously crafted, with each element serving the greater purpose of the message.

The nostalgia within the sonics amplifies the poignant urgency of the lyrical messaging; it rekindles memories of less tumultuous times, reminding of the necessity to protect our immediate future, and the days only the future generations will see. By addressing the dire consequences of war and the desperate need for peace, the message transcends language barriers, as evidenced by the translation of the single into over 30 languages.

OCEANS OF TEARS’ commitment to producing music that is provocative and emotionally resonant is evident in this single. This track is a call to action, urging listeners worldwide to advocate for peace and end the senseless cycle of war. By sharing this message through music, OCEANS OF TEARS hopes to influence hearts and minds, encouraging a collective movement towards a more peaceful world.

To feel the full weight of All Our Children Are Dying: NO MORE WARS – GIVE PEACE A CHANCE, stream the official music video which premiered on November 23 on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nate Ridgeway romantically reinvented the 80s rock aesthetic with ‘Here I Fall’

Nate Ridgeway romantically reinvented the 80s rock aesthetic with the standout single, Here I Fall, from his double LP, The Emancipation of the Heart. The seminal single has already racked up over 71k streams on Spotify alone. From the very first hit it is evident why people struggle to part ways with the inexplicably superlative track which will cause your serotonin levels to spike as you lose yourself in the dreamy harmonies which blend effortlessly well into the colourfully rich choral atmosphere of the single.

Here I Fall effortlessly reignites the spirit of 80s rock, infusing it with Ridgeway’s unique blend of pop-rock and R&B influences. This sonic tapestry evokes the essence of iconic bands like Boston, Journey, and Foreigner, making it a perfect addition to playlists that celebrate the golden era of rock music.

Ridgeway, hailing from Muscle Shoals, brings a distinct authenticity to his music, drawing on the legendary musical heritage of the region. His double LP showcases his talent for crafting songs that resonate with listeners; produced and engineered by Eric Myers of Sonic Boost in Raleigh, NC, this record is a testament to Ridgeway’s commitment to quality and his passion for music. For those looking to rekindle their love for classic rock or discover its timeless charm, Here I Fall is a must-listen.

Stream Here I Fall on Spotify and keep up to date with Nate Ridgeway’s latest sonic ventures via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Zarah established herself as the powerhouse innovator the modern rock scene has been crying out for in her latest single, Blind Woman

Following the critically acclaimed reception of her debut single, What Have We Become? the LA-residing soul rock evocateur, Zarah, has proven she’s far from a one melodic masterpiece wonder with her sophomore single, Blind Woman.

The classic rock cuts may have been stripped back in Blind Woman, but the yearning atmosphere that drifts between the enticing tension in the instrumentation and her dynamic vocal range, which can deliver everything from the raw timbre of Lydia Lunch to a rock-licked iteration of Kate Bush’s high register, is a lesson in sonic alchemy. She’s a siren of pure power and soul.

In addition to Zarah Maillard’s singer-songwriter achievements, the powerhouse of charisma, creativity and talent is a novelist, television personality, producer, and performer, who has performed with Goo Goo Dolls.

If you can’t get enough of Blind Woman, your appetite for Zarah’s synthesis of classic and modern rock will be sated upon the release of her debut LP of the same title. We can’t wait to get lost in the escapism of it.

Blind Woman will officially release on October 27; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Prepare for the vintage tonal transcendence in No Named’s seminal rock single, Fall in Love One More Time

With all the heart-in-throat romanticism of R.E.M.’s The One I Love fused with the ease and psychedelic tonal colour of 70s rock and the raucous appeal of Sunset strip sleaze legends The Dogs D’Amour in the chorus, the seminal single, Fall in Love One More Time, from the underground trailblazing outfit No Named weaves through the epochs of rock to deliver a timeless rock-licked love letter.

Signed, sealed, and delivered, the melodically eloquent release is a testament to the band’s journey from pain and suffering to joy and inner peace through the avenue of music. With the determination to root their tracks in authenticity and emotion and to keep the traditions of recording and producing alive by not being seduced by modern production, No Named is one of the last vestiges of the classic era while delivering refreshing iterations of sonic transcendence through their tracks.

Stream Fall in Love One More Time via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Eddie & The Wolves riffed the blues in their latest hard rock anthem, The Coming Storm

Batten down the hatches for the latest riff-adrenalized anthem, The Coming Storm, from Eddie & the Wolves. With the soulful overtones underpinning the blues rock installation of riotously introspective rancour, you’ll be exposed to the soft underbelly of the UK-hailing wolfpack while being electrified by the hard rock alchemy their tight synergy bleeds into the airwaves.

Instead of solely keeping it superficial and glam, Eddie & The Wolves used The Coming Storm to weave a raw tale that invites the listener to take the track as a sign that you should face the uncertainty of our chaotic world head-on. With the hook-littered hit on your playlists, standing at the vanguard of change will start to seem an infinitely better option than cowering into a bottle.

The Coming Storm will arrive on September 15; stream it on Spotify & keep up to date with the band on Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The prodigal sons of classic rock, Torn Rhythms, strike again in ‘Stay With Me’

Proving that there is still capacity for creativity in classic rock is the critically acclaimed Virgina-hailing five-piece Torn Rhythms, with their latest melodic masterpiece, Stay with Me.

There are shimmering clean guitar tones by the smorgasbord in the rhythmically enrapturing single, which plunges you into a panoramically immersive narrative right from the first verse. If anyone was giving out black belts for songwriting chops, Torn Rhythms would be adorned with them for their ability to make their vignettes come to life in visceral colour.

Listening to their instrumental melodies meander with precisive purpose is as easy as breathing; as for the vocals, they’re just like honey. If you’re as reverent to the traditional style of songwriting away from beats and loops and also happen to have a penchant for The Byrds, Tom Petty and Bob Dylan, you’ll want to stick with Stay with Me.

Stream Stay With Me on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

BONNE took rock to new emotional depths with their LP, execute


With the vocal lines resonating as a tour de force through the stylish rock reinvention, the standout single, Problems, from BONNE’s hotly anticipated LP, execute, the track is a hair-raising adrenaline shot to the heart. With as much reverence to rock as Joan Jett with beguiling Janis Joplin and Alanis Morrissette’s soul-driven vox, the monolithic melting pot is a soulfully pioneering juggenautical triumph.

Discovering a new sound is always an exhilarant experience, but when there is so much substance injected into the sonics, the experience becomes all the more gratifying. And there is no denying that the duo possesses an emotional depth that delves deeper than what the rock mould typically permits; by smashing through it with their authentic vulnerability, BONNE stepped away from the fray and veered towards unapologetic authenticity. With notes of Pixies, Muse, and Slowdive, within the virtuosic instrumentals, each new progression is a galvanising revelation.

By pouring the raw energy of 90s grunge and the catchy hooks of 80s rock into a future-proof production, the Iowa-hailing duo orchestrated an all-consuming aural experience that will grip you with its fiercely innovative gravitas.

Check out BONNE via their official website and Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alex Thorn paid homage to the hair-raising 80s rock era in his revivalist anthem, Bleeding Youth

Chicago 80s rock revivalist Alex Thorn found a riotously anthemic way to affirm that everything is transitory, including perception, in his latest Sunset Strip cruising single, Bleeding Youth. Prickly by name, prickly by nature, the one-man powerhouse used his thorns to draw the blood from the protagonists that deserve to be left in the rearview mirror after they have drained you of sanity and patience.

The stabbing rhythm section punctuates the earworm with galvanising tension to create an addictively exhilarant hit which pays homage to the literally hair-raising 80s rock era while in the same riff-driven breath bringing something completely new to the arena with the pop-punk nuances.

His confronting vocal presence, which teases playful provocativeness into his vocal lines, was the perfect way to package the release that is worthy of pride of place on your playlists next to the likes of KISS, Dokken and Crashdiet.

Bleeding Youth is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast