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Switch N’ Whisky play it fast and loud in ‘Keep it in the Red’.

Switch N’ Whisky don’t just make Rock n Roll; they live, breathe and effortlessly exude it in their latest single, Keep it in the Red. It’s slick with sunset strip sleaze and motifed with solos that make it impossible not to be in awe of the powerhouse outfit that first established in the fall of 2016.

Their contemporary take on rock n roll abstracts nothing traditionalists look for in a stellar fast and loud rock track but the high-fidelity production allows you to every virtuosically-placed instrumental note and feel every ounce of feverish rock n roll furore from the vocals.

Check out the official music video to Keep it in the Red that released on June 11th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

OCEANS OF TEARS have released their locked and loaded single, ‘Bullet in a Gun’.

Escape 2021 and catapult yourself back to the 80s with OCEANS OF TEARS semi-autobiographical rock opera single, ‘Bullet in a Gun’. If you need more music in your arsenal that speaks to you on an evocative level as well as an anthemic one, you will want to make Bullet in a Gun a playlist staple.

Their forbiddingly electrifying single starts with synth-driven discord that sets a B-movie-style macabre tone before the lyrics start to subversively find the parables between carrying around a loaded gun and drink-driving. While many rock acts rush to clamour about reckless hedonism, OCEANS OF TEARS artfully vent the broiling rage towards self-centric and self-destructive behaviour. That’s definitely a trend that I’m on board with.

Bullet in a Gun is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Billy Sinclair has released his relatable retro rock track, ‘Gotta Get Away’.

Glasgow hailing solo artist Billy Sinclair shared a sentiment that we have all felt over the winter with his latest single Gotta Get Away. His retro rock vibes emanate the same rhythmic prowess as Springsteen, The Eagles and Generation Terrorists-era Manics; through the simplicity of his soulful sound, you will catch his folk influences that bleed through his intimate vocals and driving guitar riffs.

The clever repetition of the line ‘gotta get away’ increases the sense of desperation for escape, in the same way that the Doors’ single, People Are Strange, hammers home the sense of alienation.

Rarely do you encounter a single that is intimate and sonically powerful. But thanks to Billy Sinclair’s eclectic array of influence and non-assimilative approach to production and instrumentation, he’s offering something that no one else is; his unapologetic self.

Gotta Get Away is now available to stream via Spotify.

Follow Billy Sinclair via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jade Moede gives garage rock a brand-new meaning with their single, ‘No More Lies’.

If you merged The Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Greased Lightnin’ from Grease and threw in a little Pink Floyd attitude, you’d be left with an aural crumble not all too different from Jade Moede’s vintage rock track, ‘No More Lies’.

The theatric hit will almost leave you wondering what rock the artist has been hiding behind since the early 90s, and that’s no criticism. Anyone who appreciates filthy riffs, minimal production and sleaze rock-style unfuckwithability will have plenty of fun getting acquainted with Jade Moede.

You can check out No More Lies for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

OCEANS OF TEARS told the ultimate redemption story with ‘IF LOOKS COULD KILL’

It certainly isn’t every day that you get to enjoy an empowering redemption story through rock n roll, but thanks to OCEANS OF TEARS’ rock musical ‘DROWNED IN A SEA OF TEARS’, you’ll get to enjoy theatrical intensity alongside glam rock riffs and supercharged synths. Especially in the standout single ‘IF LOOKS COULD KILL’.

With dirty rhythms coalescing with dancey beats that wouldn’t be out of place on a 90s dance workout tape, IF LOOKS COULD KILL is a sonic trip down the sunset strip with a side serving of adrenalizing lyricism which acts as a reminder that you’re stronger than you know.

The official video to IF LOOKS COULD KILL is now available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

80s post-punk meets classic rock in Jimi Hemp’s debut EP ‘The Lockdown Tapes’

Jimi Hemp

80s post-punk coalesces with classic rock in the lead track, ‘Gods Run’ from Jimi Hemp’s debut EP, ‘The Lockdown Tapes’. Driving angular guitars amp up the energy within the anthemically atmospheric release while the rock vocals are sweet enough with their despondency to leave you placated as you listen to the passion-fuelled release run through.

If Echo and the Bunny Men collaborated with Bryan Adams, I’m fairly certain that the aural result wouldn’t be all too far from what is contained in the viscerally captivating single.

Recently, I’ve found gratitude for a great number of things, Jimi Hemp finishing their tracks which have been on the shelf for decades to make their debut is definitely up there. In a time when ennui is hard to break through, their EP has plenty of feelings to spare.

The Lockdown Tapes is available to stream on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Terry McGee – Falling for You: Sensually Hypnotic 80s Rock

Artist, composer and producer Terry McGee has made an ever-lasting impression on the airwaves with their distinct guitar driven retro sound. You’ll get to hear the best of it by hitting play on the standout track “Falling for You” which can be found on their 2020 album “Beside Myself”.

If you love your aural nostalgia served with a side of ingenuity, you’ll find it all too easy to become enamoured by Terry McGee’s tonally hypnotic instrumentals which are complemented by their 80s Pop-style vocals.

Any fans of Brian Adams and Hughey Lewis and the News will be left with no choice when it comes to falling into the amorously emotive soundscape, although I’m not entirely sure which brings more sensual appeal, the vocals or the solos.

You can check out Falling for You along with the rest of Terry McGee’s album via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Songs for Sabotage give Peter Murphy a run for his money with their cover of Cuts You Up

Songs for Sabotage

LA Alt-Rock artist Songs for Sabotage cooked up the dreamiest feat of Rock you’ll hear in 2020 with their cover of Peter Murphy’s “Cuts You Up”. Which is just one of the soul-swellingly sweet tracks you’ll find on their debut album “Coast to Coast

With the infusion of Swedish Pop, 80s Alternative and 00s Electro in their lush Rock ensemble, once you hit play on Cuts You Up your entire consciousness is consumed by the escapism-aiding deftly orchestrated hit. Cuts You Up is the kind of track you need a recovery period after hearing as your rhythmic pulses become your own again and you adjust to being present in the real world. There really is no higher accolade than that. And that doesn’t even come close to capturing the sunset-strip-magic offered by the track.

Night of Joy releases on all major streaming platforms Friday, September 25th and SFS will be performing their album live in full via Instagram livestream on Saturday, September 26th.

You can pre-save the track on Spotify via this link.

Keep up to date with news on the release via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

8udDha bl0od – 17’ll N3<3r 83 0<3r

There will never be another underground UK artist who will blow us away with their versatility the way in which Brighton-based Alternative artist 8udDha bl0od has.

Their aurally chameleonic releases share just a handful of commonalities. If we had to allude to the most tangible, we’d have to pick the kaleidoscopically mellifluous layers of Psych and their tendency to let their creative expression take the lead.

17’ll N3<3r 83 0<3r is one of 8udDha bl0od’s earlier releases which incorporates nuances of Funk and Sleaze Rock, Art Rock and Blues. You’ll pick up influences from Black Sabbath, Radiohead and even Bowie in the progressively magnetic soundscape. I think it’s safe to say that no artist has ever pulled off an influential infusion quite like that before.

You can check out 17’ll N3<3r 83 0<3r along with the artist’s latest releases for yourselves via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

American Jetset – 1000 Ghosts: Sunset Strip Sleaze At Its Finest

Saloon Rock Whiskey Pop by American Jetset

American Jetset created an aural monster with their latest album Saloon Rock Whiskey Pop. While each of the high-octane full-throttle feats of Hard Rock are as adrenalizing as the last, 1000 Ghosts serves as the perfect introduction to their contemporary take on Hair Metal.

The raunchy rhythms will throw you right back to the golden era of Sunset Strip sleaze while simultaneously offering a brand-new raucous twist on the anthemic hooks and soaring solos.

The wit-soaked lyrics hook you in from the first verse while the tight nuanced instrumental breakdowns will make sure you remain truly transfixed. If utter aural filth is what you look for in your Hard Rock, the Baltimore-based act who made their debut in 2018 are more than happy to be the purveyors.

1000 Ghosts is available to stream and download with the rest of American Jetset’s sophomore 2020 album via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast