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Max Norton outshined the constellations in his latest expansive indie-rock release, Comet


Max Norton catapulted onto the indie rock scene once again with his latest seminal single, ‘Comet’. The resounding echo of college radio days mingles the discordant charm of Sonic Youth with the raw punch of 60s garage rock. Each chorus hits with a barrage of anthemic hooks, delivering an impact so potent it feels like a blissful demise—there are far worse ways to go.

The triumph of ‘Comet’ lies not only in its sticky-sweet, charismatic vocals but also in its meticulous production. With minimalist touches that amplify rather than overshadow, the production allows Norton’s authentic talent to radiate. It’s as if he’s outshone every constellation, creating a vintage-toned earworm that rewards listeners with each serendipitous chord.

Behind the scenes, Max Norton’s rich experience as a multi-instrumentalist and his decade-long career as a professional drummer deeply inform this track. The euphoric tension built within the rhythmic framework of the release crescendos in choruses that are so compelling that they demand to be heard live.

Moreover, ‘Comet’ not only showcases Norton’s instrumental and vocal talents but also his unbridled romanticism and lyrical depth. This stellar slice of classic songwriting proves a masterful amalgam of his diverse influences, from Otis Redding to Courtney Barnett, making it an indispensable addition to any rock enthusiast’s playlist.

Check out the official video for Comet on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast