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The world humbled me: Othello pulls away from the darkness on SZA 4 NGAZ

On a steamy track to heat up fragile windows, Othello is in no mood for loneliness and performs with a stunning brilliance which will certainly heal all sad hearts on SZA 4 NGAZ.

Othello is a well-travelled New York City-based RnB/neo-soul artist who was born in Montreal with Congolese heritage deep in his veins and shows us his inspiring determination on each track.

Moving away from those previously harsh tough times which threatened to sway him into the darkness of gloom, Othello is in top form and sings with so much love and rides the wave inside a whirlpool of the confusing romantic world we find ourselves in.

Fueled with his gospel energy and featuring terrific lyrics to lather deeper into, we are treated to a rising musician who sings from the heart.

SZA 4 NGAZ from New York City-based RnB/neo-soul artist Othello is a rather special ear-tingling experience to turn up on full volume. There is much to be thrilled about no matter what genre you’re usually into, as our emotions are taken on a breathless voyage to that happy place.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen