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310 to Yuma

A classic to end things off: ‘310 to Yuma’ from underground Arizona poet/emcee Orie Adams digs deep inside the current unacceptable social injustices in the USA

Moving onto bigger and better things is the best way to fully evolve and not become pigeon-holed into one specific thing. ‘310 to Yuma‘ by underground Arizona poet/emcee/businessman Orie Adams is a core part of his last album and it’s called ‘V6‘.

With an ode to the late great Malcom X on the album cover, you can feel already that this isn’t any ordinary release, this is full of heart and realness, unlike a lot of the fake bubblegum rap these days that sticks to the bottom of your shoes and annoys. This is a true wordsmith who takes his time to get his message across and is in no hurry at all.

Directed by JDFilms at the Carter in Scottsdale, Arizona, we witness a man who guides us through the relatable story of having heart, resilience and hard work cut into your body and mind to succeed in life. He is certainly strapped up and ready to do whatever is necessary in order to protect those who he cares deeply for. These are Walking Dead times in 2020 and you need to be prepared otherwise you will be found out when the time comes to make a move.

With a few NFL player shout outs, talk of feeling understandably anxious due to having a price on his head and a tone that let’s you know that he is ready for whatever comes down; the lyrical skills here are haunting and cut deep into your soul. The current climate in the USA is reflected into the fabric of the song and you get a sense of what is really going in inside, not what the mostly puppet-pulled tv stations are hollering on about.

You get the feeling that this is a self-motivated man who has already decided what he is going to do next and it’s going to be big. If this is indeed the last time we hear from Orie Adams behind the mic, ‘V6‘ and ‘310 to Yuma‘ will surely live on in the annuals of underground Hip Hop history and a movie or two will be made about his journey. He stands up for what he believes in and whether you like his music or not, the message demands to be admired and the poetically lyrical wordsmith’s music will live on to be timeless.

Check out the music video via YouTube and see the next chapter via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen