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Florida-based electronic artist SINNITEE drops a track to truly remember with ‘Blu’

Taken off his sizzling 5-track EP ‘crystals‘, SINNITEE transmits us into an outer space planet that is loaded with so many worthwhile prospects that will transform your life forever on ‘Blu‘.

HACKEEM aka SINNITEE is a 21-year-old experimental electronic artist who was born in Jamaica and is now based in Florida while being self-signed to his label, CYBERPOLLUTION.

I’ve been making music since 2018 and have recently seen a rise in listeners, mainly on Spotify since the start of this year.” ~ SINNITEE

Flourishing the previously damp airwaves with something rather uniquely excellent and sealed with a toe-tappin’ beat that shall infuse your mind like when you get that much-deserved raise at work, SINNITEE delivers with an exploratory experience to seduce the kitten to the milk with an ear-lovin’ single right up there with the best of 2022 so far.

Blu‘ from the Jamaican-born, Florida-based indie experimental electronic artist SINNITEE, is a wonderfully imaginative web of intrigue that shall send your whole enthused body into a whole new galaxy. The excellent production has you nodding your cap to this top-notch release, which might have you grooving rather briskly as you have just won the lotto. With a simply superb track to steam all unwanted anxieties away into the dust, this is a moment that electronic fans will find hard to forget.

Check out this buzzing track on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Keeping It Cooking: High-flying West Midlands rapper PR1NCEMUSIC has got another book ready on ‘Careful Now’

With his profoundly-awaited EP set for release on the 26th November 2021, PR1NCEMUSIC sounds like he is vigorously fed up with hearing local artists keeping on spewing the same stale nonsense via his intent-filled new single called ‘Careful Now‘.

PR1NCEMUSIC is a youthfully exciting 21-year-old West Midlands, UK-based indie hip-hop artist and self-produced bedroom mixer with an excellent invention running through his veins that is steeped deeply in his ravishing flows.

After seeing radio and streaming success on his hit song “Young Kings Don’t Prosper” back in 2020, he looks to surpass his previous records with this boomy trap banger.” ~ PR1NCEMUSIC

PR1NCEMUSIC¬†shows us why his name has been mentioned so much lately as a real UK artist to watch closely on ‘Careful Now‘. He displays some higher echelon techniques that shall easily shade most, with a fiery energy that dazzles the mic and grabs hold of the moment he cherishes in the limelight.

Careful Now‘ from the West Midlands, UK-based indie hip-hop solo artist PR1NCEMUSIC, is a thunderously portrayed movie soundtrack about keeping things alive in your valuable brain while others stay on the numb lane which is so out of tune. The crafty beat keeps you highly involved throughout and the smartly-pencilled flows certainly sharpen quickly, as he shows us where his head is at. The previous games are now officially over, as this is an artist who is ready to lead from the front.

Fill your hungry ears with so much goodness on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Fill It: West Philly rapper Jus NBL drops hot new single ‘In My Bag’ (feat. Jp Da Illist)

As he gets used to the taste and keeps the flow in the upper echelon division, Jus NBL keeps his swag going until that number is called on ‘In My Bag(feat. Jp Da Illist).

Jus NBL is a supremely imaginative 21-years old West Philly-based indie hip-hop artist who has grown up around music his whole life and is now ready to comprehensively examine his inventive side.

Jus NBL is at his sublime peak with some skilled rhymes to truly ponder as he is joined by the top-notch New Jersey rapper Jp Da Illist on In My Bag. This is a cruising-around-looking-for-opportunity type of track that has you gazing around sharply, to make sure that no one is going to ruin your day with any ill-advised foolishness.

In My Bag’ (feat. Jp Da Illist) from the multi-talented West Philly rapper Jus NBL, is a move-mountains track all about keeping your tribe strong and never giving up no matter what is going down. Both of these mightily promising hip-hop studs have the airwaves on full blast – with a bass-shaking single – that will keep your head bobbing all night as you cruise around these dangerous streets.

Getting that bag filled up to the brim and keeping it safe, is the only mission.

Hear the vibe on Spotify and see more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen