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Summer Energy: Chicago’s The Startin’ Lineup takes us along into the ‘Late Night Cruisin’ (feat. Megan Stacy)

With a sultry energy to get us into the mood to vibe, The Startin’ Lineup helps us flow and kick back to the weekend just the way it should be on ‘Late Night Cruisin(feat. Megan Stacy).

The Startin’ Lineup is a Chicago-based hip hop/R&B group formed in 2004 that comprises of various rappers, singers, producers, writers and sound engineers, who all help make this a sizzling track to truly remember.

With a date night flow, silky vocals, catchy soul beats and a chip-packed raps, this is the story about finding that night light to have you feeling so many better about life and in a content buzz to keep strong all night long. There is much to dive into here – with an experienced outfit who understand what good music sounds like – to help our tired souls replenish rather splendidly.

Late Night Cruisin’ (feat. Megan Stacy) from Chicago hip-hop/RnB group The Startin’ Lineup, is that 2am burger-eating, laid-back chillin’, drink-sippin’ cloud nine song to have you forgetting all your worries away like yesterdays newspaper. This is a summer romantic track to get you into the cheeky mood to have fun, and is one of the smoothest tracks of the year so far. Life can be so good, if you are in the right mindset and with the right people.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Out Of The Dark: October Brigade move into the light to find the trembling truth on ‘Ashes to Ashes’

As the heat rises and the pain intensifies, October Brigade look for a way out of these dark days and gloomy nights of never ending carnage with a stunning performance on their latest track called ‘Ashes to Ashes‘.

October Brigade is a Chicago, Illinois-based EDM duo that was formed by the well-respected Eric McLear and Jerome Cunningham.

Writing, collaborating, and performing together in a variety of projects they bring their brand of musical stylings to life and share the results of that creative process.” ~ October Brigade

On a superb track that has your mind racing furiously and your heart beating uncontrollably, there is an air of rescue from a wonderfully-made new track full of movie-like soundscapes. The vocals are incredibly pure and the ominously beautiful beat takes you places into your own mind where you have escaped before, as you find the keys and get away from all the impending doom.

Ashes to Ashes‘ from the Chicago-based EDM duo October Brigade, is that true story about seeking a way out of that scary darkness so that you may find the true place for you to reside. With a breathtaking beat and sung with a stunningly body-shivering vocal ambiance, this is that get-me-out type of track to lift you up from the fiery fires of current times that need escaping from. We are interwoven crisply into a truly uplifting song here, which has been made with a haunting story that so many of us find ourselves in currently.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ready To Roll: C.K.G swoops down like a hungry eagle on bouncy gem ‘Well’ (We Survivors)

Taken off his vibrant thirteen-track album ‘For The Music Supervisors, Vol.2‘, C.K.G shows us that he is ready for anything as he has seen much and is down for whatever obstacles come his way with his new track ‘Well’ (We Survivors).

C.K.G is an award-winning music producer and indie singer-songwriter/rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He makes that mood-lifting ambiance that has those feet tapping and your whole body moving to the rhythmic vibe, of a true underground legend with that style you are born with.

This is a compilation of Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Trap, Rap, House music & more.” ~ C.K.G

With energetic bars that stomps the floor and has you nodding that delighted head in absolute delight, this is a real throwback to those classic days of hip-hop and is made with a modern edge too. He seems to have that I’m-ready-to-ride mentality, which shows he has met many fakes before who actually want him to fail. After realized who is real in this copycat world, he turns up the voltage and flows through the air to swoop down and remind us what good music should sound like.

Well(We Survivors) from the Chicago, Illinois-based music producer and rapper/singer-songwriter C.K.G, is that call to keep the motivation high as things are always falling around us in life. He raps with a clearly efficient style and the beat is rather juicy on this one, as he throws us up in the air on this party-style track for the ages.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Not The Right Time: Boston-based indie pop artist Chris Peters knows that he is always ‘In Between’

With a radiant ray of vibrantly exciting energy that certainly transforms those cloudy days into wonderful sunshine, Chris Peters wants to be with his dream lover so much but knows that they will always be with someone else on ‘In Between’.

Chris Peters is a Chicago-born, Boston-based indie pop singer-songwriter. He is a current Berklee College of Music in Boston student, and is only interested in spreading love and light through his music creations.

He sings with such a clear vocal ability that makes you take notice and turn up the volume, as he performs with a freedom that is so glorious to lather lovingly inside. With a smooth style and rather descriptive lyrics that shows you where his head is at, he avoids the often-confusing mystery and shows us warmly into his clearly creative mind with much-pleasing gusto.

In Between‘ from the Boston-based indie pop singer-songwriter Chris Peters, is that leave-me or love-me type of song which follows a relevant story of being with someone who you love, but it seems like you will be destined to be friends with forever. Your heart is telling you to stick around as things might change – but your trustworthy gut is saying you should move on – as you wonder deeply as to why your ideal lover, wants to be with someone else who continues to hurt them.

Sometimes you just need to accept that you can’t be together, even when you see them your heart beats uncontrollably and you say things you wouldn’t with anyone else in the world.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Get Another One: Radiant Chicago RnB artist Vesta shines beautifully on ‘Personality’

Taken off the latest thirteen-track album named ‘Hydra‘, Vesta lets it be known that we have only one ‘Personality‘ so its best to use it wisely and be yourself always.

Vesta is a Los Angeles, California-born, San Francisco-raised, Chicago-based, queer indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter. Music with a purpose is the mission here, as there is a classy vibe that has been created to assist others in being themselves no matter what.

Vesta’s interest in music production began after listening to Daft Punk’s Alive 2007, as began their mixing skill with Ableton Live. Progressing from house to a more relaxed style akin to that of Sade or Raveena, Vesta slowly began to incorporate their own writing and voice into their music.” ~ Vesta

There is much to love from an underground artist of this quality, with a true story that so many of us seem to easily forget. With so many people trying to copy bad role models daily, this is the kind of refreshing correction the youth need to digest and never forget the taste of.

Personality‘ from the highly creative Chicago-based indie RnB/soul artist Vesta, is the message that should reverberate about our hungry-for-realness hearts and adds an extra glow of love to proceedings. The vocals are crystal and pure, created with a dazzling display of that intriguing goodness. which is much-needed in this at-times selfish world.

This is the type of peachy track to put on when you need reminding – that you should always be yourself no matter what – and express yourself to be fully understood in this treasured life of ours.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hide Our Thoughts: Chicago alt-pop artist Chandler Poe wonders about the state of existence in this world on the poetic debut ‘No One’

With a poet-like style that changes up your current mindset to thinking more thoughtful, Chandler Poe is in inspired form via his brand new single all about this weird life called ‘No One‘.

Chandler Poe is a twenty-one-years-young alt-pop artist from Chicago, Illinois. He is a true underground poet, who puts on a stunning display with a performance which will have you listening twice and telling your friends about.

This is the message of looking a bit deeper as no one is the same at all – as you look to find something truly meaningful to hold onto – in this rather odd world full of misdirection and loneliness. He sounds ready to project his thoughts in his own way, which ultimately is the best way to do things.

With so many lazy copycats and fake posers lurking at every corner, this is an inspired effort from an artist with an abundance of creative energy just waiting to burst open and cure us from all the heartbreak around.

No One‘ from the Chicago-based alt-pop solo artist Chandler Poe, is the story about thinking deeply about this man-made alternate world which we currently live in. With so many people watching and listening to our every move, the power of hiding your thoughts and actions has never been more important.

Featuring a deep tone, introspective lyrics and an authentic beat that seems to end before flourishing rather quickly again, is one of the more fascinating debut tracks you will hear all year.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Swim Ignorant Fire speaks to your rhythmic pulses on a primal level with ‘Initiated’

Swim Ignorant Fire

Chicago Illinois experimentalist, Swim Ignorant Fire, has launched their latest single, Initiated, as a leftfield globally inspired teaser of his album, Bufo Alvarius. The soundscape makes a Herculeanly strong case for multiculturism as the Eastern vocals ethereally drift in and out of the ambient electronic mix that also feeds in distorted guitars and bass.

If your ambient lo-fi playlists are feeling a like uninspiring, funk them up with this infectiously eclectic release that speaks to your rhythmic pulses on a primal level.

Get Initiated by heading over to Swim Ignorant Fire’s Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

I Know We Belong: Courageous Chicago indie-rock trio Jacks and Atoms inspire us to join together as one team on ‘We Stand’

After starting the song and coming back to it as the pandemic ravaged the world like an angry fire that wouldn’t go out, Jacks and Atoms bring us much-needed peace with a wonderfully created new single all about growing despite the wicked fear around during these savage times with ‘We Stand‘.

Jacks and Atoms is an entertaining Chicago, Illinois-based indie-rock trio. They make an elite blend of looking-deeper music which touches on real topics we can all get behind, as they bring a likable energy to this confused world.

With a true story all about doing what is needed to move the suffocating boulders which have taken over our deepest thoughts, this is a fantastic single which has you thinking much clearer than before. Featuring crystal clear vocals and a stunning guitar background to dance the doubts away into the woods, you somehow feel rather reinvigorated after cleaning your soul with this excellent effort.

We Stand‘ from the highly enjoyable Chicago-based indie-rock trio Jacks and Atoms, is an important story all about standing up for yourself and not being afraid to rise up tall when needed. They sing with such an uplifting energy, which has us building our mind bridges and staying strong, lifting above all the hate and confusion.

This is the message we all needed to hear, as they bring the world a hopeful effort to all join hands to. As one team.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

KennethWayne laced the airwaves with indie lo-fi psych-pop soul with ‘Sound of Regret’.

US alt-indie artist KennethWayne’s experimental sound is constantly in flux; taken from his LOOK UP mixtape is the best introduction to his eccentrically affable style. Sound of Regret is a sweetly kaleidoscopic hit of lo-fi psych-pop that retains soul despite the retrospective melancholy.

Between the kicking percussion, accordant guitar chords and the masterful straight-off-the-tape-deck vibes, if Sound of Regret fails to leave you feeling endeared, you can assume your soul is defunct. Fans of Elliott Smith, the Beatles and Nick Drake definitely won’t want to miss out on this release.

Sound of Regret is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

Special Place: Illinois artist Danny Oleksy takes a romantic ride with shorty on debut single ‘By The Ocean’

As he cheekily looks deeply into her beautiful eyes and sees them together forever, Danny Oleksy just knows that she is someone rather sweet and special on the beach-blushing debut single ‘By The Ocean‘.

Danny Oleksy is a youthful Hampshire, Illinois-based University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign student, ice-hockey player, indie pop/hip-hop artist, music producer, audio engineer, and singer-songwriter. He has been making music since he was very young, but feels like now is his time to shine brightly.

Music is my whole life and it always has been, but I am just now becoming myself and showing who I really am. Through my music I wish to motivate people to follow their dreams and not be afraid of who they are, don’t let nobody tell you what you can and can’t do.” ~ Danny Oleksy

His freshly tanned vocals feel like he has just risen from the calming seas below – as they sound so crisply pure and confidently salted – the energy he transmits is something rather relaxing, as we float happily with him underwater for this summer gem.

By The Ocean‘ from the enthusiastic underground pop/hip-hop artist and music producer/engineer Danny Oleksy, is a sun-kissed single which has you beaming from ear to ear. He sees his girl as someone really remarkable who despite having some of that Daddy money to play with, is the perfect woman for him.

What’s better than spending some quality time alone by the ocean with your partner anyway?

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen