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Dray’Soul wants that splash to last forever on the romantic RnB single, ‘Octave Waves’

With a calming vocal essence that takes you into a much more composed state of mind, Dray’Soul shows us he is ready to be the lifeguard and rescue that sweet soul so that they may be together forever on ‘Octave Waves‘.

Deondre DraySoul Bush aka Dray’Soul is a Chicago-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter who started his music career when he was just 7 years old while continuing his evolution with his soulfulness and spirituality entrenched deep within.

Apart from bringing joy into his life, writing poetry and lyrics for the last 15 years brought clarity to him, which was something he sought in his life to develop his individuality and identity.” ~ Dray’Soul

Sending us into a potentially passionate picture that will have you soaring higher than before, Dray’Soul settles our precious nerves with a hand-holding single that might have you smiling with what is actually possible if you are both united as one.

Octave Waves‘ from Chicago-based indie RnB solo artist Dray’Soul is such a serene experience which will get your heart beating faster as you imagine that first kiss with your new lover you have imagined being with for so long. After sorting out his business and getting that mind in tune for the possibility of a proper romance, we are swept into this wonderfully dreamy swimming pool of possibility.

If you have that lifejacket of love to count on, you can navigate even the most treacherous waters.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more vibes develop on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Seattle converges with Manchester in BLUEBOO’s latest smorgasbord of alt 90s aesthetic, Cherry Woman

With a touch of Oasis to the choral vocals to anchor the anthem in its melodicism, the alt-90s Seattle sound doesn’t asphyxiate any originality out of the revivalist nature of BLUEBOO’s latest single, Cherry Woman. It teases just the right amount of nostalgia for Screaming Trees, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam as your synapses fire to the tune of the Chicago-based artist’s off-kilter hook-filled sonic signature.

Notably, we aren’t the only ones finding addictive propensities in the effortlessly original sound of BLUEBOO. They’ve garnered acclaim from across the globe, especially on their strikingly ethereal seminal single, You Win Abigail, which has amassed over 260k streams on Spotify alone.

Cherry Woman is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lamar Creation soulfully hates the player and the game in his RnB pop hit, Feeling Me

Chicago born and raised artist, Lamar Creation, has dropped the ultimate 2022 RnB pop summer anthem with his latest hip hop influenced single, Feeling Me, which gives all the luxe grooves as Jay Z, the fiery passion of Frank Ocean and all of the contemporary funk of Daft Punk.

The sun-bleached electronic textures, which also find enough room to throw in nuances of Afrobeat, create the perfect platform for Lamar and collaborator, RichDaPhatt’s vocals as they seemingly drift through the entire emotional spectrum to lay it all down on the line on a relationship that is as much of a mental mindfuck as spending an hour watching the news.

The old adage may tell us to hate the game and not the player, but Feeling Me stands as a testament to the dissonance that playing games can cause in a way that may (hopefully) make people think twice about dealing with that kind of hand.

We scarcely needed his bio to tell us that Lamar is as much of a poet as he is a lyricist. It is all too perceptible through the jarring lines that keep on delivering the evocative hammering blows.

Feeling Me is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Richard Bandini knows that there is absolutely nothing they can do now on, ‘A Hymn to the Beauty of Silhouettes’

A Hymn to the Beauty of Silhouettes by Richard Bandini

With a sad tale about how sometimes things just turn empty even if you wish it was the opposite, Richard Bandini sends us into a highly meditative mood to think deeply into a moment that has passed with, ‘A Hymn to the Beauty of Silhouettes‘.

Richard Bandini is an experienced Spanish-American Chicago, Illinois-based indie singer-songwriter who draws on his knowledge from three decades in the game.

Laidback licks that flirt with blues and country and guitars that borrow from the bayous.” ~ Richard Bandini

With a sombre picture that shall have you gazing more profoundly into your soul, Richard Bandini sings with such understanding and is at his best on a single that features so much sentiment and heartfelt affection.

Born to play and create, he has never looked back since he started playing with his brothers in a group called Kaplan at age 14, performing at international festivals such as Festimad, Benicassim, or BAM.” ~ Richard Bandini

A Hymn to the Beauty of Silhouettes‘ from Chicago, Illinois-based indie singer-songwriter Richard Bandini is a song that will have your heart beating faster and your thoughts brought back to a time that you wished you had gotten over. The love is gone as you desire that you could have changed that specific moment when it all flipped around, from a happy time in your life. There are impassioned vocals on offer with a deep lyrical arsenal, that sends you into a sad mindset where many a tear shall be shed.

Hear this new single on Bandcamp and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Illinois-based artist Timmes knows there will never be another on ‘Narcissus’

With a chilled technique that has you in awe of his vocal capabilities, Timmes shows us inside the story of how vanity can take you into a reflection-filled fate on, ‘Narcissus‘.

Timothy X aka Timmes is an Illinois-based indie RnB/pop/Hip hop artist and music producer who makes the kind of tranquil music that shall take you into a world packed with possibilities.

The sequestered artist uses sounds of luscious guitar chords, anxious synths, and eroded 808 drums which are usually accompanied by somber lyrics.” ~ Timmes

Taking us into a story that has been passed through generations and might shock many, Timmes has a style that is unlike anyone else and thrives here with an original track to ponder deeply inside.

Narcissus‘ from Illinois-based indie RnB/pop/Hip hop artist and music producer Timmes is the kind of song that has you wondering if you are cursed or not. With self-love and obsessiveness interlinked sometimes and a grey area that can become too much for others to handle, finding the right balance is definitely key. Sung with pure energy and a style that shall have you lighting up some candles, this is a supremely serene track to reflect with intimately.

Hear this mellow new single on Soundcloud and see more of the journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Chicago’s Bugatti Johnson steams up our emotions on visuals for, ‘Heart Can’t Leave’

Warming up the night with a hot video that shows his love for someone who has taken the time to get to know this romantic soul, Bugatti Johnson knows that he needs to make that commitment so that life can be smoother and more passionate on, ‘Heart Can’t Leave‘.

Bugatti Johnson is a Chicago, USA-based indie Hip hop artist who makes a catchy blend of music that grasps your attention and gets the body moving to the groove.

Sending our imagination to a new world that has only peace, pianos and lots of kissing heating up the night, Bugatti Johnson returns with a stunning single that lovers can hold hands with and take away any anxiousness that has been clouding your perspective for too long.

Heart Can’t Leave‘ from Chicago, USA-based indie Hip hop artist Bugatti Johnson is a kind single that shows us that romance is definitely possible if you can find the right person to share your life with. With lyrics that are honest to the core, smooth vocals and soapy visuals to get your heart beating faster, this is a track to play late at night when you want to make a point.

Love can be easy to find if you can connect with someone who wants it as much as you do.

Check out this bath-filled music video on YouTube and see more of how his career goes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

DJ G-String has dropped her reflective trance EP, In the Mirror

After garnering over 1 million Spotify streams since her 2020 debut, the Chicagoland vocal house DJ, DJ G-String has released her 5-track EP, In the Mirror, which contains trance remixes of her five top tracks. Fans of Kaskade, Alice Wonderland and tokimonsta won’t want to miss it.

The Euro-inspired EP kicks off through the entrancing progressions in the remix of the affectionately iron wrought hit, Always, before it careers into All These Nights which unapologetically brings in the bass right on the first beat.

After the entrancing hardstyle beats have had their way with you, you’re thrown into the euphonic 90s-style dance hit, Your Love, before the EP comes to a close with the singles Only If and Runaway, which were remixed by P5YCHOH and Chriszio respectively.

Though the DJ G-String moniker only appeared in 2020, the artist behind it has been ingrained in the music scene for over two decades. She started out as the singer, bassist and lyricist in the rock act, Digging4Julie before blowing up as a vocal house sensation.

Currently, she’s a resident DJ on Good Groove Radio, Secret Lounge Radio, Ibiza Stardust Radio and at the Subterranean Music Venue in Chicago.She has also been lauded by electronica tastemakers such as Run the Trap, Clash Magazine, Dancing Astronaut, We Rave You and DJ Times.

Here’s what DJ G-String had to say about her EP

“The title is a symbolic reflection and celebration of what I have built in this dance music ecosystem so far. It was important to emphasise that we are all unique, and sometimes, you just have to stop and look in the mirror to remember who you are and what you love.”

The In The Mirror EP is now available to stream on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

3800hellboy grew tired of the fights and messy vibes with ‘Chemical Romance’

After blazing through many traumatic bouts of anxiety, depression, and drug abuse, 3800hellboy knows that he needs to move away from fake vibes that threatened to bite him like a sneaky poisonous snake on ‘Chemical Romance‘.

3800hellboy is a Chicago-born, Rockford, Illinois-based indie Hip hop artist who has bravely overcome his destructively depressive state to inspire others to fly free mentally.

When I get on the mic these are my real-life experiences, so to have my music as an outlet to express that is my therapy. It’s a really powerful experience to then have somebody tell you that what you went through lets them know they can get through their shit. So if I can make my pain help somebody else then fuck it.” ~ 3800hellboy

Taken off his dynamic 9-track ‘Heartless‘ album, 3800hellboy drops the heat and shows his frustration with a former lover and those who changed their stripes when he needed them at his weakest moment. Rapped with tremendous insight into those horrid vices that can tear your priceless soul into tiny fragments, this is a powerful performance that shall rattle your exposed ribcage.

Chemical Romance‘ from Chicago-born, Rockford, Illinois-based indie Hip hop artist 3800hellboy, is such an honest track that so many of us can certainly correlate to. In a wild world that is ready to step on your face and forget your very existence if you fall deep without a hand to catch you, this is a reminder to always be self-aware enough to look in the mirror and know where you are.

Life is about learning from your mistakes after all, not making the same ones and blaming others for your pitfalls.

Hear this genuine new single on Spotify and see what he gets up to on socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Runner and Bobby has released his surfy and psych-tinged indie release, For Marcy

‘For Marcy’ is the latest sweet, surfy, and psych-tinged indie single from the Chicago hailing independent artist Runner and Bobby. The choral and blissfully sun-bleached single allows you to imagine what Pavement would have sounded like if they amped up the dreamy melodicism in their sound and met Velvet Revolver halfway.

After a mellow tape-saturated intro, the 100% DIY artist breezes in with his bright yet tinged with artistic and romantic existentialism vocal timbre. Butter wouldn’t melt on his harmonies against the uplifting chord progressions that carry you through the affectionally unforgettable release.

For Marcy is now available to stream via YouTube

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Chicago rapper Tyler Shannon desires their reconnection to occur like destiny demands on ‘Alone’

With a timeless start that is certainly ear-catching and gets you in the mood quickly, Tyler Shannon can’t believe that they are starting over again as he sees this picture reform on the night that he is all ‘Alone‘.

Tyler Shannon aka T Shan is a humble and ever-improving Chicago, Illinois-based indie rap artist who transfixes listeners with his smoothly-vocalized technique that will grasp your engagement.

Showing the world his renewed energy that is a wonderous listen for those who like their music smooth and with love stories they can correlate to, Tyler Shannon embraces the moment and contemplates his future with this sizzling romantic partner who has his mind in a real spin of concern at his current predicament.

Alone‘ from Chicago, Illinois-based indie rap artist Tyler Shannon, is a speaker-happy new track that sends our minds into a thoughtful spin. He tells us the story about wondering why they had to start again – despite their ups and downs – and now feels like it’s best if he takes time to work out how to be better next time. With a calming beat that has you looking into the stars to find that motivation to form that strength inside your soul, this is a reflective track that shall be so relevant for so many who have been in an on-off relationship.

When sparks fly, there is always a chance you will be united as one soul to love freely as you should.

Open up your ears to this new single on Spotify and check out more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen