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SVRPoole get over their fear of rejection with ‘Dusted Artist’

Pop-folk as a concept might sound like it takes a bit of explaining, but that’s what we’ve got here with acoustic singer-songwriting duo SVRPoole; a mix of early Fleetwood Mac, June Carter, ABBA, and Steeleye Span. It’s a cute little mix, vocalist and guitarist Simona-Valentina’s high resonance, Angel Olsen-like vocal underpinned by some frankly delicious slide guitar work and ballady brushed drum-and-tambourine patterns.

Lyrically, this is a song for mistakes, misshapes, and misfits, or anyone who feels stigmatised, rejected, or otherwise discriminated against. Written originally as a poem for Simona-Valentina’s sister, it’s gentle, it’s quirky, it’s got a bit of a boho indie vibe going on amongst the folk-country-ish tinges, and the lilting chorus vocal is irretrievably hummable.

You can hear ‘Dusted Artist’ on Soundcloud. Follow SVRPoole on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

Sham Chewali puts a silver lining on our post-truth society with ‘The Unelectable Liar’

Sham Chewali

For his latest single, Manchester’s singer-songwriter, Sam Chewali, served a roots-deep slice of Rock n Roll. Behind the nuancedly psychotropic Stone Roses and Charlatans reminiscences which give Chewali an undeniablely Manchester sound, you’ll hear his intricate bluesy guitar lead work and frenetic keys throwing back to the 50s.

The Unelectable Liar was penned as a rhythmic high-vibe protest track to point out the absurdity and injustice which came through the vilification of the best Prime Minister we never had. Singles such as The Unelectable Liar are the silver linings to living in a post-truth corrupt society.

The Unelectable Liar is due for release on June 1st. You’ll be able to hear it for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

Keep up to date with their new releases via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Marshall Artz are ‘Coming Home’ with their twin guitars and a brand new album

Marshall Artz

Taken from their fifth album ‘What Matters’, Marshall Artz’ new single ‘Coming Home’ is a mildly folky, Louisiana-tinged acoustic-led duet, fast-paced and upbeat with some bluegrass vibes in places around the banjo-roll lead breaks and slide guitar pieces, all wrapped around the uber-tight fingerstyle rhythm work of Kevin Artz. There’s a folk-rock, Americana feel to the track, reminiscent of 70’s trio America, Bread, or Harry Chapin, with maybe an element of the Doobie Brothers thrown in in the way both players interact organically around the track to create something that sounds fuller than ‘just’ two guitars and vocals.

It’s an excellent track, pacey and tight; lyrically, the title’s pretty much on the money – a long time away, nothing but ‘FaceTime on my iPhone’ to connect with, and ‘today is the day that I’m coming home’. Gentle, fun, and uplifting, ‘Coming Home’ is a great introduction to Marshall Artz new album.

You can hear ‘Coming Home’ here.

Review by Alex Holmes

Jero Rest has released his intoxicatingly arcane art-pop ballad, ‘Heart’

If you always look for poetry within lyricism, you’ll find the Shakespeare of our generation listening to Jero Rest’s latest single, Heart, which officially released on January 15th.

With powerfully meta lyrics running in perfect canter with the ambient neo-classic keys, the singer, composer, instrumentalist and producer orchestrated a stunning ballad that could rival the works of Emilie Autumn, Sophe Lux and Evelyn Evelyn.

The absorbingly arcane release is the ultimate testament to Jero Rest’s distinctive style which organically manifests through taking influence from everyone from Hans Zimmer to Rhapsody of Fire to Black Sabbath to Phil Collins.

You can check out the official video for Heart for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Oh No! – Royals’ Dylan De Bono is ‘Feeling S**t Right Now’

‘Maltese singer-songwriter’ isn’t a phrase you get to use all that often as a music reviewer, but when it comes to Dylan De Bono it’s one that we can fully expect to become much more common in 2021 and beyond. As one half of pop duo Royals, Dylan’s no stranger to musical acclaim, but with this – the first single from forthcoming solo album ‘Loose Wire’ – De Bono brings us an absolute belter of an electro-pop banger.

Dark yet humorous, edgy and sexy, with one eye on that perfect pop mix of accessibility and catchiness whilst avoiding cliché or ‘throw-away-ness’ (is that a thing?) and the other on an absolutely spot on understanding of dancefloor groove and pop-radio immediacy (aided, no doubt, by the writing and production collaboration with maestro David Vella), ‘Feeling S**t Right Now’ is a superb melting pot of clubby dance stunner and autobiographical songwriting, a mix of 70’s disco, 80’s club classic, and totally up-to-date electro-pop killer. Prince and Bowie mix with the Pet Shop Boys, Years & Years, and David Guetta here, to produce what may be one of the first ‘spot-on’ pop songs of 2021. The sound of the summertime might have just landed.

Check out the official video for ‘Feeling S**t Right Now’ on YouTube, and follow Dylan De Bono on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

Faded Love: Greg Dallas wants to be left alone to wonder the earth again on ‘Fallen’

After trying to make it work, time was not kind and the romantic feelings have completely vanished for Greg Dallas on his stunning new break-up-ridden new single taken off the debut six-track EP called ‘The Storm‘, which is the heartbreaking story of ‘Fallen‘.

Brooklyn, New York/St. Louis-based multi-instrumentalist musician and painter Greg Dallas, has brought in the terrific talents of Catey Esler on vocals and Aaron Lawson on drums, to give us a real gem that will have tears in your eyes forming softly.

This is the message in the bottle that one half didn’t want to hear but now has to face, the ship has sunk and its time to move onto new waters. You feel the intricately story deep in your bones, your mind wonders to a time when you felt the same or had someone tell you that it was indeed over for good.

Her vocals are so beautifully crafted and a caring wave washes over your mind, as you listen intently to the rest of the pure sound that is world class and skillfully created, with so many touching layers intertwined within.

Fallen‘ from Brooklyn’s superbly crisp talent of Greg Dallas, leads us into a room which was once so full of love and life. The mood changed and now its all over — as you move on swiftly — due to the fading love that broke apart and now is lost forever.

Stream this top new song on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Where Did They Go: BEE wonders what happened to that fleeting love on ‘Blue Sky’

After being drawn into being a musician thanks to watching the legendary Shakira live when he was just fifteen years old, BEE looks above to bring in the fresh clear vibes of a new dawn, on his new single called ‘Blue Sky’.

BEE is an inspired Abu Dhabi indie pop singer-songwriter, who loves to create that stunning soundscape that lifts you off your seat and takes you to sun-lit places, that you didn’t know were possible before.

He sings with such love and fire, the relationship didn’t happen the way he though it would, as he loved her so much. With a confident voice and true determination in his veins, you feel the story wash over your heart and you remember when you lost that person who you wanted to be with forever.

Blue Sky’ from the exciting Abu Dhabi indie pop singer-songwriter BEE, is a touching story about how sometimes love doesn’t work out sometimes, no matter how much you want it to happen. Life can be harsh, but holding onto those sweet memories is always a way to feel that you made a connection, that might be reignited one day when your eyes lock again.

Stream this song on Spotify and check out his IG for more visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Please Tell Me: The wonderful Irina Imme is in two minds about relationships on ‘How Am I Supposed To Love’

Taken off her terrific six-track album called ‘U and Me‘, Irina Imme brings us a deeply introspective look into her true current feelings with the stunning ‘How Am I Supposed To Love‘.

Irina Imme is an absorbing Brussels, Belgium-born full-time singer-songwriter, music teacher, pianist, guitarist, youtuber and poet from London in the UK. Irina is one of the hardest working artists around with an astonishing catalog of over 250 (and growing) original songs.

She formulates her creative ideas into movie-like songs that strikes your heart and fills you with warmth and loving energy. With a voice that shows you her highly intelligent and in-tune mind, the BSc Psychology student from Queen Mary University of London, unwraps all the nonsense around, to open up only the truth that sets her free.

You feel her beautiful elegance that shines through here with her silky vocals, strong lyrical prowess and her sweet way of telling herself that she needs to decide quickly on what is truly important. She sings effortlessly to find the key to her own door, as she flows with so much grace and a style that is so alluringly mysterious.

How Am I Supposed To Love‘ from London based multi-instrumentalist and highly impressive soul Irina Imme, is an unlocked song that is so full of honesty about her current state of mind. She knows herself well enough to be self-aware during these pandemic times to know that finding love right now isn’t optimal.

Deep down, she is looking for that special person who changes her perspective in an instant, with that heart-healing glint in their eye that transforms her soul forever.

Stream this deeply emotional single on Spotify and see more stories on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Flying Free To Your Dreams: Sensational Sydney singer Damian sings away all doubts with superb ‘Whispers In My Mind’

Taken off his brand new four-track EP ‘Split‘, Damian returns with ‘Whispers In My Mind‘, which is a stunning daydream that has you flying so high above and doing what you know is best to make you truly happy.

Damian Timothy Hempstead aka Damian, is an emerging Australian indie pop singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, well-known actor and model. He makes that fresh feel kind of music that is so likable and brushes your mind with a caring paintbrush, which has you in absolute awe of his pureness.

This is the message of embracing who you are, closing the door to any negative wrapping paper that is suffocating your dreams from the past, as you break away from the clutter and do what you need to do. His voice seems to uplift you, gives you strength and brings you to a better mentality overall.

Whispers In My Mind‘ from the exciting Sydney, Australia indie singer Damian, is a terrific track that has him on form and letting go of any doubts, he sings with such effortless energy that showcases his incredible vocal ability and compassionate nature.

If you have ever had haunting voices inside your head that have held you back — this is the ideal track to filter out the polluted noise — so you can fly with your wings opened up all the way.

Hear this top new single on Spotify and see more stories via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Please Stop Me: Sydney’s Andre Cordova leads us into his world of being ‘Impulsive’

With an honest track all about that crazy feeling when you like someone a bit too much, that’s taken off his latest five-track EP called ‘Help‘, Andre Cordova wishes he wasn’t so ‘Impulsive‘ after a few drinks as the drunk texts and actions come back to haunt him.

Andre Cordova is an Australian-born, Peruvian singer-songwriter and rapper, who is based in majestic Sydney. He makes that true-life music that speaks on his feelings, love and life’s adventures.

This is the riveting story of how he likes them so much and feels that he changes so much when the feelings boil over, even though this isn’t the way he wants to do things. The crushing is hard and he just wants to love and be loved, but feels like he needs to cool down for a while, to find his bearings.

You feel his energizing vocals lift him into another person that is different to who he really is, as he just wants to be in love properly with someone, who truly gets him and isn’t into silly games.

Impulsive’ from Sydney singer-songwriter Andre Cordova, is an honest portrayal of the feeling he gets when the heart starts to beat a bit faster, as he struggles to control his feels and things burst over unexpectedly. He sings with such passion and makes a very catchy and relevant song here, that so many will enjoy and totally understand. When that love bug bites, things can get out of control sometimes.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen