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It is almost impossible to imagine Western society without the influence of rock n roll; the artists that became renowned as (rock)gods, the aesthetic, the culture that so many live and breathe, and of course, the music that became the soundtrack to our lives. Many of the greatest artists of all time are of some rock inclination; whether that be Buddy Holly, Nirvana, or The Rolling Stones – the charts simply wouldn’t be the same without the unpredictable and volatile genre.

Rock started to emerge in the 1940s through the masterful rhythm of Chuck Berry and his contemporaries. Twenty years later, The Rolling Stones became the true face of rock n roll as they advocated for sex-positive youthful rebellion; this controversy became synonymous with rock which took the genre to brand-new cultural heights. By the 70s, artists started to push rock music into heavier, darker territories. At the same time, hard rock and metal were behind conceived; Pink Floyd gave rock trippier, more progressive tendencies with their seminal album, Dark Side of the Moon. Another major move in alternative music happened in the 70s as punk artists, such as The Clash and The Sex Pistols extrapolated rock elements and fused them into their punk sound.

The 80s was the era for sleaze rock, indie rock and college rock bands, while the 90s delivered the grunge movement with Nirvana, Hole, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam chomping at the aggressive discordant bit. Mainstream rock artists from across the globe became part and parcel of the music industry at the start of the 90s, but with the death of Kurt Cobain, the popularity of alternative music took a nosedive – despite the best efforts of Limp Bizkit, Staind, Puddle of Mudd and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

In any definitive guide of the best rock bands of all time, the rock artists that made their debut in the 21st-century are few and far between. But regardless of how much you want to pull the plug on the life support of rock, it isn’t quite dead – yet. For irrefutable proof, you only need to consider Black Midi, Yungblud, Greta Van Fleet, Highly Suspect, The Snuts, and Dirty Honey, who are all bringing in the new wave of classic rock – in their own way.

Contemporary rock may not sound like it used to, but that is one way in which rock has remained consistent over the past eight decades – it never has sounded like it used to. Each new generation of artists has found room for expressive and experimental manoeuvre.

Conor Alexander soars high like a bird on the courageous new release ‘Kamikaze Pilot’

Taken off the 10-track album ‘The Magnetic People‘, Conor Alexander might just go for it anyway despite the risks involved with a supreme single to ascend freely while flying high on ‘Kamikaze Pilot‘.

Conor Alexander is a London, UK-based indie alternative rock solo artist who makes that raw sounding road-trip strumming music to jam with all night.

Gliding through rather fondly and into our warm embrace that has needed a song with a bite like this, Conor Alexander is in a bullish mood with a forceful display to remember. Always grippingly passionate and with an adventurous mood that will urge you upwards, this is an experience to throw your arms high with.

Kamikaze Pilot‘ from London, UK-based indie alternative rock musician Conor Alexander is a potent track that urges us to go for it no matter what the challenges are. From the deep depths of a creative mind who has gone for this wild mission despite the risks, showing great bravery when there is much coldness outside.

When you believe you can achieve, each day really means something.

Hear this fine song on Spotify and see more via the Twitter page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

LUCID LIP soulfully speak on disillusion in their alt-rock single, Who Would Notice?


New York’s smoothest and synth-heavy alt-rock outfit, LUCID LIP, has unveiled their latest heartbreakingly smoky single, Who Would Notice? which taps into the same sense of disillusioned isolation that everyone with any degree of self-awareness has battled with lately.

The lyric, “What the hell does anyone want anyway?”, efficaciously captures the frustration of the irrationality of most of the people you encounter. While “I’m not here to sell my soul, but who would notice?” pulls you into the darkened ennui of depression’s grips. Metaphorically, of course.

Far more remarkably, nothing about the single resonates as self-piteous; there’s a comforting sense that the candour was used as a means of solidarity with the listener.

Who Would Notice? left the same evocative imprint as Incubus did on me back in my slightly less jaded teen years, with a touch of Faith No More’s The Real Thing (I don’t make Mike Patton references lightly).

Who Would Notice? will officially release on July 29th. Check it out on all major streaming platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lizard advises us to keep our ‘Innocence’ no matter what the world does

Rattling our eye-sockets with much careful abandon, the lads from Lizard skip their way into our consciousness with a bass-slapping performance to get you into the mood on ‘Innocence‘.

Lizard is a Liverpool, UK-based 4-piece indie alternative rock-jazz fusion band who met while at Uni and has cultivated quite the impressive cult following who pack venues like hungry wolves wherever they go.

When it comes to impressively stimulating new music to wash your scalp with, it doesn’t come more epic than Liverpool’s Lizard, who seems to score like Salah every week with their vibrantly skillful music. There is a glorious anthem here for us all to hold on tightly with, where there is so much gloom and doom everywhere.

Innocence‘ from Liverpool, UK-based 4-piece indie alternative band Lizard is an anthem for anyone who has felt a little lost lately. Urging us to close our tired eyes so that we may go back to a time that has only smiles and laughs, this is a rather wonderful song when we needed it most. Pure joy is the ambience here. Rather splendid isn’t it?

Turn this up loud on Spotify and see more moves on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

BIRCHES shows us how to brush away that sad sorrow on ‘SEE YOURSELF TOMORROW’

Guiding us through the sadness and showing us which light-filled door to open, BIRCHES bravely leads us into a better world with smiles guaranteed all day on ‘SEE YOURSELF TOMORROW‘.

BIRCHES (formally We Are The Trees) is a DIY Northern Irish indie emo band who are proudly self-produced and seemed to thrive creatively during this recent pandemic.

More of a ballad, a moody track, than our more upbeat tracks. It focuses on mental health and we hope it can encourage our listeners to speak with their friends and family about any problem or issue they are having in their life”. ~ BIRCHES

Reminding one of the classic USA band The Shins and taking us for a revealing ride through life in their signature way, BIRCHES claw their way bravely to the top of the food chain with rampaging riffs that might cause you to blush uncontrollably. Soaked with a vocally enthused vigor, this might be one of your new playlist faves for 2022 when you need a natural boost.

SEE YOURSELF TOMORROW‘ from Northern Irish indie emo band BIRCHES is a really terrific soundtrack to finding freedom again. After being locked inside for too long, this is that call to speak up if you have been going through a traumatic period of upheaval in this confusion-packed world. Performed with genuine passion and desire, this is a simply excellent song made with such pure intentions.

Life should be about helping others through dark times when you’re able to help.

See this thriving music video on YouTube and see more news on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Scottish alt-rock pioneers her picture showed us ‘The Nature of It’ with their debut single.

Scotland’s freshest 4-piece alt-rock ensemble, her picture showed us what originality sounds like in 2022 with their debut single, The Nature of It. Their citation of Ben Howard and Pink Floyd as their influences barely scratches the riff-powered surface of their blend of colourful reverb-dripping ambience and intensely overdriven rock.

Just as the records from My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and The House of Love demand to be listened to at maximum volume, the hauntedly beckoning vocals over the artfully proggy instrumentals that throw cataclysmic breakdowns at you at the drop of a hat were built for complete audiophilic immersion. I’m yet to hear another more visceral alt rock debut this year.

The Nature of It is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Virginia rockers Halfcast hopes she will finally let them go on ‘Blue and Gold’

Return by Halfcast

Taken from their recent 10-track release and 2nd album called ‘Return‘, Halfcast feels the lip-licking vultures looming rather closely on a ferociously raw single to wake us up from any self-enforced slumber we have been facing lately on ‘Blue and Gold‘.

Halfcast is a Richmond, Virginia-based indie alternative scrap-rock/grunge band who are exactly what we required for our intense proggy needs.

They pound the table down and show so much strength when others would fold. Halfcast appear to have risen from the dust and sound in ultra reinvigorated form, with a simply sensational performance that is right from their heart and shall rattle your insides just when you needed it most..

Blue and Gold‘ from Richmond, Virginia-based indie alternative scrap-rock/grunge band Halfcast is one of the more enjoyable grooves your spine might encounter today. They have riffs for days, a tight sound that has been meshed rather brilliantly together as one, and seems to make that proper rock sound that has been hiding away from the masses for too long.

When you feel you are done for, pick up your pieces and move into a better place.

Listen up to this raw track on Bandcamp and see more vibes on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Detroit’s The Blueflowers return with a fine single to hold on tightly with ‘Can’t Sit Out’

Time Didn't Matter by The Blueflowers

With a groovy entry that is rather smooth and gloriously made in a crisp matter you can’t possibly ignore, The Blueflowers have released a new single to dance with all night on ‘Can’t Sit Out‘.

The Blueflowers are a Detroit, Michigan-based indie alternative gothic rock 6-piece band who form a fantastically charming blend of folk-noir and Western gypsy punk to pulsate our senses.

Blossomed out of a songwriting collaboration between singer/lyricist Kate Hinote and guitarist/producer Tony Hamera. Both made an initial impression on the Detroit music scene in 2005 with the dream pop act, Ether Aura.” ~ The Blueflowers

Taken from their brand new 6-track album called ‘Time Didn’t Matter‘, The Blueflowers perform with a graceful edge that sends your mind into a whole new world that is filled with fascination and shall send you into a cheerful mood.

One primary way in which the newest material has subtly altered its routes is the addition of newest member and songwriter, Bryan Talaski, on bass guitar. With longtime core members Jim Faulkner (drums), David Johnson (guitar), and Erin Williams (keys, backing vocals, lyricist) still on board, The Blueflowers push steadily ahead with an easiness that only years of collaboration and experiences can give you and with no fear or expectations of where the path is going because now they can just enjoy the ride.” ~ The Blueflowers

Can’t Sit Out‘ from Detroit-based indie alternative gothic rock 6-piece band The Blueflowers is a catchy effort that will soothe all your worries away in an instant, like those great songs do. Sung with a calm gusto and a mood-altering vibe that shall bless your day like a hug when you need it, this is a quality track that sends who consciousness into a better place.

Listen up to this new single on Bandcamp and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Viennese School spins a histrionic tale in his roots revivalist triumph, Dr. Irving

There is your average indie rock nostalgic peddler, and then there’s the Boston-based originator, The Viennese School, with their hauntingly archaic reinventions of American roots, folk, and gospel.

Their self-titled debut LP, featuring the standout single, Dr. Irving, tells the parallel stories of an army doctor, their brother soldier and the demise of a student found beneath a frozen river. You’re pulled into the narrative as much as the Avant Garde soundscape, featuring spacey psychedelic synthetics, old-school crooned vocals, blues rock solos and almost pornographically warm saturated analog tones.

Something is evidently in the Bostonian water if it bred The Viennese School as well as Amanda Palmer, who runs in the same histrionic direction as the artful innovator. What Ryan Murphy is to the small screen, The Viennese School evidently is to the airwaves. We’re officially obsessed.

Dr. Irving is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Abandon the Fall wonders why others hide it on Devours You (feat. Dayshell)

Needing a saint to take us away from the complete dismantling of everything you deem important, Abandon the Fall eats through the plastic package away like a hungry Lion ready for mealtime on Devours You (feat. Dayshell).

Abandon the Fall is a Juan Espinoza-created indie alternative rock project based in Houston, Texas, that thuds the bass on full blast always.

Stunning our senses to the height of total meltdown, Abandon the Fall reminds us of early Linkin Park and might be the Heroes we needed this whole time. They rocket fuel themselves into a stratosphere that shall get your attention like when you hear a band who gets it. Passionate music with a message is back, if you let it always intertwine with your overflowing mind.

Devours You (feat. Dayshell) from Houston, Texas-based indie alternative rock outfit Abandon the Fall is an explosive song that will certainly make you feel again. With a passionately brewed outlook and driving soundscapes to put a shiver on your bones, this is something raw, strong and grizzled, with that underrated excellence.

Listen up to this explosive new track on Spotify and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Queens alternative artist Blazrdog packs more than a bite on OH

After two years of hard work and many late nights on the debut 8-track lyrically aware release, why not?, Blazrdog shows us why this was the lead single as the speakers are opened up like it was holiday time on OH.

Blazrdog is a Queens, New York-based indie alternative rock duo who love that old school sound of the late 90s post grunge era.

This could be the gimme-a-chance motto, which millions use as an anthem forever when you need some sleep after giving it your all. Blazrdog shows us that fortress which needs armour right now before all tumbles down like a deck of cards.

OH from Queens, New York-based indie alternative rock duo Blazrdog is the soundtrack to our new world and barks rather loudly here. The catchy beat stampedes though and shall take you on a whole new planet as the true rawness, drenched in honest passion, to send a ray of light out.

The point of all this you say? To help us all see better, of course.

Listen up sharp on this storming vibration inside Spotify and get involved via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen