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Charlotte Forman opened a gateway to the golden era of soul with ‘Make Me Your Girl’

Charlotte Forman opened a gateway to the golden era of soul with the superlatively timbered harmonies in her seminal single, Make Me Your Girl. It’s one of the few instances in the landscape of contemporary music where authenticity doesn’t play second fiddle to commercial appeal.

The UK songstress always puts her intricate imprint on her blends of soul, pop, jazz, and RnB. Make Me Your Girl, which unfolds as a compelling journey through the nuances of old-school soul is no exception. Forman’s voice, a potent blend of power and vulnerability, carries the song with an effortless grace reminiscent of the genre’s legends. The single’s cinematic quality is undeniable. Each crescendo and harmony is crafted with precision, enveloping the listener in a hauntingly warm tapestry of sound.

The lyrics, a poignant reflection of Forman’s personal experiences, speak of love and longing with an honesty that is both rare and relatable – despite our contemporary fear of rejection getting in the way of candour.

With Make Me Your Girl, Charlotte Forman not only cements her place as a rising star in the British music scene but also as a voice for the modern romantic. Her journey from the stages of amateur dramatic groups to headlining sold-out shows is a narrative of perseverance and passion. We can’t wait to see the heights she reaches as one of the most magnetic artists of our era.

Stream Make Me Your Girl on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Swedish Soul Pop Firebrand, Nadine Randle, Has a New Chart-Topper on Her Hands with ‘Man Up’.

Nadine Randle’s voice has proven to be one of the most magnetic of this era; each of her hits goes down a soulful storm on streaming platforms and in the charts; her latest single, Man Up, is no exception to that rule.

Man Up revolutionises the 90s RnB Pop vibe, with all of the firebrand swagger you’d expect from an artist musing through that stylistically influential epoch. Exuding the same empowering edge as the iconic likes of Destiny’s Child and TLC, the Swedish singer-songwriter delivered a fiery anthem that will speak to anyone who wants to regain their power after suffering through a relationship that was beneath them.

Even though the title of the single has a slight misandrist undertone, when you hit play and sink into the soulfully melodious grooves of the release, you will realise that Randle versed this earworm to deliver vindication hand over fist to the women that need an affirmation that settling for less than what you’re worth is a recipe for destruction and frustration.

Man Up was officially released on February 9th; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Indie RnB Meets Jazzy Neo-Pop in JOSÉ’s debut single, In Love With You

JOSÉ wore his diehard romantic heart on his indie RnB meets jazzy neo-pop melodies in his debut release, In Love With You, which makes no bones about flooding the melodiously succinct score with the hazy hues of affection and proclamations of unbridled passion.

The hit that boasts swathes of cross-over appeal wouldn’t be out of place on a prom dancefloor, a Hollywood OST score, or your easy-listening playlists. As soon as you hit play, the lush layers of reverb which swell around the seductive instrumentals and hushed-with-luxe-style harmonies envelop you in a dream-like atmosphere, which you’ll want to revisit time after time for the way the head-over-heels aesthetics remind you that there’s no other drug like love.

It’s an incredibly strong debut for the Chicago-born and raised singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. With the promise of more releases in the pipeline, we can’t wait to hear the next installation of soulful candour from JOSÉ.

In Love With You was officially released on February 2nd; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sinch magnetised the melodies with soul in their RnB release, My Man


This week, we were lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the forthcoming single, My Man, by the RnB luminary, Sinch, who knows just how to magnetise melodies, heal with harmonies, and paint panoramic vignettes with lyricism.

The track will take you right back to the 00s era of RnB, when Alicia Keys, Blu Cantrell, Black Eyed Peas, and Ashanti dominated the airwaves as Sinch pays an ode to the anticipation of hearing a key fumbling in the lock and welcoming your partner home.

To amplify the emotion in the single, the superlative songwriter and chanteuse singer juxtaposed the cosy and affectionate feelings with a sense of gratitude for sanctity within a soul and the truest definition of the word home, given the conflict that other people endure outside the idyllic four walls. It’s food for thought, a salve for the soul, and will become your rhythmic pulses’ new favourite ignition.

My Man is currently awaiting a release date; to be the first to know when it drops, follow Sinch on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Dani Enli became the soul-pop supreme with her empowering RnB hit, used to it

Dani Enli’s debut RnB pop release, ‘used to it’, is a revelation in the world of bedroom pop. The Malaysian-Chinese Aussie artist, now an emerging icon in the pop scene, demonstrated swathes of talent that have been eagerly waiting to be unveiled. ‘used to it’ is a bold statement of Enli’s potential to not only hold dominion over the industry but to redefine the pop landscape with her contemporary sonic signature.

The track is a melodious, tonally tender anthem, resonating deeply with anyone who has felt burned by passivity and is ready to reclaim their power or find it for the first time. Enli’s skill as a singer-songwriter shines as she floods her own emotions into the production, ensuring the song unravels as a succinct, sweet, and rhythmically cathartic experience.

Enli’s background as a singer-songwriter, producer, and dancer, coupled with her journey from graduating as a doctor to pursuing her childhood dream in music, adds layers of authenticity and passion to her work. Her songs are not just melodies but vessels of healing and understanding, reflecting the power of music that has always resonated with her.

This track is just the beginning for Dani Enli. As she steps into 2024, poised to be the next pop trailblazer, there’s a palpable sense of anticipation for what she will bring to the table next. If ‘used to it’ is any indication, the future is bright for this talented artist.

used to it was officially released on February 2nd; stream the single on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Amoré The Songstress & Kolby Cordell showcased synchronicity of the soul in ‘Date Night’

Amoré The Songstress & Kolby Cordell gave the ultimate 101 on how to keep the spark alive in their collaborative contemporary soul release, Date Night, which busts the myth that dates are only for people trying to lock down a relationship.

As the smoothly impassioned gospel-esque lyrical delivery elucidates, there’s no better way of showing appreciation to your partner than putting them on your arm and giving them attention undivided by the distractions that deplete connections.

The dynamism between Amoré The Songstress & Kolby Cordell in the release couldn’t be stronger as they work together to paint a portrait of romantic idealism over the wavy layers of soul-infused lush reverb. Amorousness oozes from every euphonic pore in this superlative Valentine’s Day hit; yet, the alchemic duo grounded Date Night in a sense of realism, ensuring that by the time the intro rolls around, you won’t be left with a wanton desire for unrealistic expectations.

Date Night debuted on January 26th; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ride the ‘Waves’ in Stephanie Michelle’s Latest Spiritually Scintillating Synth Pop-Meets-Soul Release

With all the style of Portishead, the soul of Seal, and the sonic beguile of Erykah Badu, the latest single, Waves, by the RnB visionary Stephanie Michelle draws you into a transcendent connection with something far beyond the self.

The intimate approach to the production created an aural phenomenon that will leave you sinking deeper into the tranquilly euphonic experience as it explores epiphanies that lead you to overcome what no longer serves you. Despite the lyrics leaning into aching emotions, the Detroit-born singer, songwriter, and producer ensured that Waves is as cathartic as watching water rhythmically lap against the shore.

With her influences ranging from Tori Amos to Depeche Mode, and her time spent in a synth-pop band, Stephanie Michelle’s sonic signature is rendered in deeply distinctive calligraphy. If you always want to tune into artists who charter unique paths with their sound, get on board with this phenomenal artist.

Waves is now available to stream on here

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jess Fuller lent her jazzy RnB etherealism to soulful realism in her post-breakup redemption arc, My Enemy

Jess Fuller’s seminal single, My Enemy, taken from her debut EP, Alchemy, unravels as a mesmerising blend of jazzy R&B grooves and soul-aching poetry. It’s a luxurious auditory journey, guided by Fuller’s smoky vocal timbre, her masterful command of the keyboard, and the equally as sharp command she holds over her audience as she keeps them captive to her luxe aura.

Fuller, a Los Angeles-based maestro of melody draws inspiration from eclectic influences like Hiatus Kaiyote and Stevie Wonder before crafting soundscapes that are as dreamy as they are grounded in soulful realism. The Jess Fuller Trio, with its rhythmic versatility, adds layers of depth to the track, making it resonate with anyone who’s ever navigated the turbulent waters of love and loss.

My Enemy delves into the complexities of affection turning into affliction. Fuller’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of the post-breakup journey. From the ashes of a relationship marred by control and power play to the triumphant stride into newfound independence and regained strength. The production is a cinematic masterpiece, directed by dreamy vox and catchy melodies. Yet, it is the fatalistic shots fired towards the protagonists who need to deplete your power to hold any of their own over you that become the defining feature of this scintillating redemption arc.

Stream the Alchemy EP by Jess Fuller in full via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Supa Philly – PERCOLATE: A Retro RnB Revival with a Modern Heartbeat

Supa Philly, a band seasoned by decades of musical evolution, returned with their latest single, PERCOLATE, a track that masterfully interweaves the vibrant essence of ’80s synth-pop, funk, and disco into the fabric of R&B.

The song’s essence, deeply rooted in political inspiration, resonates with a message of love and unity, a beacon of hope in today’s fragmented world. Its lyrics, “Life is short… No more hate… Show your love… Percolate,” echo as a mantra for our times, urging listeners to embrace a brighter, more harmonious path.

Supa Philly’s rich heritage, having shared the limelight with legends like Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Monkees, infuses PERCOLATE with a depth and authenticity rarely found in modern music. The blend of experienced voices with fresh, dynamic tones creates a vocal synergy that is both stirring and soulful.

The honed songwriting chops lend a refined yet spirited character to the track as the production melds classic synth lines with contemporary rhythms, crafting a soundscape that is both nostalgically familiar and thrillingly new. The gospel-influenced backing vocals add a layer of majestic depth, reminiscent of the soulful echoes of R&B greats.

As we eagerly await their upcoming release, ANOTHER FOOL (On a Hill), it’s evident that Supa Philly continues to redefine the boundaries of music. This track is an essential listen for those seeking a rejuvenating musical experience and a reminder of the enduring power of unity and love.

Get into the groove with PERCOLATE via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ethan Martin created an open line of communication with passion in his latest dreamy RnB single, Okay, Love

Ethan Martin’s latest single, ‘Okay, Love’, is a soulfully realistic exploration of love’s complexities. This Las Vegas-based R&B artist, reminiscent of Daniel Caesar and Frank Ocean, delved into the intricate emotions of love, fear, and vulnerability in a way that deeply resonates.

The track is a masterful blend of soothing vocals and stirringly ethereal instrumentals, showcasing Martin’s skill in self-producing, mixing, and mastering his work. His unique style draws you into a world where love’s idyllic image is gently unravelled to reveal its more profound, often challenging reality.

‘Okay, Love’ navigates the nuanced terrains of the heart with a rare authenticity. The bassline pulsates through the song, setting a rhythm that complements the dual vocals. These elements together create a dynamic soundscape that reflects the song’s thematic exploration of love’s dual nature – its joys and fears, its light and shadows.

Martin’s lyrical ability is a highlight of the track as he speaks to those who feel the scars of previous relationships, are haunted by their anxious attachments, or simply feel the dread of loss when falling into the arms of another.

As Ethan Martin continues to attract a dedicated fanbase, ‘Okay, Love’ stands as a powerful example of his artistry. For those yet to discover his music, ‘Okay, Love’ is the perfect introduction to Ethan Martin’s world – a world where the soul’s deepest echoes are beautifully brought to life.

Okay, Love will drop on January 26. Stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast