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The Flight: Berkeley-based Psychedelic Doom act Sound Animal return with ‘End of Neverending’

Blending in an impressive assortment of varying and unorthodox instruments such as tennis rackets, flutes, drones and violin bows on dulcimers, Sound Animal show us that ever-evolving creativity is in the eye of the beholder and anything is still possible on ‘End of Neverending‘.

Sound Animal is an experimental cross-genre Psychedelic Doom/Avant-Garde Metal act based in sunny Berkeley, California. They make that uniquely created music that has you in awe of their creative minds, as they seek new possibilities that haven’t been made yet.

Sound Animal experiments with found sound objects like tennis rackets, plays instruments in strange and unusual ways, such as violin bows on dulcimers, releases singles regularly, is signed non-exclusively with Kryrart label.” ~ Sound Animal

With sounds you probably haven’t heard before, this is a totally innovative effort which has you soaring the skies above, looking for that energy which set you free before, as you find that hidden fire inside you to reach for those dreams most would think are actually silly.

A condor-eye-view of the heartbreaking glory of the perfect but fragile world. Soar the skies above the clouds, feel the devastating beauty. Nothing will ever be the same.” ~ Sound Animal

End of Neverending‘ from the wildly talented experimental Berkeley, California-based Avant-Garde Metal/Psychedelic Doom act Sound Animal, is that birds-eye journey to seeing much more than meets the eye to most. They fuse together different genres and styles into their own sound, which is mightily impressive in this rather copy-cat world. This is the type of song which has you looking a bit deeper – as you soon realize that music will always innovate – if there are enough brave people around, to keep on pushing the boundaries on what is actually possible.

Check out the music video on YouTube and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

UK solo artist Matt Black has made his industrial-rock debut with his single, Are You Afraid of the Dark?

UK-based singer-songwriter Matt Black tapped into the collective sense of listlessness and despair with his scathing industrial rock debut single, Are You Afraid of the Dark.

The lyric-less soundscape uses samples of doom-mongering news broadcasts, featuring our seemingly dim, realistically catastrophic prime minister who seems determined to blather the country to ruin around heavy scuzzy metal guitars and percussion that could only be described as apocalyptic.

With a similar sonic palette to Machine Head’s Bloodstone and Diamonds and Disturbed’s Down with the Sickness, we’re sure plenty of the industrial rock and metal community will welcome his cathartically foreboding presence on the airwaves with open arms.

Are You Afraid of the Dark was officially released on August 20th; you can check it out via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

There’s Nothing I Can Do For You: NYC heavy hitters Dishonest Escape stun our senses with the intense new single ‘Watermelon’

Vivid by Dishonest Escape

As they inject us angrily with a battering of honest lyrics about a frustrating situation which boils the blood with a knife-life vengeance like no other, Dishonest Escape scare your anxious neighbors through your shocked speakers on the brain-exploding new single ‘Watermelon‘.

Dishonest Escape is a New York City-based heavy sounding hip-hop and metal/djent-fused act who certainly have the sweat-soaked walls rattling vigorously throughout their slamming sets. They make that electric vibration of scream-vocalized sound, which is meshed with a mighty roar of intent, from a rampaging band who put everything into each second you witness.

Their presence demands attention, with their fierce performances and eerie, borderline grotesque lyrics that deal with world issues, personal traumas, and struggles that many can relate to.

” ~ Dishonest Escape

You feel like you are in an underground club when you listen in closely, your whole breathless body goes into a different planet as you feed of their music like a hungry vampire, who has been starved for too long. Your pulse rate turns up real high, as you feel their fiery performance take full control over your blood-thirsty veins.

Their story of not being happy with what is transpiring with someone who they can’t stand the sight of, is all-too familiar while we all get so frustrated with our currently toxic-world situation.

Watermelon‘ from the ferociously formulated four-piece NYC djent/metal/hip-hop fusion band Dishonest Escape, is a rampaging soundscape of pure unadulterated noise of epic proportions. This is an experience that heavy metal fans will love, as there is energy in droves here, and the lyrics drive like a sharp sword inside you.

Hear this new single on Bandcamp and see more via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Middle Fingers Up: Motivated Idaho metal band Artificial Aliens urge us to make it count this time with ‘Start Again’

With a powerfully rugged sound that has your ears ringing like a telephone in delight, Artificial Aliens angrily smash the locked door down to the floor as they search for that all-important purpose which will set them free on ‘Start Again‘.

Artificial Aliens is a thunderous Rupert, Idaho-based indie post-hardcore/metal five-piece band. They make that stimulating-your-senses-quickly type of speaker-shaking vibe, which has you feeling so invigorated after a long enforced slumber.

From a town with few concerts or publicity, Artificial Aliens have traveled and toured to gain exposure for their unique and aggressive sound.” ~ Artificial Aliens

You feel their electric energy transforming into something special right before your eyes, as you turn up the volume to the max, as your whole body has that rare feeling of euphoria. The powerful vocals lift you up into the smoke-filled air so quickly as the band are on top form the whole time.

Their sensationally hard soundscape has your head nodding furiously as you imagine watching them live in concert, and moshing intensely the whole way through the gig.

Start Again‘ from the high octane Rupert, Idaho-based indie metal/post hardcore act Artificial Aliens, shows us a motivated band on a real mission to grab that opportunity by sweeping the past away, as they take charge of what comes next. They remind us that its vitally important to never let the past dictate your future, as starting fresh sometimes is the only way to truly succeed.

Their lesson is simple. Middle fingers up to anyone who tries to bring you down in life.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Feel Like A Prisoner: Raging Dallas metal act RadioKing are trapped and need to ‘Turn Away’

Taken heavily off their brand new foot-stomping fourteen-track album called ‘Redemption‘, RadioKing are totally honest about these wild times that has them breaking away from where they want to be on ‘Turn Away‘.

RadioKing is a furiously intense five-piece Dallas, Texas-based indie rock/metal band. They make the kind of music shudder that has your whole room shaking rather rapidly – as they break down the frangible windows – with a high octane performance on each of their strapping tracks.

Lifelong friends Jimmy Adcock (guitar), Mark Stroface (guitar), John Cruz (bass), and Scott Crawford (drums) formed RadioKing and through numerous auditions found Alex Collins (vocals) to complete the group.” ~ RadioKing

This is the robust story about feeling locked inside and how it has mightily messed with your over-thinking mind, that was so clear and precise before. A relatable feeling indeed, from a time in the world that we would rather all forget.

With forceful vocals and a powerfully struck band performance, this is such a menacing track that will certainly awaken your drowsy senses if they were sleepy before.

Turn Away‘ from the Texas five-piece indie rock/metal act RadioKing, shows us a gripping display of mental fortitude from an electric band, who put everything on the line. Sometimes you just know you need to be doing something different, but feel compelled to go down the road you know is filled with undesirable detours anyway.

Stream this new single on Spotify and learn more on the Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Disorder – At the Door: Grunge has Never Hit Harder.

Stop wearing out your Deftones and Smashing Pumpkins records and hit play on the frenetically dark alt-rock hit, At the Door, London’s luminary outfit Disorder.

With mastering work by Alex Wharton (Pixies, The Beatles, My Bloody Valentine, Mogwai) at Abbey Road Studios and the mixing and co-production talent of Billy Bush (Garbage, Muse, Foster the People), you don’t need us to reassure you of the production quality.

But plenty of the ingenuity in At the Door comes via Disorder’s energetically confrontational presence in the alt-rock scene.

They offer the chaos of punk in a tumultuous soundscape blazoned with serious rock n roll stripes. The combination of heavy down-tuned guitars, synths and drum machines have redefined what rock and roll means in 2021. At the Door isn’t a revival but a reformation.

At the Door officially released on July 2nd; you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Connect with Disorder via Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

I Don’t Feel Fine: North Hollywood metal band Helen 55 follow their vision on the mask-filled mission ‘Dr. 9’

With an intensely ominous sound that summons the hidden ghosts to reappear suddenly from the scraps of the putty masks, Helen 55 showcase their potent vision to a volume that might shock many like a bolt of powerful lightning on your unsuspecting body with ‘Dr. 9.

Helen 55 is a rampaging alt/rock/metal band from California’s North Hollywood area. Formed in 1997, and after disbanding from 2002 to 2018 – they are now stronger and hungrier than ever – to make that window-smashing music that wakes up your lethargic souls, to levels of passionate enjoyment.

Taken off the new album, ‘SLEEP | DEATH’ (pronounced-The Fine Line Between Sleep and Death), this is a tremendously intoxicating track that defied gravity, as they splinter all speakers with their incredibly raw sound. The cleverly-made music video is creepy and full of masks that turn into something else when thrown away to the floor, as they gravitate a style that has your mind alive and slightly shaken.

Dr. 9‘ from the ferocious alt-metal act Helen 55, is a statement of intent from a clearly in-tune band. They show us a thunderous song that bolts in rather quickly and sparks a fire inside you, that is rather rare during these dark times. This is a respected unit that has shared the stage with heavyweights such as System of a Down, Papa Roach, Thrice and more. They are back with vengeance and this is a foot-stomping effort that will have the hairs on your arms standing up to full attention.

Their vision and motivation is clear. The band is back and better than ever.

See the music video on YouTube and find out more about their vision via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

My World Is Ending: Thundering Tampa metal band Mikky Malice turn up the heat with a blowtorch on ‘Sinner’s Requiem’

As they have our exposed ears ringing with their powerful sound that has your body feeling sparked up like an electrician who has just been shocked unexpectedly, Mikky Malice return mightily with their latest offering which is named ‘Sinner’s Requiem‘.

Mikky Malice is a high-octane groove alt-metal band from sunny Tampa in Florida, USA. They force ahead with hard-biting and explosive soundscapes that slashes the tires of anybody driving too slow, and has your unsuspecting speakers shaking like a feisty rattlesnake.

Sinner’s Requiem touches on some of the issues surrounding a person’s death. The anger, torment, and persecution of finding out a person’s true nature the pain and suffering of the people he caused around him. That same person realizing too late all the pain he caused to loved ones, but pride and fear keep him silent and unrepentant until death takes him. Everyone has a book of sin kept, what will yours look like? This song Sinner’s Requiem is for some a chance for healing and its message is hope for others.” – Mikky Malice

His formidable vocals are on full blast the whole way through as his fragile larynx reaches the ultimate passage to the other side – as the band are on top form with a strong display that has you feeling either nervous or reinvigorated – as they fuse together with an experienced sound, that has your heart pounding.

Sinner’s Requiem‘ from the fast-paced groove metal band from Tampa, Florida named Mikky Malice, has your thoughts really alive as you think about what comes after your life. They rage in and slam the front door with reckless abandon, with a flurry of roaring noise that will highly please metal fans, who are looking to quickly let out some bottled-up steam. This is a song that will annoy the neighbors, but is a track you need to hear rather loud.

Stream this new track via Spotify and check out their IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Seven Days Rest put a dark and doomy spin on hardcore with their single, ‘Traitor’.

‘Traitor’ is the latest confrontationally fierce alt-rock single released by New Mexico-based luminaries, Seven Days Rest. Their darker take on hardcore allows you to relive the glory days when Job for a Cowboy and the Black Dahlia Murder reigned supreme in the hardcore scene.

Yet, with the progressive nature of the doomy tuned-down guitars, Traitor offers everything you could hope for in an alternative track. The soaring instrumental hooks, frenetic glitchy breakdowns and catchy choruses with arresting female vocals complemented with guttural screams pull together to make an adrenalizingly cathartic track out of Traitor.

Given that most people are by default terrible, I’m sure that plenty of people will find resonance in the track that launches a straight-up attack on backstabbers.

Traitor is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Icelandic alt-rock 5-piece Atomic Annie orchestrated a sonically frenetic hit with ‘What If?’

Atomic Annie’s latest scuzzed-up alt-rock track, ‘What If?’ matches the fervent chaos of Rage Against the Machine and exudes all of the salacious appeal of The Velvet Underground. The Icelandic 5-piece’s sonic twist on hard rock is easily one of the best Independent rock releases of 2021; the energy is enough to take the soundscape off this stratosphere.

With the level of sex appeal cranked up to 11 to match the dial on the over-driven fuzzy guitars that sear through arresting solos that make Slash sound sedate, this fuzz-rock anthem deserves to go viral.

Atomic Annie is clearly one of the most promising up and coming alt-rock outfits contributing to the airwaves in 2021. They’ve got the talent and finesse to appease the classic rock snobs and a veraciously eclectic feel to draw in any fans of that unparalleled feeling of hearing a sound for the first time and being welcomed to a brand-new tumultuous aural world.

Check out Atomic Annie on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast