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Mike Di Lorenzo drops romance-filled treat with ‘What We Need’ (feat. Anna Moore)

Sending a pulsating shock wave through our veins and right into our open eyes, Mike Di Lorenzo knows we can find that special soul if you search with the right mindset on ‘What We Need(feat. Anna Moore).

Mike Di Lorenzo is a much-loved New York, USA-based keyboardist and music producer who is known for his huge jazz influence and has also made RnB, gospel and Latin music creations in his career.

Mike has performed with a wide range of artists including Whitney Houston, Cissy Houston and the grammy-award winning NJ Mass Choir, Gerald Alston, Regina Belle to Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry, to name a few.” ~ Mike Di Lorenzo

Featuring the wonderful contemporary RnB singer-songwriter Anna Moore, Mike Di Lorenzo has created something rather gloriously beautiful here as we rest our heads on a truly graceful effort. There is a loving nature to embrace here, with a song that combines that old school romance into one present to unwrap with a massive smile.

What We Need(feat. Anna Moore) from New York, USA-based keyboardist and music producer Mike Di Lorenzo is a candle-lit single for anyone who has been feeling lonely lately. With a look to the future and reminding us where our desires need to be focused on, this is a track with a warm energy that will have you getting dressed up to impress.

Life is all about knowing what you want so that you can exude that calm confidence to achieve all your dreams.

Calm your heart on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Canadian originator, Ethan Mark opened his jazzy neo-soul in his album ‘The Concept of You’

After teasing us title single from his 2022 album, The Concept of You, we eagerly awaited the full length of Ethan Mark’s sophisticated psychedelic-soul experimentalism.

With the opening single, The Unravelling of Every Day, equally as sublime as the openers on your favourite 90s Shoegaze albums (surely, everyone has some of those!), it is instantly affirmed what kind of production the Canadian artist constructed. One that is defined by its quiescence and the ability to hold your attention through the jazzy indie-soul juxtapositions.

Track 3, Gunslinger, is a trippy ethereal masterpiece, colourful enough to rival the fantasy-like escapism in tracks from Cosmo Sheldrake. Reminiscences fall by the wayside in the boundlessly experimental world music title single which breaks the monocultural mould with the percussion and throws in some flamenco guitars around the RnB grooves.

Not that The Concept of You has any skippable tracks, but special attention should be paid to Weight of it All. The lofty intricate work is a sublime pool of lyrical vulnerability, Avant-Garde ambience, and quintessential folk escapism. It is gravitas sonically personified.

Here is what Ethan Mark had to say on his album

“The Concept of You, and the upcoming album, came about from a challenge from my partner. She, a listener of neo-soul and jazz, challenged me to pare my usually elaborate and busy musical style down to something more organic, soulful, and pretty.

The result was a series of love songs encompassing many facets of love. The title single refers to her, the sepia-toned memories of summers, the roots we have put down together, and the love for home.

These themes felt especially important after a long period punctuated by isolation, introversion, and cabin fever. It’s accentuated by nylon guitar strings, cascading violins, gentle pianos, and the frailties of harmonised vocals.”

Concept of You is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Stefano Freddi Meets the Piano in His New Jazz Blues Album

One of Verona’s most timelessly untainted pianists and composers, Stefano Freddi, has bestowed a boatload of romanticism on the airwaves with his new four-track jazz-blues album, Stefano Freddi Meets the Piano.

Contrary to the title, Freddi and the piano have been long acquainted; he started learning at six before making a stage debut at 14 and never looking back. Before making his 2021 debut, Freddi graduated in jazz piano at the E. F. Dall’Abaco State Conservatory of Music in Verona. He also played keys for symphonic pop orchestras and artists including Marco Carta, Stevie Biondi, Denise Dimé, Antonella Ruggero, Annalisa Minetti, Cheryl Porter, Durga Mc Broom, and Lorelei Mc Broom.

The release starts with the dreamy timbered jazz piano in Misty, which instantly kicks you into easy-listening mode as you drink in the intricately arranged jazz piano romanticism. Track three, Lover Man, gravitates around a slightly more intense aural reflection of passion before the concluding single, Days of Wine and Roses, is enough to prove that there is no such thing as unrealistic romantic expectations.

Stefano Freddi Meets the Piano will officially release on June 2nd. You can check it out for yourselves on SoundCloud and Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Israel-based jazz artist Eldad Ben Naim shows us deep inside the mystery that is, ‘Rephael’

After the hypnotic blend that infused our minds with ‘Welcome Night‘, Eldad Ben Naim returns with the latest single off his 8-track album ‘Watersoul‘, with ‘Rephael‘.

Eldad Ben Naim is an Eilat, Israel-based indie jazz artist who makes that comforting music that features an array of classy instrumentals.

Showing us his mesmerizing skillset that has developed rather fantastically over time, Eldad Ben Naim has dropped a significantly weighty track that shall certainly get you turning up the volume as this is a song to truly respect. He seems to have the rare gift of tranquillity, in a world that has so many fires that it seems like we don’t have enough leaders to extinguish the stifling heat from the souls of humankind.

Rephael‘ from Eilat, Israel-based indie jazz musician Eldad Ben Naim is one of those songs that shall give you a slight shiver as its rhythmical blend of drum-filled melodies and transformative energy, might grip your whole spirit. There is so much to delve into here as you imagine this to be a single in a melodramatic movie, that has you totally stirred into an enchanted glow.

Sometimes songs are made to lead you into more tranquil waters, which is far from any carnage that can break you down forever if you aren’t careful.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via his Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Boston-based songstress Elisabeth Waters knows that the tears can’t continue on, ‘No Good for You’

Knowing that she needs to reflect as her recent behaviour isn’t befitting the nature that she is deep inside her creative essence, Elisabeth Waters sings with a real insight into a situation that has spiralled way out of control with, ‘No Good for You‘.

Elisabeth Waters is a Boston, Massachusetts-based indie RnB/jazz solo singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and rollerblading enthusiast.

Since she was very young she sang and played instruments, including piano, flute, clarinet, and guitar, and wrote her first songs by the time she was 8 years old.” ~ Elisabeth Waters

Eloquently adjusting our mindsets to what it’s actually like to be in a toxic relationship that has taken to shark-bitten moody waters of no return, Elisabeth Waters reminds us that it’s okay to be totally frank with the world no matter what the consequences.

She attended Berklee College of Music and graduated with a degree in Jazz Composition.” ~ Elisabeth Waters

No Good for You‘ from Boston, Massachusetts-based indie RnB/jazz solo artist Elisabeth Waters is one of those singles that will undoubtedly shake your stomach and get you thinking extra to find out quickly, if you are with the right human or not. This is the refreshingly honest story of admitting that you could be better, albeit feeling like the games thrown your way unnecessarily didn’t help the situation at all.

Sung with a glorious presence by a skilled singer-songwriter who only seems to get better like fine wine, you shall be thinking a bit more than usual after sipping on this new track.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Detroit’s Saxappeal doesn’t want that messed up rush on his sexy new single, ‘Stay Here’

With a romantic atmosphere wafting through the curtains that might make us blush unexpectedly, Saxappeal shows us that peace and love without devious plans to trick anyone is actually the best way to live on, ‘Stay Here‘.

Saxappeal is a Detroit, Michigan-based indie jazz solo saxophonist/vocalist/music producer who makes music to connect with the core of humanity that needs that authentic love again.

His hopes are to touch people through his music, in ways they’ve yet to be touched.” ~ Saxappeal

Bringing our lives a kind single to really admire and slow dance with, Saxappeal has made a sweet song that is pure in nature and warm in context, that has been created at the perfect time. True love, not war, is what we need more reminding of after all wouldn’t you say?

Stay Here‘ from Detroit, Michigan-based indie jazz solo saxophonist/vocalist/music producer Saxappeal shows us a man who has decided that she could be the one. His eyes are lit up as he sees the light and you can feel the true love in his vocals, which are wrapped inside with that sensual sax sound of a real professional. This is a song for all the lovers out there who need reminding that taking time is key, not rushing and messing anything up.

Romance really is simple if we are able to correlate naturally.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more of his energy come to life as he inspires us all on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ludwik Konopko shows us that its time to venture outside again with, ‘Sunday Alchemy’

After transmitting us into a more tranquil world of love on ‘Ana‘, Ludwik Konopko guides us to that safe road to be joyous with our friends and family again with his mellow new track to hold in high regard, ‘Sunday Alchemy‘.

Ludwik Konopko is a Ukrainian-born Polish guitarist and composer who integrates elements of jazz, flamenco, blues, folk, and world music into his compositions.

Ludwik Konopko was born in Lviv and has been living in Poland since 1991. He had his first public appearance as a guitarist at the age of 19, when he performed in an orchestra at the Lviv National Philharmonic.” ~ Ludwik Konopko

Lathering a serene love letter to help us deal with any anxieties that have been bogging us down recently, Ludwik Konopko reminds us that we can actually keep things simple if we change our habits and change that mindset which has been stretched beyond comprehension.

Often, he can be spotted unexpectedly outdoors in different cities of Poland where he promotes his records among people.” ~ Ludwik Konopko

Sunday Alchemy‘ from experienced Polish indie jazz/blues guitarist and composer Ludwik Konopko is a super single to brighten up everyone’s day. There is an easygoing nature to truly enjoy here on a beat that is rather positive, to brighten up our cold hearts that need so much warmth to heal up properly. The skillset on offer is a real treasure to behold, as we close our eyes and imagine a better place to swim peacefully inside with no worries.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The world music genre got infinitely more otherworldly with Lara Eidi & Dave Manington’s latest composition, Fones

Fones by Dave Manington feat. Lara Eidi

World music composer Dave Manington found the perfect chanteuse for his latest release, Fones, in the singer-songwriter Lara Eidi. Her mystique-filled transcendent vocal timbre resounds around the lines taken from the poem of the same name by the Egyptian poet Constantine P. Cavafy.

After a Waitsy brooding bassline intro, the celestial-ism seeps-in through the luminously rich harmonies and nostalgic guitars, which breed sepia tones under the soaring harmonies. The exoticism within the multicultural jazzy experimentalism makes it all but impossible to capture the true essence of the flamenco laced release. Lara Eidi & Dave Manington truly are among the very few artists that can claim that their sound is completely original. We can’t wait to hear what follows.

Fones was officially released on April 29th; it is now available to stream and purchase via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

ISSAMWERA show us what real rhythm sounds like with ‘Issamwera’ (feat. Adrianna Ferro and Sunna Fridjons)

Bringing our healing planet a warm welcome as they look to reboot their travels after this horrific pandemic wreaked their tour plans, ISSAMWERA soothes our souls with something rather spellbindingly incredible on ‘Issamwera(feat. Adrianna Ferro and Sunna Fridjons).

ISSAMWERA is an indie Iceland-based 6-piece band that performs African, Latin and Jazz rhythms to captivate audiences wherever they play live.

Formed by Yara aka monace, the inspiring Mozambican-born Icelandic multi-instrumentalist, when she started missing the vibe of her beautiful home country. She then brought in bassist Andres, the Argentinian-Icelander, Cheik, the Guinean-Icelander and Kwami, the Brazilian-Icelander on percussion, with Ellert on keys and Ingo on guitar, as the band was now complete with the two locals making this a truly international outfit.

The band’s name comes from blending the meaning of two words: “Issam-wera”, which is a word from Sena a language from Beira, Mozambique, that means “to come”, Mwera referencing the Mwera tribe in North Mozambique, and”Samvera” from the Icelandic language, meaning “togetherness.” Uniting all these meanings to place Issamwera as being “welcomed.” ~ ISSAMWERA

Shaking our earlobes alive with a magnificently unique energy that is perfect for music festivals, ISSAMWERA displays a tight performance that is absolutely magnetic and might take your breath away. This is a cinematic single that shall get you in the mood to groove and dance all your worries away.

Issamwera(feat. Adrianna Ferro and Sunna Fridjons) from Iceland-based 6-piece Afro-Fusion band ISSAMWERA, is a superbly authentic single that takes you into a world that is packed with a genuine vibe that grabs your attention with wonderful aplomb. They connect so naturally and this is something rather special, that needs to be heard all over the world. It’s that good.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and check out their IG page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Smethwick-based guitarist Skidders takes us to a happy place on ‘Aunty Bulgaria’

Taken off his brand new album that is due for a 4th May release, Skidders returns with the instrumental gem that will have you sliding your sunglasses on and living life to the fullest with ‘Aunty Bulgaria‘.

Steve Skidmore aka Skidders is a Smethwick, UK guitarist and writer who combines his love for blues, rock and jazz and makes vocal-less music to get our hearts smiling again.

Song selection is very eclectic, so hard to umbrella under one genre. But compositions range from rock, to blues, to reggae, to Celtic.” ~ Skidders 

Bringing us his West Brom toughness and blessing us with something so calm and catchy at the same time, this is a single that shall have you tapping your feet and clicking your fingers in utter delight from the humble Skidders. There are no flashy moves here, only pure love for music and guitar-playing of the very highest standard imaginable.

”Most self-penned songs are instrumental allowing him to showcase his unique style and sound. This also ensures compositions are well suited to TV and Film ‘sync’ use.” ~ Skidders 

Aunty Bulgaria‘ from the prolific UK-based guitarist/writer Skidders is a superb instrumentally compelling single from an underground artist who has total respect from his peers. There is so much to like here about the intricate sound here, that seems to blast a ray of sunshine out from the moody clouds that have been so prevalent lately. A single to get a tan with, this is one of those releases to flip your frown around so that you may see the positive vibes again.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen