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The Sun Hit an 80s New Wave Atmosphere in Sabet and Doherty’s Single, At the Brink of Dawn

Docking their boat at the harbour of 80s new wave atmosphere, the soundtrackers, professional songwriters and producers, Sabet and Doherty, orchestrated a sonic depiction of when the sun hits in their single, At the Brink of Dawn, taken from their sophomore EP, The Secret.

Starting with cavernously choral angular guitar work in the same vein as Slowdive, the instrumental aural escapade builds into a feat of full-bodied beguile through the percussive fills brought by Doherty, best known for his work with Ben Folds and They Might Be Giants.

The oceanically cathartic testament to the collaborative chemistry that spills between the two artists is a unique invitation to slip array from the fray of typically structured music and become part of the flotsam while you trust in the expert orchestrators, who drift you into one of the sweetest 80s rock crescendos towards the outro.

At the Brink of Dawn is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Fresh Sounds from IsraelBeats

It’s not often I get to write about the people behind the scenes, crafting the beautiful beats that singers use for their canvas in making their masterpieces. I suppose it is somewhat sad that we, as audience and appreciators don’t spend more time acknowledging the contributions of these folks. We’re looking at “IsraelBeats” today – a collective of Israeli producers selling their instrumentals to artist around the

world. Their catalog boasts well over 800 professionally produced beats and rhythms – I haven’t heard one that I considered substandard.

One example from the beat-line-up is “Sting,” an up-tempo hip-hop track full of synth squeels, low end bass and a pulsating rhythm that would sound absolutely native in a Miami club. It features delayed xylophone samples, whistling sine-waves and relentless dance-drums, definitely party music here.

I had a bit to look over their website and they sport a very easy to navigate layout. There, one could select the genre and overall style of what you’re looking for. One wonderful thing worth mentioning: I was surprised to see they were giving away 20 royalty free beats (with email signup) which is a rather generous offer. It’s rather heartening that professionals of this caliber are willing to throw young upstarts some help in getting themselves established (or simply having some tracks to practice with). So, I say good on you IsraelBeats.

David Deutsch has unlocked the gateway to visceral repose, Free Shavocado

LA independent artist and composer David Deutsch has scored original music for films, TV, video games and VR interactive programs. Most notably, he scored for the film Last Survivors and contributed to The Suicide Squad, The Invisible Man, The Kingsman, and the Emmy-nominated series, Hostile Planet.

Now, he’s here with his serenely explorative release, Free Shavocado. The evocative work shimmers with sonic beguile as it leads you through the gentle yet dramatic orchestral crescendos and synth sequencing your rhythmic pulses won’t be able to resist enmeshing with.

With the Gospel-esque non-lexical vocals sporadically appearing to swathe the soundscape with surges of heart-quickening soul, Free Shavocado is a transcendental corridor to serenity and visceral repose.

Free Shavocado, taken from David Deutsch’s EP, Prism, is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Take a Ride Through ‘Cardinal Drive’ with Tony Marino’s Piano Jazz Score

South Philly Latin Jazz musician and composer Tony Marino has been leading world-renowned jazz ensembles and producing original scores since 1975. His accoladed career that has placed swathes of scintillatingly sublime LPs in his discography is now home to his latest album, Original Piano Pieces.

The standout single, Cardinal Drive, is a cinematically rich composition that sets a debonair tone throughout the enlivening score, which simultaneously emanates a sense of melodic ease as Marino works through his globally respected signature flair across the ivories.

With reverence for a myriad of genres from across the world, the instrumental piece refuses to fit in a monocultural mould as Marino seamlessly shifts through a flurry of time and key signatures. In a frantically paced world, Original Piano Pieces flows with a tempo that will efficaciously compose the soul.

Listen to Cardinal Drive via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Stix Bones is ‘Phearless’ in his hip-hop-inspired instrumental jazz single

Stix Bones’ latest album, Breaks from the Soul Vol.2, starts with the swinging smoky jazz grooves in the standout single, Phearless. Standing as a testament to the Brooklyn-based artist’s reverence for the timeless genre, the instrumental single is a disarming triumph; the quintessentially complex time signatures don’t miss a beat while leading you into rhythmic arrest. The funky basslines claw against the bright timbre of the horn stabs, while the percussive fills provide a solid backbone with perfect alignment.

Stix Bones started his career in the industry by touring with the Godfather of the Noise, Rahzel. After stamping his passport in the UK and across Europe with Rahzel, Stix toured the states with the infinitely accoladed Jessica Care Moore before Stix took the position of music director for Lyricist Lounge, which saw him collaborating with De La Soul, Q-Tip and more. His jazzy ensembles can be heard on major TV shows, including The Real House Wives of Miami and in the film Raise Up. Whatever his next move is, it is likely to be a luminary one.

Listen to the Breaks from the Soul, Vol. 2 LP in full via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

SnoZ – Night: The Superlative Twilight Trap Lullaby

Like a twisted lullaby, the concluding single, Night, on the 3-track single from electronica artist and producer, SnoZ, which also melodically flows through Morning and Afternoon, is a trappy instrumental feat of beguile that deserves residence on your ambient and downtempo playlists. If any track is going to enter the sandman, it is Night. Sorry, Metallica.

SnoZ has been involved with the music industry since the early 2000s, experimenting with various genres along the way. In 2016, he exclusively got into bed with instrumental electronica production, and it’s easy to see why after listening to Night. They know just how to set a scintillating tone and capture emotion with their beats.

Night is available to stream on Spotify. For more info on SnoZ, check out their website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Grab a seat at the table for Tuncratio’s atmospheric alt-rock instrumental, Feast of Nothing

There’s something in the atmosphere of Tuncratio’s seminal instrumental alt-rock single, Feast of Nothing. The intro instrumental framework threw me right back to when Alexisonfire was a prized possession in my CD collection. Feast of Nothing then progresses into a deeply evocative melodic piece with complex time signatures that compel you to lean deeper into the alluring sonic mise en scene that cinematically wraps up through a cinematically orchestral outro.

The Italian-born, Scottish-by-adaption multi-instrumentalist and producer entered the music industry in the early 2000s. Not one to feel sated in the confines of one genre, his music spans across multiple, often in the space of one track. In his eclectic range of influences, Smashing Pumpkins, Mogwai and Deftones often push to the forefront in his sonic signature scribbled across his discography. Tuncratio’s back catalogue currently consists of two LPS, two mixtapes and the EP, Elephant in the Room, from which Feast of Nothing was taken.

Feast of Nothing was officially released on December 12th; catch it on Spotify. Stay tuned for Tuncratio’s upcoming

Review by Amelia Vandergast

World renowned saxophonist legend Lil’ Maceo calms all anxiousness away into the sky on 2MRO

Taken from his upcoming album called Evolution, the much-respected Lil’ Maceo turns all worries away into the westerly wind with a breathtakingly memorable performance to treasure forever on 2MRO.

Lil’ Maceo aka Mr Funky Sax is an award-winning indie jazz saxophonist who is well-known all over the world and performs with masterful class.

Lil’ Maceo has shared the stage with a host of music giants including Prince, Cyndi Lauper, JT Taylor, Maceo Parker, Nick Colionne, Euge Groove, Marcus Johnson, Cyril Neville, Sinbad, and Gavin DeGraw.” ~ Lil’ Maceo

Projected so expertly and with that proficient energy which we mere mortals shall never fully comprehend, Lil’ Maceo is rather illuminating on 2MRO and shall galvanize the world into being a much better place to live.

2MRO from the award-winning jazz saxophonist Lil’ Maceo is a perfect way to spend 6 minutes and 31 seconds. Each note is rather splendidly intertwined deeply within our souls, to float our tired hearts away into a much better place in time. Furnished with a gloriously precise arrangement which will untangle those self-made nets of doom, calming all souls in the process and displaying the actual power of delightful music.

Listen up on SoundCloud. See more via on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Aaron Loveday transports humanity into a new world on Magenta Valley

With a time machine on hand and so much wizard-like skill to swim deeply into, Aaron Loveday is rather impressive on his latest single, which might stimulate the mind to drift into a better place on Magenta Valley.

Aaron Loveday is a Montreal, Canada-based indie multi-talented visionary who fuses in music, art, dance and painting into his wonderful creativity.

Art has always played a huge role in inspiring me to look within myself, to know my true nature, not through institutionalized ways of being, but through direct experience of inner realms, laying the ground work for remembering truth of who we really are, and what we aspire to be.” ~ Aaron Loveday

With sci-fi elements which shall dazzle even the most cynical minds, Aaron Loveday is at his brilliant best on this superb soundtrack to what is out there in the world. Seeking that genuine authenticity in a world which seems so fake this is an anthem for anyone who wants to drift into an exciting new galaxy.

Magenta Valley from Montreal, Canada-based indie musician and all-time creative soul Aaron Loveday is a rather enormously heart-healing release. Steeped in a dreamy atmosphere which might take those worries away, it’s hard to dislike a mesmerizing effort made with true love.

Hear this new single on Spotify. See more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Escape into the retro-futurism of tad valente’s synthwave world, take it away

escape room by tad valente

Torrance, California-hailing independent songwriter and producer tad valente, took his listeners on a retro-futuristic sonic trip with his latest escapism-aiding release, take it away.

The playfully ambient melodies chime with purpose as they lead you through the experimental synth wave progressions, which fuse video game-esque aesthetics with an innovative twist on pop. The symphonic synths amalgamated with the chiptune textures and glitchy trip-hop motifs create an affably-sweet atmosphere that is impossibly easy to melt into and vibe with.

Clearly, valente is no stranger to taking control of his listener’s rhythmic pulses to lull them into a state of arrested appreciation of his intrinsically unique sonic signature.

take it away was officially released on December 2nd; stream & purchase it on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast