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Gaze into The Elegant Chasers’ riff-carved kaleidoscope of sludgy psychedelia, Running Around the Sun

Hersham’s hottest indie rock act, The Elegant Chasers, swathed their latest single, Running Around the Sun, with lashings of kaleidoscopic psychedelia to indulge their ever-growing fanbase in a mind-bending sonic experience which finds the perfect balance between heavy and sludgy rancorousness and melodicism to keep you locked into the innovation which drips from every progression.

Running Around the Sun is the first single to drop following the critically acclaimed success of the band’s long-awaited debut album, Sentimental Dust. Following a significant stint of soul-searching, The Elegant Chasers, who always live up to their moniker via the cultivated gravitas in their hits, struck aural gold once more whilst exploring a bigger and bolder sound that rings with reminiscences of the Seattle Sound and subverts all expectations by industrialising 70s rock synthetics.

Running Around the Sun will be officially released on December 1st; hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Play That Funk Metal Music and Hit Play on Master Splinter’s Latest Installation of Clamorous Rancour, Wednesday Night

For their latest release, Wednesday Night, the trailblazing outfit, Master Splinter, which is hell-bent on being the breakthrough outfit out of the year funked up a sludgy and clamorous alt-rock aesthetic reminiscent of Mudhoney, Melvins and Soundgarden while proving once again that Mike Patton isn’t the only one capable of delivering the Mr Bungle effect.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would sound like if a 70s funk rock ensemble had a violent acid trip with instruments in hand while being caught in the throes of lust, indulge in the Portland, Oregon-hailing troubadours of rhythmically tight, face-melting aggression’s latest offering, which punches through hip-hop-inspired drums and uses the devil may ensnare vocal lines to rile up the energy from the searing hot guitars and prowling basslines.

The 2023 Remaster of Wednesday Night hit the airwaves on October 26; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Every Glazer refused to be silent on the needless extensively-voyeured bloodshed in ‘Silver Screen’

With a more frantic tempo to match the urgency of the message in the intro and opening verse which scathes over what society has become in light of the bloodshed, which is only pouring harder the further we get into 2023, The Every Glazer veered into nu-metal territory with his latest single, Silver Screen, before bringing in the grungy melodicism in the chorus. If Linkin Park ever saw sense and collaborated with Deftones and Soundgarden, the result would be as alchemic as Silver Screen, which captures the singer-songwriter’s compulsion to ensure this fucked up segment of history will be never forgotten by the music industry.

As The Every Glazer has had a vice-like grip on his muse throughout 2023, there’s plenty of traction picking up around him; now close to 20k listeners are finding solace within his discography, which never shies away from reflecting the most heart-wrenching stitches in our social tapestry. If you want a virtuosic hand to help you through this slither of dystopia, hit play.

Stream Silver Screen on Spotify and YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

heaven // alone seared their striking alt-metal aesthetic into the airwaves with their sophomore release, cognitive decline

With melodic grooves as rhythmically seductive as the White Pony LP fused with an early 00s metal aesthetic in the same vein as Mudvayne, complete with white-hot searing riffs and cataclysmically all-consuming breakdowns, heaven // alone asserted themselves as one to watch via the unveiling of their sophomore single, cognitive decline.

The vocals effortlessly keep pace with the seamless sonic transgressions as they veer from atmospheric harmonies that draw you into the ennui to guttural cries that will throw you right back to when Mushroomhead held dominion over the alternative scene.

The Perth-hailing five-piece may be fresh from their debut, but through their stylistic authenticity, alchemic song crafting and polished production, you can consider them a triple threat as you lose yourself in their evocatively compelling ingenuity.

cognitive decline was officially released on November 3rd; stream it on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Verge struck all the right raw, protestive and empowering chords in ‘Keep the Head Up’

If you fused the ferocity of Rage Against the Machine or Bikini Kill with the rhythmic pull of Guns n Roses and threw in augmented layers of down-and-dirty blues rock, you’d be left with a cocktail as aurally visceral as the seminal single, Keep the Head Up, from the underground’s most indomitable outfit, The Verge.

The Parisian powerhouse has been cranking up the overdrive on their guitars since 2014; since banding together they haven’t failed to establish themselves as an unmissable live act and an ensemble which knows exactly how to infuse that energy into their records.

With melodies and riffs that will tattoo themselves across your synapses from the first spin and the way the vocals pull you right into the core of their boisterously bluesy hits, their provoking emotional depth knows few bounds. In Keep the Head Up, they demonstrate their ability to strike the right raw, protestive, and empowering chords.

The official video for Keep the Head Up is available to stream on YouTube.

Keep up to date with the latest aural antics from The Verge by heading over to their official Facebook page.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

From the cockpit to the mosh pit, the fighter-pilot rock duo Fox 2 played it hard, dirty, and bluesy in their debut LP, Sidewinder

Sidewinder by Fox 2

When the members of the fighter-pilot rock duo, Fox 2, aren’t in cockpits, they’re starting mosh pits with their dirty, hard, and bluesy hits. Last November, the dualistic powerhouse debuted its first LP, Sidewinder, and staked the claim of being one of the hottest rock acts in Portland, Oregon.

Delve into the title single and you’ll be hypnotised by the adrenalised swaggy blues guitar bends in the reverent rock n roll hit, which melds modernist production styles and percussive assertion in the same veins of Royal Blood with classic blues rock cuts to orchestrate an era-spanning testament to their talent, cross-over appeal, and authenticity.

Sidewinder will be a tough record to follow, but something tells us that Fox 2 has plenty more innovative firepower to ignite an onslaught of ensnaring hits; watch this space and feel the heat.

Sidewinder is available to stream and purchase via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Master Splinter – A Caustic Version: Mike Patton Spawned a Stoner-Rock Monster

If the Alice in Chains discography hit a little bit harder and attacked their song crafting with an infectious sense of facetiousness, their grungy tracks would roll with the same vitriolically zany punches as Master Splinter’s latest single, A Caustic Version, which also runs in the same Machiavellian vein as some of Mike Patton’s most maniacally unhinged tracks.

With the vocals taking on swathes of different guises to amplify the unpredictability of the hard rock hit, your speakers will be smoking the wildfire ignited by the Portland, Oregon-based outfit’s determination not to take themselves too seriously.

If you’re sick of the brooding narcissists who proliferate rock and metal scenes across the globe and want a taste of eccentrically elemental stoner rock ingenuity, sink your teeth into A Caustic Version

A Caustic Version was officially released on October 17th; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Bellwether exhibited a tonal melancholic masterpiece with their alt-rock single, Gates of Gold

After an opening sequence of shoegaze-y angular guitar work, the standout single, Gates of Gold, by the US duo Bellwether transitions into a doomy synthesis of melodic prog rock and superlatively matured pop-punk with just enough room for a little bit of Modest Mouse reminiscent twang.

Juxtaposingly, Gates of Gold unfurls like a record you’ve been addicted to since the 00s while very progression is a lesson of scintillation thanks to the pioneering song crafting in the hauntingly spectral single which starts to pull the heavyweight punches towards the mid-way mark. A single which traverses themes of child loss was always going to hit hard, but my God, the melancholy mixed with the atmospherics of the tonal masterpiece is as affectingly raw as you could possibly ask for.

I have no idea how Bellwether evaded my radar up to now, but if I’m certain of anything, it is that I will follow them to the grave after being consumed by their debut EP, gods. Since forming in Atlanta, Georgia in 2021, the duo hasn’t failed to amass momentum with their releases and live performances, which has seen them share stages with the likes of The Mysterines and Manchester Orchestra. We can’t wait to see where their talent takes the duo next.

Gates of Gold was officially released on September 22nd with the rest of the debut EP, gods; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nullor has arrived with his compelling prog rock Tour De Force,  Here

The Fort Worth, Texas-hailing solo artist, Dan Crawford, operating under the moniker Nullor has made his long-awaited debut; it came in the form of his dynamic LP, Finalform. The dusky, doomy and artfully captivating lead single, Here, envelops you in an atmosphere you will never want to come up for air from.

The progressive 6-minute Tour De Force won’t fail to evoke contemplation; the grungy vocal lines which run in the veins of Alice in Chains allow the melodic ambience in the orchestrally cut instrumental arrangement to resonate as a sonically sweet sedative before the monolithic build and burst into intricately electric groove metal.

In the following single, Overdrive, Nullor gives you a taste of classic thrash metal, proving that there are few alternative genres outside of his repertoire. Rather than being a jack of all genres, the versatility of his talent is just as impressive as the degree of it.

Here was officially released with the Finalform LP on September 29; stream it on Spotify and follow the artist on Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Devil Next Door came in red hot in their grungy blues rock debut EP, Into the Fire

Devil Next Door slicked their sleazy blues rock signature with gasoline and sludged it up with Alice in Chains-esque grunge before setting the airwaves alight with their debut EP, Into the Fire.

The eras revisited in the title single may be rooted in nostalgia, but the Mallorcan prodigal sons found a fresh way to revive them by leaning on modernist effects while infusing plenty of their own captivating charisma. It always bodes well when you sense that an alt-rock act can command a stage; Devil Next Door have the kind of magnetic draw that would make an army of marionette puppets out of their live audiences.

By finding influence in everyone from Foo Fighters to Royal Blood to Soundgarden, the cross-appeal of this devilishly promising debut couldn’t be stronger. With an intent to free sonically free themselves and subsequently their fans, if you’re looking for alt-rock escapism, lose yourself in the high-octane and infectiously catchy hard rock hits and keep your eyes peeled for the next installation of monolithic mayhem.

Into the Fire was officially released on September 13; stream it in full on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast