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ArkAngel47 flowed into the heart of memory in his alt-hip-hop track, nostalgia

ArkAngel47’s latest single, nostalgia, crashed into the alt-rap scene like a rogue wave, unapologetically dismantling the boundaries of the genre on February 8th. The raw, unfiltered plunge into the depths of memory, wrapped in a soundscape that defies easy categorisation, is an unconventional fusion that grips you from the first beat.

Imagine grime’s gritty pulse, new wave’s introspective echo, and alt-hip-hop’s rebellious spirit colliding around lyricism that balances candour and volition. Hit play and feel the push and pull of time as North West London’s grittiest poet waxes lyrical with melancholic wisdom. Nostalgia is beyond reminiscence; it is the dissection of the essence of the psychological phenomenon; an exposition of its sweet allure and sharp bite.

Musically, the track is a beast of its own making. The beats morph and twist before flooding into a melodious flow and glitching like a dream half-remembered as the backing vocals resonate as ethereal whispers from bygone days, adding layers of haunting depth to the track.

Mixed and mastered with the sharp ear of Kult Eviction at Kabin Studios, nostalgia is a testament to ArkAngel47’s raw talent and vision. With plenty more genre-fluid releases locked, loaded, and ready to drop throughout 2024, ArkAngel47 is one to watch.

Watch the official music video for nostalgia on YouTube, or add the single to your Spotify playlists.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

MOBI1 & Hardest Bars ignited the London grime scene with ‘Joey Clipstar Freestyle’

In the gritty heart of West London’s grime scene, MOBI1’s latest single, ‘Joey Clipstar Freestyle’, is a rhythmic inferno, signalling his indomitable presence and unyielding ascent.

Surviving a catastrophic explosion and emerging from literal ashes, MOBI1i is an emissary of resilience. Anyone who locks into his bars that run as hard as his beats can live it by proxy and feel the fire that blazes as MOBI1 razes the music industry with the head-spinning volition in his flow.

The production, a collaborative genius of Katmandu and Wadizdis, tears up the rulebook of drill beats. It’s a rhythmic firestorm, a relentless assault on the senses that perfectly complements MOBI1’s explosive delivery. Every hook is a masterstroke of lyrical agility, a testament to Mobi1’s skill as he weaves through the beat with a tongue-twisting fervour.

In short, ‘Joey Clipstar Freestyle’ is a declaration that MOBI1 is here to reign supreme in the grime domain. As he continues to make waves across the UK, from radio sets to fashion shows, one thing is crystal clear: he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Check out the official music video on YouTube or add MOBI1’s latest hit to your Spotify playlists.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

reubencmg looked beyond the surface level of scars in his compassionately raw rap track, Insecure

In his latest single, Insecure, the UK rapper reubencmg opened a narrative on how we can walk through life buried under the weight of our trauma which bears down on everything we do, from how we navigate relationships to what we will passively accept from life’s protagonists who bank on people being bruised enough to tolerate exploitation and humiliation.

With the soul in the backing vocals harmonising behind the George the Poet-esque spoken-word cadence, which adds to the melodiously wavy vibe of Insecure, reubencmg keeps it raw and real while delivering a gritty urban soundscape that people can seek solace within every time they need a reminder that every person you walk past in the street has their own demons to defeat and burdens biting down on their psyche.

Stream Insecure on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lem’s Sophomore Rap Track, S.A.D, Is A Stark Reflection of Modern Angst

In “S.A.D”, Lem’s second release, there’s an undeniable gravity that pulls you into the heart of today’s societal unease. The track starts with a haunting piano melody, subtly setting a sombre mood. As Lem’s verses unfold, there’s a tangible shift from mere melancholy to a profound, introspective exploration of contemporary disillusionment.

Lem’s lyrical prowess shines as he navigates through the complexities of modern life. His words are a candid portrayal of the pressures we face, from economic turmoil to the distorted realities perpetuated online. His approach is refreshingly sincere, standing out in a genre often dominated by surface-level expressions of frustration.

Lem’s raw narrative resonates with authenticity, offering listeners a glimpse into the struggles beneath the facade of everyday life. His choice to reveal the real sources of his anxiety and depression is both brave and rare, making “S.A.D” a standout piece in UK rap.

“S.A.D” is an impactful addition to Lem’s growing discography, showcasing his ability to articulate the complexities of the human psyche in a way that is both enlightening and deeply moving. It’s a compelling invitation to engage with his music and a strong indication of his potential to leave a lasting mark on the music scene.

S.A.D was officially released on January 12th; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

ADZii Boii – Let’s Go: a high-speed chase through the streets of raw, unfiltered lyrical genius

ADZii BOii

ADZii BOii, the Scottish hip-hop heavyweight, started 2024 with a seismic bang by unleashing his latest single, Let’s Go. Hit play and be flung into a high-speed chase through the streets of raw, unfiltered lyrical genius which cements his position as a formidable force in the hip-hop arena and offers a glimpse into his unapologetically candid mind.

The single is a masterclass in blending the ferocity of drill beats with the finesse of intelligent lyricism. ADZii BOii’s flow is a relentless force, intertwining with the pulsating beats to create a musical experience that’s both exhilarating and thought-provoking. The motorbike sound effects add to the high-octane atmosphere, painting a vivid picture of speed and agility that mirrors ADZii BOii’s rapid-fire delivery.

What sets Let’s Go apart is ADZii BOii’s ability to weave social commentary into his lyrics with a wit that’s both brutal and hilariously on point. The track is a rollercoaster of emotions, echoing the artist’s own life experiences. His storytelling prowess first showcased in his debut album, Colours, takes a more intense turn here, with each bar packed with meaning and raw energy.

The lion on the cover art is not just an image; it symbolises the aggression and power that ADZii Boii brings to the track. Notably, ADZii Boii is on a path to redefining the landscape of alternative hip-hop.

As we eagerly anticipate his second album, expected in Spring 2024, Let’s Go is a testament to ADZii Boii’s evolving artistry. Stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Masses Against the Classes: NIGHTSHIFT Joka-B x MrLee x Ultra_Eko

Punk may have lost its bite in the light of the global financial crisis, but grime artists are picking up the slack and sinking their teeth into the injustice that is cowing the majority into oppressed submission. For his latest single, NIGHTSHIFT, the West Yorkshire-hailing, rural Poland Emcee & Producer, MrLee versed for the masses with the help of Joka-B and Ultra_Eko.

By mixing light and dark tones in the polyphonic beats, MrLee created an emotionally rounded hit, rather than running through with nothing but the all too relatable working-class anger to give his succinct words even more resonant weight. But that isn’t to say he held any prisoners in his lyricism that has made him stand out in an oversaturated scene. He could more than stand his own against Bob Vylan and Kid Kapichi with the socially conscious lyricism in NIGHTSHIFT.

Hear NIGHTSHIFT from May 5th on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Grime icon in the making, Jacob Briggs, has released a dizzying drop with ‘Bothered’.

Amalgamating the fiercest elements of trap, grime and drill, the UK icon in the making, Jacob Briggs, created a juggernaut of a hit with his latest single, Bothered, which officially dropped on December 9th.

Proving that grime hasn’t lost its flavour since Wiley gave us a taste in the early 00s, Bothered exhibits Briggs’ dizzying flow, which doesn’t sacrifice the lyrical content which puts to shame the archetypes built in the industry since it dawned.

The electronic music producer and creative artist started his sonic journey inspired by RnB and hip hop acts before creating his own rhythm-riding sonic signature that packs enough fervour to make your head spin. Watch this space before Briggs tears through it with the force of a lyrical tornado.

Feel the heat simmer from Bothered by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Felicia became the ultimate nu-metal domme by subjugating Boris Johnson in her latest music video, Revolution Business

Even though Boris Johnson does a pretty good job of humiliating himself (and the rest of us while he’s shambolically at it), it was still beyond cathartic to see Felicia sonically flaying him in her latest seductively rebellious nu metal music video, Revolution Business.

It deserves to go just as viral as the video shot by a bewilderedly unsuspecting passer-by when they stumbled on the scene of Felicia dominating Boris Johnson in the market town of Grantham.

The video, (available to view here) has now garnered over 380,000 streams on Facebook, but what is infinitely less measurable is the true impact of the video, which provided a brief reprieve from the existential weight imposed by the futility of faith in our democracy.

How many iterations of “we need a revolution” have you heard recently? Well, now we have the start of one, and Bradford’s most creative antagonist inarguably became one of the most iconic contemporary mononym-toting artists in the process.

The pop-bitten track that instrumentally highjacks your rhythmic pulses through the juggernaut of a cadence keeps on giving. From her originated demurely rapped mischievousness to the screamo lyrical hook “fuck the music business, this is revolution business”, which made her the ultimate metal domme, it is frenetic socialist perfection. My Ruin will never hit the same again.

Fund the revolution by purchasing the track on Bandcamp or check out the official music video via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

UK Hip Hop Got Hotter Through Dalts’ Latest Collab, ‘No Time’, featuring Jez, SK1NT and Charla Green


Sheffield’s most infamous producer, DJ, events promoter, and label runner, Dalts, has contributed more than most to the UK music scene in the past five years. Now, he’s here with his latest single, No Time, featuring Jez, SK1NT and Charla Green.

The garagey hip-hop track uses old-school grooves, oscillating bass and skippy beats to keep the flow kicking under the clever vocal layering, which merges the originality of every featuring artist. From deadpan rap bars to distorted and transcending vocal samples, No Time is a hypnotic vibe tapestry which reminds you how great and gritty UK hip hop can be.

Check out Dalts on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

South London’s MoHush broadsides us with every bar in his latest single, War of the Mastermind

After his latest single, War of the Mastermind, MoHush became one of South London’s hottest up and coming hip hop artists. In the same way that Kae Tempest’s and George the Poet’s music is matchless, MoHush delivers the hammering lyrical blows in a completely autonomous fashion.

I usually manage to write my reviews without profanity, but fuck me, MoHush’s emotionally-charged approach to hip hop is enough to broadside you with every bar. From the melodic-minor-key piano intro to the fragility in his harmonised vocals to the smoothness in his spoken-word rap style, War of the Mastermind is a flawless feat of hip hop, which deserves to put MoHush on the map. We can’t wait to hear what follows.

War of the Mastermind is now available to stream on Spotify.

You can also check out MoHush on Instagram, YouTube and SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast