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So Close To the Ground: Pedro Samp wonders how low she can truly fly on ‘Scarlett’

In a frigidly cold and over-stimulated fast world that can have you confused and frozen like ice in a blink of a curious eye, Pedro Samp longs to be with the one he cares so much for but knows deep down its probably a bad idea on ‘Scarlett‘.

Pedro Samp is a highly unique London, UK-based musician who somehow compresses RnB, pop, bossa nova and EDM all into one delicious music pie for us to nibble on lovingly.

Fascinated with movies, Samp started his career writing movie soundtracks at the age of 19 for the mainstream Cinema before embarking on his solo career.” ~ Pedro Samp

Sung with a film-like edge that has you feeling with certainty that this track definitely belongs in the cinema world, you sense his longing for this special soul but smartly doesn’t want to be with a selfish lover. There is much to bathe into during this fantastically created single, which has you pondering the moment you let them fly away to a place you wish was close your path. Ultimately however, the true love and much-wanted affection wouldn’t have been there anyways – as you count your blessings – and watch up into the sunlit sky to wonder where they are right now.

Currently in a life quest after melodies capable of bringing smiles, pleasure, tears and joy.” ~ Pedro Samp

Scarlett‘ from the multi-genre artist Pedro Samp, is all about caring for and loving someone so much from your past, but feeling like they only truly think about themselves. The world has made them rather cold and you wish you could fly with to save them, but fear that the time has passed and they need to work it out on their own. Sung with a real emotional connection and clear love, this is a peach of single that so many of us will wholeheartedly relate to.

Sometimes they need to fly as low as they can go – and hopefully have someone close to help them up again – when things don’t go according to plan.

Hear this truly terrific musician on Spotify and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Alice Payne – Visions: The Ultimate Chillwave Playlist Staple

‘Visions’ is the latest dreamily psychotropic dance-pop release from the independent Australian artist and producer Alice Payne. After releasing her debut synth-pop track, Drive, earlier this year, the hype is steadily garnering around her emotionally charged, sonically cathartic style.

The reverb-swathed soundscape starts with an ethereal indie trip-hop prelude before the downtempo four-to-the-floor beat starts to kick in to create a solid structure for the ensnaring track to capture you within.

With the teasing progressions, aural curveballs and enigmatic sense of intrigue in Visions, you couldn’t ask for a better chillwave playlist staple.

Visions is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Please Come Back: Jimmy OIOIOIO drops swan-loving new single ‘Bed Stuy’

Blending those artistic fantasies and raw emotion together, Jimmy OIOIOIO leads honestly us into his brand new track with the wonderfully-made ‘Bed Stuy‘.

Jimmy Peck aka Jimmy OIOIOIO, is an indie alt pop-rock/shoegaze solo artist, music student and music producer from New Jersey.

He is noted for using a unique mix of various musical styles such as dream pop, commercial pop, electropop, industrial, shoegaze, baroque pop, and indie rock, and filtering them through his lens of whimsical, ethereal, and campy aesthetics to craft something that is truly inspired.” ~ Jimmy OIOIOIO

With a fascinating thought to this romantic situation, he perfectly illustrates the moment that has you feeling so warm inside your loved up soul. He sings with such a gush-filled style which has you in a trance the whole time, as we are taken through this sweet story of that rare true love.

In a moment of boredom a couple of months ago, my artist friend, Krista Webster, asked me for an idea of something to doodle. I said, ‘do two swans!’. She drew Daphne & Matilda. These swans were so gorgeous, and so madly in love, it possessed me to write and produce a song about them that afternoon in just around half an hour or so. The process of creating Bed Stuy was very automatic. It’s like it was written by the swans themselves and not me.” ~ Jimmy OIOIOIO

Bed Stuy‘ from the New Jersey-based pop/rock artist Jimmy OIOIOIO, is a shoegaze-filled release which is full of an intoxicating beat that takes you to a new world. Made with a love for the moment and imagining two sweet swans in love – this is a caring single with an affectionate edge – that has you feeling rather entrenched into this cute story. With promising vocal ability and a tremendously original style, this is a lovely single that will have you feeling so intrigued about an artist who truly uses that all-important imagination.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

LT – How Would it Feel: The Ultimate Melancholic Dream-Pop Track

Award-winning singer-songwriter, LT (Leanne Tennant), has poured her spellbinding talent into yet another evocatively ensnaring single, How Would it Feel; by all accounts, it’s the ultimate melancholic pop track. Expect a similar sonic palette to the likes of Beach House, Deerhunter and Slowdive through the shoegazey angular guitars and hazy reverb paired with uplifting elements of folk.

LT delivered familiarity and alchemic distinction in the same package; her soulfully provoking, tender indie vocals command the soundscape in the same hypnotic way as London Grammar, Daughter and the XX. The reminiscences are great for reference, but to truly appreciate her exceptional songwriting skills, you’ll need to experience the soul of How Would It Feel first-hand.

How Would it Feel was officially released on September 13; you can check it out for yourselves via her website or SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Urban fusionist Malice has released her ethereal dream-pop sophomore single, It’s You.

Ethereal pop, new wave rap and soulful RnB collide in the sophomore single, It’s You., from the enigmatically sensational artist, Malice. Sonically, she conjures dreamy and wavy ambient textures in the soundscape that feeds in plenty of tape echo effects. Vocally, she is unpredictable from one verse to the next. From phantasmal harmonies to fierce rap increments, you can expect to hear the full extent of her smooth vocal dynamic in her reprising single.

Based on It’s You, Malice deserves to be just as acclaimed as her trip-hop/dream pop predecessors, and yes, that includes Portishead.

It’s You. is now available to stream on Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Warren Davis has released his era-defining ambient EP, Oden’s Palace.

Birmingham, UK-based independent artist, Warren Davis, has released his ambient, mood-reflecting EP, Oden’s Palace, featuring the standout single, Discord. The meditative tempo makes it easy to drink in the organic flair of Warren Davis’ signature style which is defining a new era of new-age lo-fi. He leaves enough space for the listener to feed in their own emotion and imagination, but the gentle guitar melodies still lead to a higher mental plateau.

By taking inspiration from RnB, reggae, and Anime OST’s, Davis can orchestrate soundscapes that are as tonally vibrant as they are explorative and intensely cathartic. Do we even need to tell you he deserves a spot on your radar?

Discord is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Wyldher has released her sophomore summer dream-pop single, Sunsets + Smoke

Sunsets + Smoke is the latest trippy dream-pop track from the breaking artist Wyldher; her relatability could easily make her a major part of pop history. Her imploringly sweet vocals are a seamless fit with the sun-soaked melodies as the lyrics yearn to go back to the start to the start of a relationship that burned out too fast.

With the same girl next door vibes as Taylor Swift, the electronic ingenuity of Eilish and the sonic quality of Avicii in her chill hop style, Wyldher hasn’t failed to make an impression since making her debut earlier this year with the release of her debut single, Time Machine.

Stream and download Sunsets + Smoke by heading over to apple music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Broken Nation: Seoul-based band Narotic bring the total truth package with ‘Nothing Has Changed’

Released off their latest twelve-track album with meaning called ‘KindA‘, Narotic are totally honest beyond the norm and bring us an eerie reminder us that ‘Nothing Has Changed‘.

Narotic is an indie post-rock/dream-pop/shoegaze band from Seoul, South Korea. They have a style of music which has you thinking deeper about the world, as you sense that things are not what they seem to many.

On a sparkle-filled ambiance which has you nodding your head to their unique soundscape that seems different to the rest – as they drive in melodic vocals that are clearly made with true introspection- shines through beautifully to capture your attention like a striking Polaroid, you will never forget.

This is the sincere story of knowing that something is quite off with the world as the milk is actually sour but so many still drink it, the kids are suffering and so many just ignore the real truth, hidden behind their phones of endless distraction.

Nothing Has Changed‘ from the rhythmically stimulating South Korean-based alt post-rock band Narotic, is a stunning display from a self-aware outfit who see the world from the ground right now. They hope that things may change for the better but see our precious planet falling apart at the seams, as violence, greed and desperation takes over, when peace and common sense should be the guiding light for us all to grow with.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see their journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Javii takes us to the Sunken Place in his dreamy trip-hop track.

After making his 2020 debut, up and coming Miami-based singer-songwriter, Javii has continued to express what words alone could never say. His latest single, Sunken Place, is an intoxicating mash of bluesy guitars, trip-hop textures and dream-pop melodies that unravels like the trippiest lullaby you’ve ever heard.

The solemn testimony of his descent to a mentally sunken place won’t fail to resonate with any listeners whose mentalities err on the side of melancholy; thanks to the notes that seem to blossom in the tonally vibrant soundscape, the release emanates pure soul in place of pensiveness.

Sunken Place is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Libba pensively reminisces in her standout single, Summer Fling.

San Francisco-born, Northern California-raised singer-songwriter Libba released one of the most sombre love songs to have ever hit the airwaves with her seminal single, Summer Fling. Naturally, we’re obsessed with it.

In minor key, she captures the way in which we affectionately imprint on each other during relationships that expire come the autumn. The downtempo single carries some hallmarks of shoegaze and dark dream pop, but her vocals soar far above the morosely artful instrumentals in her signature, soulful genre-bending fashion that puts emotion at the vanguard.

Summer Fling is available to stream via YouTube.

For more info, head over to Libba’s official website or Facebook page.

Review by Amelia Vandergast