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Don’t Let Me Drown: Peter Stone is ready to change his destructive ways with ‘Save Me’

With his debut EP that has just been dropped and is called ‘Unlabeled‘, Peter Stone shows us inside this personal invention with his first single from this new project that is all about hoping that someone kind is there to assist with the rescue on ‘Save Me‘.

Peter Stone is a determined 22-year-old Italy-based indie-pop singer-songwriter who performs with the liveliness of someone who has clearly lived and has seen the places where he doesn’t wish to visit ever again.

Peter’s music tends to be very personal and close to the artist and his feelings and “Save Me” in particular creates a dark ambience but not without shades of light in it.” ~ Peter Stone

Directing us deep inside his pain that threatened to throttle him into a tight chokehold he might not recover from, Peter Stone looks inside the mirror and decides at this precise moment that he doesn’t like what he sees. After a period of in-depth reflection, you feel that he is rising up but needs that special lifeguard to help him with this journey of shaking off that evil shadow he wants no part of.

Save Me‘ from the emerging Italy-based indie-pop solo artist Peter Stone, is a highly expressive single from an honest artist who knows that he needs to move away from what has been damaging him before. He sings with such a vividly descriptive style that seems to wrap a web all over you at first, as you join him in getting away from these undesirable restrictions and instead move towards the beaming brightness again.

Speaking up when you need help, is the smart way in starting the process of truly living freely again. The second part is really wanting to change, as you are the only one that can make this happen.

Feel the vibration of this emotionally-charged single on Soundcloud and see his life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Carrying Others Weight: GREGØ needs that pen and paper on ‘Distinguished Listener’

With a flamboyant start that feels like the speakers could pop apart at any given moment, GREGØ wonders why some people are so full of their own agendas that it makes him roll his eyes on ‘Distinguished Listener‘.

GREGØ aka Gregory Tsavdaridis is a youthful 19-year-old Greece-born, UK-based BIMM London student and indie-pop singer-songwriter.

At just 14 years old, GREGØ finally decided to embark on his biggest dream ever which is to become a big artist in the music scene, he decided to save up money for a MacBook Pro, install GarageBand and start producing music in his room so he can finally turn his inked notebook he’s been writing on since the age of 12, to actual songs.” ~ GREGØ

Simmering hotly through the surface with his appealing vocal ability, GREGØ has our awestruck bodies grooving with unsaturated joy with a simply stunning performance that has you joyously singing along with him at every possible turn. On a story about tiresomely listening to some people in his life that are so full of rubbish they tire your soul to pieces, this is an honest track that shows us his likeable frankness.

Distinguished Listener‘ from the London, UK-based indie-pop singer-songwriter GREGØ, is a wondrous experience that shall have you turning up the voltage to get an extra spark of this mesmerizing performer with the world at his feet. There is so much quality soaked between the sheets of this sizzling track that it might cause you to blush, as he sings so fluidly and seems to capture your attention as only a Polaroid camera could before.

Big things await for a highly talented entertainer who seems to possess that extra pizazz that you are only born with.

Listen to this top new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Went Back Straight To Bed: Adee Gershon tries to simplify her thoughts on ‘I’ll Be Seeing You’

Produced by Yonatan Albalak and taken off her 3-track ‘Zemm Ayesha‘ EP, Adee Gershon brings us a true story about how our mind can really define us if you let it control you on ‘I’ll Be Seeing You‘.

Adee Gershon is a much-loved Israeli-based indie singer-songwriter who projects such genuine emotion in all of her well-crafted tracks.

This song was written while I was struggling depression, a time when I couldn’t see myself as I really was and thinking I might not have ‘IT’ in me.” ~ Adee Gershon

As she opens up the curtains to show us her world – while her mind races off a cliff – and takes her to places she wishes weren’t available, Adee Gershon is at her best here with a fantastic single that has you feeling so contemplative. Her luscious vocals are so dreamy and you feel like she is a tender soul, who is looking for that door that will assist her in finding that much-needed fire again.

I’ll Be Seeing You‘ from the superb Israeli-based singer-songwriter Adee Gershon is a touching story that is sung with such love and honesty. She seems to perform so effortlessly and with that true introspection, as she searches for that happy place that will allow her to be truly content. In a world that needs more genuineness and heroes to guide the youth into a better mindset, this is a touching single that will have you reflecting on your own path in this confusing world.

Hear this terrific new track on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Known Each Other Too Long: Tennessee pop artist Savanna Leigh wants to move on with ‘My Fault’ (Alternate Version)

After fearlessly catching her breath to focus on her own dreams with the well-received previous single ‘Girl Underneath‘, Savanna Leigh returns with a striking stripped-down performance of her highly reflective single about trying to move on from a life-changing love with ‘My Fault(Alternate Version).

Savanna Leigh is a highly-driven Brandon, Florida-born, Nashville, Tennessee-based indie-pop artist and AMAX Talent model who was formally in the country-pop duo Lexanna with her sister Lexi.

I think pop has always been where my voice fit, and that’s the type of music that I wanted to do. I just never fully pursued it.” ~ Savanna Leigh

Originally taken from her excellent 5-track EP ‘Changes‘, this new version has you feeling that this track has a truly personal edge to it as she sings with such riveting tenderness – and deep sorrow – for a past relationship that sadly ended. Her expressive eyes tell you the whole story, as her sensual voice lets you into this once incredible time, which has been wonderfully penned by a young woman who is finding her way in this confusing world.

My Fault(Alternate Version) from the business-savvy Nashville, Tennessee-based indie-pop artist and model Savanna Leigh, is a vulnerable release from a tremendously authentic artist who isn’t afraid to show her inner heartbreak to the world. This is a truly exceptional release that shows us inside her mind, as she expresses previously-hidden emotions, to try and elevate her soul into forgiving herself for something that she can’t change.

Moving on and loving again, is the only way you can be free like a frolicking bird gliding high in the sky above.

Listen to this emotionally-charged new version via her Spotify and see her new adventures unfold via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Exactly What We Want: Heavenly New York singer-songwriter Kira Rizavi turns up the sweet feeling of that ‘Christmas Love’

After empowering us all with the beautiful ‘Fly‘ from March 2021, Kira Rizavi flourishes so beautifully on her wonderful new single that shows us where to find that much-needed ‘Christmas Love‘.

Kira Rizavi is a New York City-based solo indie-pop singer-songwriter and Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music NYU student.

Citing influences such as Diana Ross, Rihanna and Grimes, Kira has been performing her entire life – whether it be dancing, singing, acting, or all of the above.” ~ Kira Rizavi

Navigating us into a better place with her sweet smile beaming bright like a traffic light at night, Kira Rizavi puts on her red hat and points us in the right direction with such a memorably excellent performance. This is a determined young woman who knows precisely what she wants, as she lovingly reminds us to enjoy this special time with those who matter most in our hearts.

Christmas Love‘ from the New York City-based solo indie-pop singer-songwriter Kira Rizavi, is a catchy single that features some of the most luscious vocals you will hear this year. This is the season to be merry after all and you will feel so cosy and warm all over – as she takes your inquisitive imagination to riveting levels of contentment – which shall have you enjoying that incredible festive glow throughout your hungry soul.

Hear this new loving single on Spotify and see more news on future songs via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

What I Tell Myself: Brandon Tuzio returns with new pop-fueled single ‘Resume’

Released off his brand new 11-track album ‘Violet Carpet Walk‘, Brandon Tuzio is back with a catchy new track that will have you looking outside into the world so reflectively on ‘Resume‘.

Brandon Tuzio is an Asbury Park, New Jersey-born, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie-pop artist, Berklee College of Music graduate and composer.

I have folders full of untitled tracks never completed. I needed to clear some of it out of my brain, so I revisited some from the last decade and attempted to make a complete album.” ~ Brandon Tuzio

Bringing us a peaceful melody that is undoubtedly perfect for listening to at the beach as you stare lovingly at the calming ocean, Brandon Tuzio shows us that keeping things simple is actually the best way to stimulate the mind into unlocking all those important ideas that have been hiding away for all these years.

Resume‘ from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie-pop artist and composer Brandon Tuzio, is a pleasant single that is minimal on lyrics which suits us just fine. The world is so complicated anyway and this is a reminder that we need to use our minds more and rely on overconsuming less, as that is the only way to clear the mind up from all the useless information we have picked up inadvertently.

Life is all about getting that complete picture after all, just like Brandon has done by getting all his creativity out to help his own soul keep burning with freshness.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Should Let Go: Chris Milo keeps on holding onto those vivid ‘Memories’

As he glances into the dusty mirror and wonders why they pretended to love him in the first place, Chris Milo gazes intently and wishes that he hadn’t wasted his time as he still thinks of them whilst comprehending that he shouldn’t on ‘Memories‘.

Chris Milo is an 18-year-old Long Island, New York-born indie-pop multi-instrumentalist, music producer, actor, and much-respected dancer.

In addition to singing, Chris is also an accomplished dancer, having appeared at numerous, international Latin ballroom competitions. He has also appeared in independent films as well as performed on numerous main stage theatre productions in the New York area.” ~ Chris Milo

With a voice so uncorrupted and carefully-written lyrics which are so strikingly unpretentious that it leaves you remembering their name forever, Chris Milo shows us why he is so highly regarded as one of the most exciting young acts to truly keep a close eye on globally. His crisply calm style feels like the first bite of the tastiest meal you have ever eaten, that soothes your palate and entrenches a time in your life that you will find hard to forget.

Memories‘ from the well-liked Long Island, New York-born indie-pop multi-instrumentalist, music producer, actor, and dancer Chris Milo, is a nostalgic single from a young man who can’t get his ex’s picture out of his mind. He feels like he needs to move on but somehow struggles to, as he wonders if they will ever leave his consciousness. The vividness was so real for him, as he feels like a fool who was lied to by a soul-grabbing greedy human who had evil intentions.

Sometimes love just doesn’t make sense and is unfairly cruel, teaching us a valuable lesson to be so careful on who we let see our precious energy.

See this descriptive video on YouTube and find out more news via his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Let’s Get It: Bennett sees it going down on ‘Lightning’ (Remix) (feat. Quick)

After longing for that lustful romance to start up on his previous single ‘Right Back To You (feat. YRU VEXxD), Bennett sparks up our imagination on his new track called ‘Lightning(Remix) (feat. Quick).

Bennett (formerly E. Bennett), is a transgender singer-songwriter and rapper who was raised in busy New York City, USA.

After starting out as a Justin Bieber impersonator back in 2012, you can really feel the progression in his career and this might be the best single yet from his highly determined artist with big dreams.

Growing up transgender was not easy and what made it easier was having music with emotional and heartfelt lyrics to be able to express what I could not.” ~ Bennett

Bennett is on fire with this new remix and shows us his vocal chops, which are such a speaker-booster and remind you that dynamic romance is waiting for you whenever your soul is ready to be connected again. On a fiery beat and smooth raps to snack on, there is so much heat going around that you might need to open a window to cool things down.

Lightning(Remix) (feat. Quick) from the NYC transgender indie singer-songwriter and rapper Bennett, is a caress-filled track that has you thinking that you need to turn up the volume, no matter what the weather is outside. This is the story about that hot and steamy encounter that you can’t get enough of and vow to keep alive for as long as possible. Sometimes you just know, when it’s the right person for you.

Hear this brand new single on Spotify and see his progression on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bed Made Out Of Leaves: Thelia finds that loving escape with the special soul on ‘Treehouse’

As she sweetly gazes at that lucky human who makes her beam so brightly like a shooting star each time she looks in their direction, Thelia lives in the moment and holds onto them close so that they may live in peaceful harmony with only delicious kisses and body warmth needed on ‘Treehouse‘.

Thelia is a highly creative indie-pop solo singer-songwriter and poet who is based in the buzzing lights of New Orleans, Louisiana and was born in a small cosy town in Minnesota.

This song is about flashing back to the moments of pure bliss when you’re just slow dancing in your living room (or any room for that matter) with the person that you love.” ~ Thelia

Sometimes you hear an artist once and fall deeply in love with their rare genuineness and heart-healing vocals. Thelia is that and more, as she kindly brings us a tremendously passionate single that has you thinking of the one who you truly care about, as you wish you could both just escape into the jungle and be together forever.

Treehouse‘ from the nature-loving and free-spirited New Orleans, Louisiana-based indie-pop artist and poet Thelia, is such a romantic single that you will be lighting up the candles next to the bubble-soaked bath to this real gem. Featuring succulently alluring vocals that are classy and loving – the whole melodic soundscape puts you in a dreamy mood – and with a cheeky smile you feel is purifying your delighted soul.

Life should be about being happy in beautiful nature, after all, not stuck in a city block looking at walls with no soul.

Hear this splendid new single on Spotify and see more via her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

See Me: Kalamazoo-based band Basic Comfort return with latest single ‘Blindspotting’

On a memorable groovy interior that has you nodding your head around like a thoughtful scholar, Basic Comfort is back with a new single that will have you remembering a moment where you were almost caught out in an instant with ‘Blindspotting‘.

Basic Comfort is a card-playing Kalamazoo, Michigan-based indie alt-bedroom-pop band who after changing their lineup at the beginning of their formation while being led by Tony Mitchell, now enjoy a stable mixture of fine musicians all joined together as one team.

They believe that music is healing, and with each release, they hope to give people a sonic space to connect with themselves and be their most present. Basic Comfort is more than just a band or catalogue of music— they are a perspective in growth.” ~ Basic Comfort

Basic Comfort seems to guide your frightened soul into a safe space with their family-friendly music that seems to ease the brick-like stress off your shoulders. They bring a whole bag of peace with them and are ego-free, as they spark up our imagination on a really pleasurable release.

Blindspotting‘ from the highly-creative Kalamazoo, Michigan-based indie alt-bedroom-pop outfit Basic Comfort, is a very likeable single that has you in an introspective mood. Filled with dreamy vocals that has you quite lost into a forest of wonder, there is much to be compelled by here by a wonderful band. They make that type of music you just tune into without too much thinking, as this is the kind of song to add to your work playlist and tell your mates about.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen