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Acoustic pop raconeteur Jack Holler disarms with the rugged charm in his single, The Foolsong

Acoustic pop raconteur Jack Holler won our hearts and minds while arresting our rhythmic pulses with his stripped-back acoustic single, The Foolsong. It’s just as humbly disarming as the title implies.

It’s always immediately obvious whether an artist aims for sincere expression or shoots for the lofty unattainability of perfection. Holler has clearly pitched a tent and started a fire in the former camp with this everyman-indie-folk-blues-pop serenade which traverses the very human inclination to become love’s fool once the fabled cherub locks and draws his arrows.

Between Glenn Hansard and Jack Johnson, you will find Holler’s ruggedly affectionate charm within The Foolsong. We can’t wait to hear the full LP from Holler and his band, who have been around since 2018, with their debut EP, Not Even Close, hitting the airwaves the same year.

The official music video for The Foolsong is available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Folk singer-songwriter Steve Andrews reached the pinnacle of feel-good music with ‘Climb Through a Rainbow’

Climb Through A Rainbow by Steve Andrews

When Steve Andrews, AKA the Bard of Ely, isn’t prising our eyes open to the disasters we create in our destructive-by-design lifestyles, playing Glastonbury or being lauded by the NME and Nicky Wire, he’s spilling soul across the airwaves through singles such as Climb Through a Rainbow.

With Pixies-Esque shimmering reverb and birdsong as the backdrop to his ardently animated acoustic guitar and unlimitedly happy vocals that bring alive the song that was inspired and composed in his friend’s nursery in Cardiff, it is impossible not to get swept up in the euphoric energy of the single.

Climb Through a Rainbow definitively proves you’re never too old to benefit from the simple pleasures of authentically feel-good music, which makes no bones about being on the silly side of wild. Honestly, I’ve got happy tears as I write this review. Nothing has touched my soul this much, ironically, since Nicky Wire’s solo album.

Stream and purchase Climb Through a Rainbow on Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Emmett McGrath brought light to the darkened world with his acoustic single, Little Guy

What does it mean to be human in perpetually unprecedented times? You will get a pretty good idea by hitting play on the latest single, Little Guy, by the San Francisco, Bay Area singer-songwriter Emmett McGrath.

The single, inspired by his grandson, captures the necessity and fundamental nature of love as a light in a darkened world. To be honest, I was already tearing up with the single synopsis, when I heard the gentle Cat Stevens-Esque melodicism of the acoustic guitar and his reassuringly gentle vocal timbre, I was emotionally floored.

Emmett McGrath is more than worth his weight in gold in times like these. The pandemic may be behind us, but with the threat of societal precariousness in every news segment, he’s a breath of fresh optimistic air in an atmosphere stifled with anxiety.

Little Guy is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Peter Gural shows us into that sunny afternoon he can’t ever forget on ‘Best I’ve Ever Had’

After turning his life around from the depths of inner darkness that almost broke his mind and soul forever, Peter Gural wishes he could be much closer with his ideal lover on ‘Best I’ve Ever Had‘.

Peter Gural is a nature-loving Philadelphia, USA-born indie singer-songwriter who makes that soft indie pop/rock to warm our icy hearts back to that optimal temperature.

In my teens and early twenties, I lost myself due to substance abuse. After going to treatment and recovering, I realized that my main goal is to find that kid that I lost a long time ago. From then on my journey has been to help the lost find their way back home through my music.” ~ Peter Gural

With a gliding vocal style that shall take you to that kiss-filled place, Peter Gural has released a single that will have you beaming for joy as you recall a time with someone so special, you wish you could go back to that exact time and place.

I write guitar based pop music or as I like to call it “Soft Indie” inspired by a combination of classic rock and artists ranging from Elliot Smith to Mac Demarco.” ~ Peter Gural

Best I’ve Ever Had‘ from Philadelphia, USA-born indie singer-songwriter Peter Gural shows us that special memory of falling in love that is stuck in his mind forever. With smooth vocals, sweet lyrics and a touching story that so many of us will smile at, this is a reminder that life can be so simple. A loving melody is on offer as you daydream into a song that should be played loud all day long.

Missing that romantic partner can certainly bring you down, unless you choose to smartly remember the good times.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Patricia Hart wants all that sweet lovin’ on her new release scheduled for the 20th of May with, ‘Gimme Some’

Letting us know that she will only be with someone who is completely real and allergic to those foolish games, Patricia Hart shows us her excellent vocal ability on her hot new single about waiting for that special soul on, ‘Gimme Some’.

Patricia Hart is a Gippsland, Victoria-born, Queensland, Australia-based solo artist who fuses Retro Soul, Pop, Disco, and RnB into her wonderful creations.

Deeply personal, cathartic, and ethereal, Patricia Hart’s music serves as a portal into the most personal depths of her inner core, and a way to help her understand the world and her emotions more clearly.” ~ Patricia Hart

Soothing all worries away with a totally nostalgic experience that has been made with such love and care, Patricia Hart gently takes our hand and leads us into that happy place – that imagines a true romance with no strings attached – in a place that feels incredibly genuine and real. Her honest lyrics take you deeply into her thoughtful mindset, which is ready for something authentically beautiful, far away from the fake swipes that so many are dealing with in this forget-quick world.

Gimme Some’ from Queensland, Australia-based multi-genre solo artist Patricia Hart is one of the most captivating singles you will possibly hear in 2022. With a catchy beat that seems to transport you naturally into this loving picture of hope, this is a stunning single that sends your mind into a ray of sunshine, which is ready for something rather incredible.

Pre-save Patricia’s delightful new single via Distrokid in anticipation of 20th May and follow her IG for all the release news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Becky Raisman gazes into those kind eyes on the tender lover’s anthem, ‘Hypnotized’

After keeping it sweet with her much-liked single from 2020 called ‘Summertime Sugar’, Becky Raisman senses that she can tell all her secrets to this genuine human with dazzling eyes that make her open up her deepest stories on the latest single, ‘Hypnotized‘.

Becky Raisman is a Mount Pleasant, South Carolina-based alt-pop solo singer-songwriter who is also a Columbia College Chicago graduate who continues to evolve and hone her sound into something truly her own.

I even recorded at Omnisound studios in Nashville and Charleston sound studios.” ~ Becky Raisman

Thrilling our minds with the picture of two kind hearts connecting in that special way that causes butterflies to frolic so joyously, Becky Raisman fearlessly lets us into her life as she looks to find that all-important contentment than shall set you free forever.

Hypnotized‘ from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina-based alt-pop solo singer-songwriter Becky Raisman, is a loved-up release from a young woman who has stars in her eyes. She sees someone who truly gets her and showers her with those sweet kisses that makes her blush, as she hopes that this will be the start of something rather special.

Life is all about finding that partner who makes you hot under the collar, as you both hold hands without the need to say anything at all.

Hear this charming release on her Spotify and see more news of upcoming releases via Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wonderland asks us all if this world can be saved or is it doomed forever on ‘I Ask You’

Looking back to when he naively assumed that this incredible planet was actually fair for all to succeed in, Wonderland sends us into an underground location where we find ourselves doing the things that we know are bad for the soul on, ‘I Ask You‘.

Wonderland is a Switzerland-based, Germany-born indie-pop singer-songwriter and music producer who makes that honest music that asks real questions that matter.

Wonderland has his own music studio and produced all songs by himself.” ~ Wonderland

With an intriguing message to the whole of humankind that strikes you right in the middle of your heart’s epicentre, Wonderland asks those tough questions that are often overlooked and swept under the carpet. His vocal capabilities seem to stretch into unfathomable places, to lead us into a better place where peace and kindness reside.

I Ask You‘ from Switzerland-based, Germany-born indie-pop singer-songwriter and music producer Wonderland, is a brave effort and a call for common sense to prevail. Believing that life is fair should be a common theme for us all, instead of it being an unrealistic fantasy at present. He sings with emotion and vigour, which sends you into a world that is possible but will take you into a darker place at first, as you wonder if the light will eventually shine.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music account.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Robbie Vonn urges those to forgive who can on ‘La La Life’

Reminding us that love and understanding are actually the way forward to healing from anything which is breaking down your soul, Robbie Vonn shows us where we should be headed on the new single, ‘La La Life‘.

Robbie Vonn is a USA-based progressive rock/electro-pop/bossa nova indie music project that has loveable energy that shall set you free from any previous worries.

Merging the purity of analog instruments with a variety of electronic sounds, Robbie Vonn’s music is an exploration of art, sound, and evocative lyricism.” ~ Robbie Vonn

Gliding fantastically with a beautiful single that shall have you sensing that life can indeed be better, Robbie Vonn brings the world a truly lovely single that is calming and natural that will bring you some much-needed comfort.

Robbie released his well-received debut EP Hopeless Memories in October 2021, a collaborative project that brought together artists from eight countries to create an evocative and cinematic production.” ~ Robbie Vonn

La La Life‘ from the USA-based progressive rock/electro-pop/bossa nova music project Robbie Vonn, is a stunning song that guides us all through anything that is holding us back in our lives. Forgiveness is key to everything really, as it leads us into a happier place that isn’t loaded with bad energies that can suffocate all your good vibes that needs to be free. Soaring like a bird looking for a comfortable resting place is the key to everything that helps us be content in our souls.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more news on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Alen Chicco and Ziggy Sound are quite outstanding on the soul-shaking ballad ‘WHY’ (Live at One Day Famous)

As he scours enormously for that special heart inside him that used to beat with magnificent aplomb that sparked into the sky, Alen Chicco and Ziggy Sound sends our emotions into overdrive with the thoughtfully astonishing new release, ‘WHY(Live at One Day Famous).

Alen Chicco and Ziggy Sound are Lithuanian indie-pop solo artists who have formed a bond that has wonderful energy and their music together has enlightened so many lives to be themselves no matter what.

I call this a convulsion singing. This is not a song. It is more a singable feel, the moment. I have never performed this before. But I felt that One Day Famous was the best format to show this creation which was dusting in my notebook.” ~ Alen Chicco

After striking our senses with ‘Wanna Know‘ (feat. Ziggy Sound), Alen Chicco and Ziggy Sound return with an ear-throbber of note that seems to have you looking deeply into your own hidden emotions. The vocals here shall certainly wake up the neighbours next door as they shred through all glass with true intent.

WHY(Live at One Day Famous) from the Lithuanian indie-pop solo artists Alen Chicco and Ziggy Sound, is a new release that shall have you wondering what happened to your heart that used to flutter freely with innocence. With the world currently so harsh as we look for our generations Batman to save us – this is a really incredible release – that has been courageously sent out to show that tracks like this do actually still exist. A riveting display is the order of the day, as we open up our imagination to a vocally-enhanced song made with such class.

See this quite stunning display on YouTube and see more on Alen’s socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen