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Call Me Cannon rekindled the resonance of rock’s golden era with their latest nostalgic installation of soul, JAMEY

Call Me Cannon’s latest single, JAMEY is a nostalgically fresh breath of air. The pop-rock gem, infused with soulful undertones, is a masterful blend of past and present and echoes the robustness of rock with the catchy allure of pop.

The track is a harmonious blend of piano-driven melodies and rock-solid guitar riffs, creating a sound that carries the influence of the Human League, Billy Idol, and Aerosmith while reverberating a sonic signature steeped in a style of soul that could only belong to Call Me Cannon.

The trio, consisting of Michael Fitzgerald, Jonathan Clark, and Tony Brock, brings a wealth of experience and musical prowess to the table. Their chemistry is undeniable, evident in the seamless way their talents converge in their latest evocative earworm. The song is a testament to their philosophy of “doing what we want as long as it rocks”. We can definitively argue that it does.

Michael’s songwriting shines, offering a glimpse into his impressive repertoire of 17 independent albums and multiple award nominations. Tony Brock, with his extensive credentials, and Jonathan Clark, known for his collaborations with music legends, add endless layers of depth and expertise to the mix that you’ll turn to every time you want to feel the sanctity that only soulfully constructed rock can deliver.

JAMEY proves that sometimes, the most impactful innovations are those that skilfully revisit and revitalise the past.

Watch the official music video for JAMEY on YouTube or add your single to your Spotify playlists.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ty Ellenbogen unveiled the heart of modern RnB with ‘Stolen Time’

Ty Ellenbogen’s latest single and seminal piece of his Day by Day EP is a contemporary continuation of the ever-evolving RnB genre, which carries all the timeless soul of the greats. In Stolen Time, the singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer’s evocative vocal range shines as the melodious jazzy neo-pop instrumentals groove, shimmer, and envelop you in swathes of kaleidoscopic colour.

If The Weeknd, Drake and Frank Ocean are always in rotation on your playlists, you’ll easily accommodate this slick-with-innovation release that makes no bones about cutting to the candourous core of his bitter-sweet lament on investing in someone intent on deceiving their way through the dating pool.

The 20-year-old Nashville-hailing RnB Pop artist has been cutting his teeth in the music industry for the past 12 years and writing and recording original music for the past three. With his debut EP, he did more than prove to be a force to be reckoned with; he gave you a reason to fall head over sonic heels.

Stolen Time was officially released on February 23; stream the single and EP on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ami Leigh darkened Americana’s Door with the Luxe Beguile in Her Ground-breaking Single, Foretold ft Neil Gibson

Ami Leigh, hailing from County Durham, UK, has long been an aurally beguiling chameleon. Her latest single, Foretold, marks a striking foray into country rock, infused with the essence of Portishead and the chill of rock-licked post-punk.

Foretold is a poignant narrative of doomed love regaled through Leigh’s crystalline vocal lines. Her voice, imbued with soulful clarity, weaves through the hauntingly reimagined Americana soundscape, creating a contrast that is both striking and harmonious. The cold, instrumental chill she introduces strips the genre of its traditional warmth, yet the ensuing guitar solos ignite a familiar country rock fire. This juxtaposition is Leigh’s genius, offering a fresh, yet respectful nod to her influences, ranging from The Cure to Pink Floyd.

Neil Gibson’s contribution cannot be overlooked. His guitar work echoes the emotional turbulence of the song’s narrative while elevating the release and adding layers of complexity and familiarity, ensuring Americana aficionados won’t feel lost in the artfully arcane textures. Foretold doesn’t just belong to the country rock genre; it expands it.

If you have ever endured a relationship fated to meet an ugly demise and come out the other side imbittered by your own naivety, expect Foretold to hit hard as the guitars shimmer and the harmonies bring you to rapture.

Watch the official music video for Ami Leigh’s latest single on YouTube, add it to your Spotify playlists, or purchase the track on Apple Music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

n1ne8zero transcended the mundanity of the ordinary with their industrial debut, ruminate_illuminate

With harsh NIN-esque snares amidst the industrialised techno progressions that slither through the augmented production, the debut single, ruminate_illuminate, from n1ne8zero is a cacophonous juggernaut of an earworm which pays ode to industrial pioneers while modernising the genre and sealing its fate in the modern music landscape.

The biomechanical beats, tension-fraught builds, explosively euphoric breaks and deliciously distorted guitars all pull together to deliver a mind-mashing instrumental track that transcends the mundanity of the ordinary and stands as a testament to n1ne8zero’s ability as a boundary and convention obliterating innovator.

Setting their debut release apart, ruminate_illuminate comes with an immersive cerebral touch through the intricacies in the labyrinth of instrumental layers and the way the transcendent elements juxtapose the visceral chaos offered to alleviate the listener from the external chaos that permeates our perceptions and worlds. We can’t wait to hear what lingers in n1ne8zero’s pipeline after this phenomenally strong debut.

ruminate_illuminate was officially released on February 16th; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

DARCY – Mandem Carni: an avant-garde installation of artful electronic annihilation

With her sophomore single, Mandem Carni, the artist and enigma DARCY emerged from the shadows of her former alias and unleashed a visceral force to be reckoned with. The dark, bass-heavy oscillations resonate with a raw, physical intensity, capable of giving even the most robust speakers goosebumps.

This track is a masterful blend of genres, straddling the line between an industrial electronic horror score and an avant-garde installation of artful annihilation. It’s a sound that carries the terrorised glamour of a Dana Dentata release, yet pulses with the kinetic energy akin to Avalien. DARCY’s approach to music production is both aggressive and energetic, yet marked by an increasing fluidity and ambition that sets her apart.

Mandem Carni is an unflinching embrace of the dark and the macabre. It’s a track that doesn’t just flirt with the nightmarish; it revels in it, all while maintaining a level of artistic finesse that transcends mere shock value. The production quality is impeccable, with each beat and synth meticulously crafted to contribute to an atmosphere of controlled chaos.

For anyone with a penchant for the darker, more brooding variants of drum and bass, Mandem Carni is an augmented anthem to be experienced.

Mandem Carni disrupted the airwaves on February 18th; stream the release on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Embers of Silence unleashed his industrialised electroclash pop-rock lament on capitalism, Attaboi

After the prelude echoes the nostalgia of the scuzzy hooks to The Cardigan’s My Favourite Game, the industrialised electroclash of pop and rock, Attaboi, from Embers of Silence evolves into a juggernautical earworm that swaggers with as much attitude as the spikiest icons of Britpop.

The lament on contemporary capitalism is infectious from the first deliciously distorted & discordant note, from there on out, every hyper hook and slice of snarled vocal mesmerism pulls you deeper into the infectiously augmented protest track that exemplifies the multi-instrumentalist and producer’s artistic intellectualism.

It’s not every day that you encounter an artist with the ability to make cerebral art accessible and void of pretension. Clearly, the Ohio-hailing one-man machine, Samuel Austin is a rare visionary, one that would sit well on the playlists of Tears for the Dying, Atari Teenage Riot, and Machine Girl.

If the upcoming LP, A Beautiful Thing, carries an ounce of the cultivation in Attaboi, it will easily be a contender for one of the best albums of 2024.

Stream the Single Mix of Attaboi via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

SumicSo – It’s Over: A Gothic Rock Ode to Resilience and Power

SumicSo’s latest single, ‘It’s Over’, is a compelling blend of gothic glamour and rock nostalgia, echoing the likes of Siouxsie Sioux, Blondie, Fleetwood Mac, and the Manic Street Preachers. The UK-based musician and songwriter channelled a clarion call for strength and resilience, which will resonate deeply with those who’ve faced the bitter ends of deception and departure.

The track is a masterful fusion of 80s rock aesthetics with 70s rock timbres; the vocals, rich in emotion and power, light a beacon of hope and solidarity, reaching out to listeners who find solace in her message of fighting through pain.

While the production of ‘It’s Over’ might benefit from further refinement, the raw energy and potential of SumicSo as a trailblazing artist are unmistakable. Her lyrical prowess, combined with the strident and rhythmic melodies, ensures that this track is an anthem for those battling their inner demons.

Watch the official music video for It’s Over by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Supernova Goldfish narrated ‘Forgotten Love Stories’ in his orchestral score

Supernova Goldfish’s latest standout composition, Forgotten Love Stories, the opening single from the album Beautiful World, is a poignant exploration of the soul’s emotional depths. Alexis Walter Blaess, the Argentine-American composer behind the Supernova Goldfish moniker used the delicately compelling piece to capture experiences of Earth; not solely through a humanist view, but a deeply naturalistic one, by removing any sense of ego from the narrative.

The piece begins with tender piano keys, their softness mirrored by the gentle caress of orchestral strings. This introduction sets a tone of introspection, inviting listeners into a world where emotions are heard and felt. As the narrative unfolds, the tempo quickens, echoing the exhilaration and loss of inhibition which comes as a courtesy of affection.

Blaess, drawing inspiration from pianists like George Winston and film composers such as Dustin O’Halloran, crafted an intimately affecting composition through heart-stirring violins and a contemporary orchestra with an exotic vibe, adding layers of complexity to the piece.

The climax of the composition is a masterful depiction of the strife and wounds inherent in love and war. The music swells, capturing the intensity of these emotions before gradually resolving into a reflective calm, leaving listeners with a sense of catharsis. Blaess’s ability to convey moods and emotions through melodies is evident in every note.

Forgotten Love Stories will be available to stream on all major platforms from March 1st; stream it on SoundCloud first.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

TALK IN CODE injected modernism into the euphonic aura of the 80s with their indie synthpop hit, Something of Nothing

TALK IN CODE’s latest single, Something of Nothing, is effortless to translate. The Swindon-based fourpiece injected modernism into the euphonic aura of the 80s to deliver a perennial pop earworm that will hook you into its core as it laments on people who can’t fight the compulsion to clamour over drama.

As the nostalgically retro synths cascade around the angular indie jangle-pop guitars, the vocals that flow with the new wave of pop pull you deeper into the anthemics of the rhythmically bolstered track that moves beyond stylistic influence.

If you’re sick of wading through the landfill of contemporary indie pop that now monolithically towers over what we had to contend with in the 90s, the cultivation of Something of Nothing will allow you to remember how it feels to get truly excited by a new outfit – you won’t be alone. TALK IN CODE has garnered swathes of critical acclaim from BBC Introducing, Q Music and Amazing Radio to supplement the fervour from their loyal fanbase.

After gracing over 500 playlists and racking up 300k streams across streaming platforms, indie ensembles don’t come much more promising than TALK IN CODE. If you got caught up in The 1975 hype, find a new obsession by hitting play on Something of Nothing.

Something of Nothing will be available to stream on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, from March 1st.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Saint Kon’s Latest Tour De Force is a Sonic Crusade for Empathy and Justice

Some artists use their platforms for good; some use them for ground-breaking greatness. After Saint Kon released 10000 Hours on February 8, she’s definitively in the latter camp.

The pop-meets-hip-hop mash-up ensured the track has swathes of cross-over appeal while her bars bruise in a way that you may start to question if you’ve ever been hit before. The raw and heavy lyricism explores everything from suicidal ideation to the compulsion to heal others despite how deep our own scars bed down in our psyche.

After a minor key piano prelude, the bass-heavy boom-bap hip-hop instrumentals storm in as she switches from vocal harmonies to a killer rap cadence that blazes through her compulsion to fight the countless injustices of the world.

If the orchestrally heightened, inventively produced and polished track doesn’t fuel you with the motivation to use your time on earth to fight against the insidiousness that seems to get more nefarious with every trip around the sun, you can probably consider your own soul defunct. 10000 Hours is a lesson in convictive empathy; if it worked its way into the consciousness of everyone who existed, the human race would be transformed overnight.

10000 Hours is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast