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Ease the Pain: Sound Liberation are at its brilliant best on Time Does Not Bring Relief

Taken off the brand new 10-track album and 9th studio release called Better Now, Sound Liberation are rather excellent on the brand new single to hug our heart, Time Does Not Bring Relief.

Led by composer/rapper Gene Pritsker, Sound Liberation is a Composers Concordance Records-signed indie band that loves to explore soul, jazz, RnB and so much more with glorious energy.

Delighting all senses into a much better planet away from all the smoggy confusion, Sound Liberation has made a special single which will ease the mood of millions. This is must-listen stuff, which is a comforting release which will please those who love an old-school single made with scintillating significance.

Time Does Not Bring Relief from the USA music-fusion project Sound Liberation is a rather superb display from excellent musicians who seem to only get better like fine wine. Delightfully true to their craft and calming all scared cats into a zone of mellowness, this is a stunning effort made with an expert appeal.

If the day has been tough, this is the kind of release to soak in a hot bath with the volume on full.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen