ZPEXTRE – Laidback Air: Prepare for the Most Enamouring Experimental Alt Rock Single of the Year

“Laidback Air” is the latest single by up and coming California-based Alt Rock artist ZPEXTRE. As you listen to the short, sweet, and incredibly authentic track unfold, you can appreciate the eccentricity and the pure hit of charisma which comes with every funk-filled progression of Laidback Air.

ZPEXTRE’s incredibly unique brand of Alt Rock mixes elements of Hip Hop, Funk, Electronica, Disco and Pop; If you think that sounds like quite the melting pot of genres to infuse into one track, you’d be spot on. Yet, ingeniously, ZPEXTRE pulls it all together into an endearingly quirky mix. You can practically taste the enthusiasm and energy which was poured into Laidback Air. With ZPEXTRE’s tracks on the airwaves, the music industry has just become a much happier place.

At this point, it’s obvious he’s no stranger to putting out infectious hits which make you immediately form a connection. With that ability, there isn’t much of a chance that he’ll be left on the underground.

You can check out ZPEXTRE’s latest single for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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