ZEU releases most recent track Death Song: Gothic Alternative Rock at it’s finest

Hailing from the United States, Alternative Rock Zeu have released ‘Death Song’. A true reminiscing essence of Gothic, it’s strange, dark and mysterious but that’s why you just have to love it.

Starting off with this insane instrumentation that gives it this distorted sound, really embracing them Gothic overtones, pulling inspiration away from bands such as The Cure. ZEU has many talents when it comes to creating music, the way in which they intertwine their specific sound and make every second stand out.

They apply their uniqueness to a variety of popular genres of music, but yet they embrace adding their sound, personality and of course a little bit of edginess.

ZEU has a lot to offer to the music world and I’m sure it’ll be very welcoming to them, with such an incredible sound and a whole load of darkness, you must check this out.

Check out ZEU Death Song by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

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