Zero Day – Skeletons: The Band Who Proves Metal Does Have a Soul

God damn. Zero Day’s latest single Skeleton’s is sexy. I’m not sure if that’s the effect they were looking to achieve with their raucously heavy Hardcore metal anthem. But I thought being brutally honest was fitting to describe the bands less than delicate sound.

In parts of their track Skeletons I could have sworn I was listening to Chris Cornell busting out his timelessly ethereal vocals, which tells you just how sexy (there’s that word again) Zero Day’s vocalist is. There’s a synergetic balance between Metal and Rock within Zero Day’s pioneering sound allowing you to really resonate with the evocative vocals and heartfelt lyrics behind Skeletons. Instrumentally you can expect a captivatingly heavy, progressive, riff driven sound that will translate like no other Hardcore sound you’ve experienced before. So, if you like your instrumentals heavy whilst actually being able to make out the lyrics, you really don’t want to miss out on Zero Day’s sound.

You can check out Zero Day’s latest track Skeletons on Reverb Nation now which is just one of the tracks which was released as part of their 2018 EP ‘Out of the Ashes’. For any fans of Staind, Pantera, Incubus and Tool you’re in for a treat.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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