Zechariah Funkhouser’s Funk-Driven Jangle Pop Single “I Get Up”

Zechariah Funkhouser’s latest single “I Get Up” is the perfect track to slip into if you’re looking for an uplifting single tinged with the perfect amount of plaintive melancholy riddled into the lyricism. Even though the melodically ambient instrumental arrangements are kept light and upbeat, there’s an infinite amount of resonance to be found within the raw and candid sentiment behind I Get Up. We all have apathetic days, and now we have the perfect Funk-driven soundtrack with a sweet psychedelic kick to make them a little less existential. You didn’t expect a soundscape from Zechariah Funkhouser to fall flat, did you? The soaring guitar progressions sit tightly in the multi-layer arrangement feeding into the hypnotic melody which any self-respecting audiophile is sure to appreciate.

You can check out Zechariah Funkhouser’s latest single I Get Up for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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