Zak The Tyrant sings his heart out on with Patrick Gamble on ‘Broken Road’

Zak The Tyrant sings his heart out with Patrick Gamble on this brand new indie-pop journey ‘Broken Road‘.

Houston, Texas singer Zak The Tyrant is in imperious form here with a track that cuts deep with these emotive lyrics and vocals sung with obvious grit. This indie recording artist tells us with his heart here, he wants to bring forth different cultures and diversity to the local music scene. The rise of the underdog is foremost in the mind here, away from all the fake glitzy fake culture that has somehow formed.

That broken road causes so much heartbreak and sometimes we don’t know which route to follow. The one will lead out of this but the other one will bring you further into this tangled mess further.

Zak The Tyrant with Patrick Gamble on this brand new lovely indie-pop journey called ‘Broken Road‘. I love everything about this fabulous new song.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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