Zach Zimmerman – It Won’t Stay: Up-Vibe Acoustic Pop

If you are always saying there isn’t enough funk in Pop music these days then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by Zach Zimmerman’s latest single It Won’t Stay. Even if that thought has never crossed your mind, It Won’t Stay is the track you never knew you needed on your Chill Pop playlists.

The cathartic rhythm to the track is brought to life by the punching, jangly instrumentals that pack in plenty of momentum into the concordantly tight arrangements. Each lick of the bass guitar didn’t fail to leave me beguiled around the sonorously high rolling riffs from the guitar. And that’s all without mention to Zach’s ethereally sweet vocal style. If Michael Bublé picked up a guitar and found a little Soul, then I could imagine the end result wouldn’t be all too different to It Won’t Stay.

With an already radio ready sound, it wouldn’t be too much surprise if you heard a lot more from Zach Zimmerman in the future. Fans of John Mayer, Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson are going to be in heaven with this track. Had on over to the LA based artists official music website to check out his latest single now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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