Zach Hurst’s Latest EP Gives Us Five More Reasons to Appreciate Their Guitar Fret Flair

It is becoming increasingly rare to come across a guitarist with the ability to captivate you through fretboard mastery alone. Sadly, that doesn’t stop many artists trying and clogging up the airwaves. But soundscapes as veracious as found in Zach Hurst’s latest instrumental guitar-led EP “Repeat” are always going to be set apart with absolute distinction.

“After the Collapse” is the perfect introduction to the Phoenix, Arizona-based artist’s mesmeric ability when it comes to finding the perfect notes which offer a high-octane fusion of Thrash Metal, 90s Rock and Blues. The track kicks off with intricately unfathomable crunching progressions before the melody hits and each new chord will serve as a stark reminder to how immersive After the Collapse is. The single may be under two minutes long but with the relentless pace of the single, that’s all the time Zach Hurst needs to leave you hooked

You can check out After the Collapse along with the rest of the tracks from Zach Hurt’s latest EP for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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