Zaab – Wake Up Everybody (Original Mix) – Open your eyes and dance for peace

“Wake up Everybody” is a call to every person, man, woman or child, who inhabits this earth so we can unite for the sake of ourselves and subsequent generations. It’s a track that talks about how fighting for global liberation, of individual minds living on land divided by endless borders, can put us back in charge of a world we’ve lost control of.

The message this song promotes is that while we remain divided, living out our lives in isolated states, uncertainty will always reign. Peace is important, as an idea, but you can only feel its absence if you live in a place where it’s directly threatened.

Zaab’s song, an upbeat dance track described as a message of “Peace, Love & Unity”, calls for us to “Act now” and “Take back the world” for future generations that need to be shown the promise of a brighter tomorrow

Dance for peace, as one, and we will find unity once more.



Review by Lisa Knight

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