Yung Trip – Counting blessings whilst travelling some tough musical streets

R&B, rap, trap beats, ambient hip-hop and even some unexpectedly soulful pop tones find their way into the Blessings, the latest track from Young Trip. There are some wonderfully smooth, trippy and laid back musical patterns under the vocals, and if it wasn’t for the directness of the lyrics  it would be easy to see  this track finding mass commercial appeal. But this isn’t the world of compromise and Yung Trip is nothing if not unambiguous and knowingly so.  In the scenes and scenarios he conjures he manages to balance some of the smoothest sounds overlaid with the harsh realities of life and the pulse of the street that makes this such a mercurial musical ride.

Although it is easy to pick music apart to see what it is made of, in the case of Blessings, it becomes more than the sum of their parts when the work is finished and the joins neatly concealed and is easier to defined by what it is the alternative to rather than what it conforms to. It is an old school OG brain on a young pair of shoulders, alt-trap and anti-rap and even in the dark streets of the underground, this seems even deeper, darker and more defiant. In a town of tough musical hombre’s, Yung Trip is one of the toughest.

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