Yung Bleek rides in with the street-banger ‘Shit Real’ ft Fire

US rapper Yung Bleek rides in with the street-banger ‘Shit Real’ ft Fire and this heats up the music airwaves with a punchy beat and real lyrics.

Bryant Richard aka Yung Bleek is a young artist from the 9th ward in New Orleans, Louisiana in the USA. He is the youngest of 4 in a single family home with his mother. Growing up in New Orleans was rough and the streets taught him the game and how to survive. His life story is filled with sadness after he sadly lost his only brother Courtney at the age of 14. After he lost his brother, rapping became his safe heaven and a way to express his feelings. Since then, he’s been doing lots of rap collaborations with his cousin Fire with Murda Prince Productions and their music is making the streets notice.

There is a lot of street swag here, the beat is busty and moist, the raps are clearly portrayed and shines through the cracks. This is a new track that is a Hip Hop winner due to the smooth flows, these are top emcees in their prime that can only improve. This is a way into their life, things are hard out there but this is a song with a real punch. Yung Bleek rolls in with the street-banger ‘Shit Real’ ft Fire and this is a winner.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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