Yung Ballxr shows promise with the Hip Hop-trap filled ‘Everyday’

Yung Ballxr shows promise with the Hip Hop-trap filled ‘Everyday‘ that gives us an insight into this young emcee’s lyrical explosion.

Taken off the recent new EP ‘Tough Times‘, this is one of 5 fire and tasty tracks for the ears on this new school beat. This is the sound that youngsters love in Hip Hop in 2020 and this falls in this new style. This vocals are sung but have rap influences and we can hear the stories of the street on this one. Life is hard and we have to do what we can to survive.

Yung Ballxr is in electric form on his new single ‘Everyday‘. The life of cruising around with the crew, getting up to no good and doing the same things each day. This can get a bit much but the song is a perfect sandwich to be devoured with meaning. With a massive lyric ability, this is probably the best track off the new EP and a real Hip Hop beat comes with it. Lots of potential here and this is the sound of the new school.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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