Youth Antics grab ‘This Moment’ with some seriously catchy Indie New Wave glory

Poppy, upbeat, sparkling, jangly, and utterly, indecently catchy, ‘This Moment’ is the new single from Floridian quartet Youth Antics. Unabashedly retro yet bang up to date, wearing a bunch of 1980’s influences on its presumably pushed-up-suit-jacket sleeve, ‘This Moment’ is that rare beast of simultaneously ear-worm pop song and seriously credible indie-rock track.

Riding on the sunny, neon-and-dry-ice-loving tide of Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, The Cure, and their ilk, ‘This Moment’ is a proper New Wave track, trebly guitars to the fore, bouncy rhythm parts, and reverb-laden deep baritone vocals. Easily equally at home on any number of indie festival stages this summer as in a John Hughes or Daniel Waters film soundtrack, ‘This Moment’ is a genre-crossing, time-defying banger of a track; if ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ had a drunken night with ‘The Broken Hearts Gallery’ over cocktails and a couple of Blockbuster Video’s VHS finest, then ‘This Moment’ might well be the musical love-child outcome.

Listen to ‘This Moment’ on Spotify and follow Youth Antics on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

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