You’re On My Mind: Xander London dreams of sunsets with her on ‘Missing Malibu’

As he soothes all distractions around with a divine beat that has you thinking about summer, Xander London reflects on the girl he can’t stop daydreaming about as he is ‘Missing Malibu‘.

Xander London is a determined Albany, New York-based indie electro-RnB singer-songwriter, engineer and music producer, who makes that sunny music, that has your mind in a good place and your head nodding in approval of this quality single.

He sings with such meaning and heartfelt desire, as the sweet memory of her glowing eyes and supermodel body is so close to you, even if she is far way right now and you don’t know if you will meet for a while.

The beat is easy and breezy, with a sunflower in her ear as you think of her constantly and your brain is hypnotized by the perfection, as you hope that she will come back to be with you.

Missing Malibu‘ from the self-motivated Albany producer/musician Xander London, leads you into the world of love that shines from the pool as you imagine being together with her again. Things didn’t work out the way you wanted, but you will always have her in your mind with a chance to be close again, if the stars align like you want them to.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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