You’re Dancin’ Like A Peacock: London-based The Dockers sip up splendidly on ‘Moonshine di Roma’

With a cheeky glimpse of the night’s festivities and featuring a soulful tone so fresh you will feel a welcome breeze flowing all over your body, The Dockers show us that it’s okay to have fun again with their enjoyable track ‘Moonshine di Roma‘.

The Dockers is a Campbelltown, New South Wales-born, London, UK-based indie-folk/rock funky duo who was formed by two very talented multi-instrumentalists that are skillfully self-taught.

Whilst working as lifeguards, the duo’s deep sense of irony and surrealist sense of fun attributed to snack bar sugar and chlorine.” ~ The Dockers

The Dockers are quite a gleaming band to turn on loud and have a blast with as you dust off those dancing shoes. They show us their cleverly-written lyrics that are strengthened up with a foot-tapping soundscape – that is compounded in with some catchy cool vocals – that have you in full voice as you join in.

Moonshine di Roma‘ from the fun-loving Campbelltown, New South Wales-born, London, UK-based indie-folk/rock duo The Dockers, is such a likeable song from two young men who don’t take themselves too seriously. With a funky flow and a vibe that has your fortitude feeling so active again, this is the type of track to put on loud after a transcendent night out with mates. The world is back and it’s time to enjoy ourselves again.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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