Young Wizdom’s “Thru With It” Is A Message With Excellent Music To Go Along With It.

Thru with It (feat. Mali Music) is the jewel in Los Angeles rapper Young Wizdom’s 2017 Album Project 8twenty, with swift and perfectly delivered lyrics, a catchy chorus and an incredibly well added feature by Mali Music.

The track begins with a solid and dark beat with just the right amount of details added to stand out without shadowing the rapping, and it’s the rapping that shines indeed, packed with a message and purpose, 16-year-old Wizdom shoots truth after truth effortless and defiantly without becoming too aggressive and leaving aside the subject of the matter. It’s a revolution-calling song, but not the kind to start fires, the kind to ignite thought and provoke reflection. Wizdom is not the first and he won’t be the last artist to do this, but this track is well produced and shows a level of commitment and work that will surely make it stand out even against the mainstream competition.

Mali’s feature is almost seamless in a way that it naturally fits the song and carries on the rhythm while continuing to fire verses without rest. The whole track has a feeling of restlessness but it doesn’t feel rushed at all, it’s delivered with impeccable pace and timing, perfectly chosen words from both interpreters and the right vibe to go along with the somewhat sinister mood of the instrumentals.

The subject is a touchy and complex one, Police violence and the youth, and also the message of unity and reflection Young Wizdom’s wants to give to his community. As young as he is and as a rookie as he might be seen, his level of understanding and communication about the matter are astoundingly mature and heartfelt, and it shows that he writes his lyrics from a place he knows a lot about, and experiences as a part of his life enough to be a representative of that youth, those issues and that community.

Thru With It is a song that can be enjoyed simply as a piece of well-made, catchy music, but it’s the tone and the lyrics that give true life and meaning to the composition as a whole. The featured Mali Music is the right person to let add his own touch and Young Wizdom is an outstanding youth with immense talent and sensibility for the kind of music he makes, how words work and break through people and how messages should be conveyed. It can only be said he was meant to be an artist and surely has a bright future ahead, much for the pride of his community, represented by up-and-coming artists of quality and full of drive and ideas they want to put out for the world to hear.

Young Wizdom’s Album “Project 8twenty” was released on September 25th and can be streamed on It features 8 tracks, including Thru With It. You can also check out his Instagram page at

-Laura Pérez

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